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The vast province of Khorasan is one of the most important weaving centers in Iran. The art of carpet weaving in this province dates back to the Sassanian period (241-641 AD). When Shah-Rokh Mirza (Timurid Dynasy), was in power (1405-1447), Harat the capital of this dynasty, which is now Afghanistan was one of the most important weaving centers in Iran.

The famous design of Harrati, that is very popular among the Persian weavers, is attributed to the designers of this city. Like other weaving centers in Iran, its progress is related to the period of Safavid Dynasty, but the real boom in the carpet industry began when the merchants of Tabriz installed many looms in this region for exportation purposes. In this province, carpets are woven both with Persia (Senneh) and Turkish (Ghiordes) knots (majority in the Persian knot). The designs that are mostly used are Shah-Abbasi, Botteh and Harati. The dyers utilize natural colors such as mauve red, dark blue, and other classic dyes.

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