Rug Style


Heriz rugs are always very popular among the Persian rugs because of its large scale motifs and wide ranging palette of warm colours. Because of the increasing demand for the past decade, the high quality old pieces become limited and have raised its value significantly. The qualities of any antique Heriz rugs are found in its style, colour and design. The significance of Heriz Rugs is the large decoration with overscale corner pieces filled with some bold, captivating piece of art. Older Heriz rugs tend to have been made with pure vegetable dyes however, the Heriz rugs from last 20-40 years are often chemically dyed with the mixture using of natural and chemical.

Heriz rugs are beloved for their versatility in home design and decoration. It has enhances the antiques of all kinds with their geometric design, modern furnishing structure, artistic depth and warm colours.

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