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The province of Hamedan is located in the west of Iran, and the city of Hamedan, the capital of this province, in the one of the most ancient and historical cities of Iran. Its origin goes back to the second millennium BC. The Medes made in their capital.

This province is one of the most important regions in Iran that produces carpets in large quantities (they are usually of commercial quality). Sometimes one can find fine carpets in Hamedan. Few villages make carpets in Hamedan. Few villages make carpets (in the larger size) but more typical sizes of Hamedans predominate, with one or two areas specializing in runners.

In this province the carpets are woven in floral and stylized patterns. Their designs are corner medallion, flower bouquets, Botten-Miri, interlaced fish design (which is also known as Haetiand Zell-e-Sultan). The knots of the Hamedan carpets are often Ghiordes and they are thick-piled. Many years ago the colors used for weaving them was natural beige or camel wool which had a great success amidst the Europeans, as they found them very suitable to spread in the dark and narrow corridors and halls of their buildings. Today, these natural colors are still used.v-1008-2

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