Rug Style

Caucasian Rugs

The north of Iran is a large rug weaving district which has been referred to “The Caucasus”. It extends from the Black Sea on the west to the Caspian Sea on the east. It lies on both southern and northern slopes of the Caucus Mountains. This section now lies wholly within former soviet Russia. The three southernmost states nearest Iran are Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. This section numbered 40 races (each speaking a different tongue and fashion in rugs) at one time. These rugs are characterized overall, by geometric designs (Diamonds, large stars, polygons, etc.) Angular or geometric figures of men, animals, and birds are often used between the larger geometric figures. In the borders we find small carb design, the wine cup, and leaf design, diagonal stripes, and some Persian border designs (this applies especially to those created near Iran’s border. Practically all Caucasian rugs, new or old, are in scatter sizes.

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