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persian rugBidjar has one of the finest weaves of Iran and carpet weaving in this area has been a traditional occupation for hundreds of years. Throughout their history, the weavers of Bidjar have used up to three and even five wefts in each row of knots. This is a much heavier carpet than the typical Sanandaj style.

They should always be rolled instead of folded before being moved. There are various designs in Bijar carpets. Some of the dominant designs are as follows: Botteh, Harati, Mina-khani, zell-e-sultan, and Golfarang (flower bouquets).

The size of Bidjar carpets is approximately 1.5 to 10 square meters. Runners are relatively rare. All the carpets of this area have Ghiordes (Turkish) knots and are thick piled. The dominant colors in this region are red, blue, indigo, ivory, and pink.

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