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Yazd is located on the road that leads from Esfahan to Kerman and is also on the border of the Central desert of Iran (Dasht-e-Kavir). Long ago, this city was one of the most famous hand weaving centers of Iran. After the installation of textile factories, the textile weavers worked in carpet workshops to earn their wages. In design and pattern the carpets of Yazd are very similar to those of Kerman. Normally the difference between these two is the quality of Yazd carpets, which is of even greater quality for the Yazd carpet.

The weavers of this area select the best quality natural and chemical colors for the carpets. They obtain the red color from madder root and cochineal. Craftsmen of Yazd mainly weave room size carpets up to 3 x 4 meters. Brocade and silk has been produced in Yazd. Now, there is great demand for the wool and silk carpets of Yazd (particularly those woven with Harati and medallion designs. The dominant patterns in the Yazd workshops are Shah-Abbasi medallion, tree of life, Herati, and paradise designs.


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