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Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler is a particular style of a rug. Ziegler design rugs are sometimes also known as Chobi rugs or Peshwar rugs. This type of rugs can be made anywhere in India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and all of them produce their own original version. You can get hand-made as well as machine made rugs in Ziegler style.

The name Ziegler has been taken from an Anglo company based in Manchester from 1800’s. However, the weaving of such rug was already established in Arak area but Ziegler & Co played a key role to create a booming in trade for the region. The company hires leading designers and master weavers from Europe and Iran and manages to create a design with softer palettes.

The majority of today’s Ziegler rugs are actually made around Peshawar Pakistan by Afghan and sold out in the market of Lahore. They are commercially very successful and other weavers from the country are also trying to make their own versions of this style of rugs.

Ziegler rugs are soft colours, muted elegance and subtlety which are the main attributes of the Ziegler style of rugs today. Hand weave techniques with woolen pile and cotton wrap will give you all natural techniques for such rugs.

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