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Viss is a small town near the city of Hamedan with the mix population of Kurds, Turkish and nomadic people of Bakhtiari. The majority of Viss rugs have geometric design that is the indication of tribal rug.

Viss (Wiss) rugs are made in Iran and also have nomadic patterns as like other Hamedan rugs. Viss rugs are of high quality and have excellent durability. They are maintaining their bloom for long time. You can find dark red, light blue, khaki colours which are the major one in Viss rugs. Wefts in cotton or wool, these rugs are using soft woolen, thick and tight pile with flat woven knots. These rugs are coming in different sizes but the majority of them are in mid size of 4×6 to 8×10 feet.

Viss Rugs

Such rugs are very firm and closely knotted. These are of high quality and mostly used flat woven knots to maintain the quality.

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