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Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs: What is the Difference?

When it comes to a rug, most of the people confuse between Oriental and Persian rugs. For many people both the types are same. But it’s not like that; there are lots of differences between them. Whenever you visit a store to buy real and cheap Persian rugs or oriental rugs make sure you are aware of the features of both types.

A right knowledge or an expert advice can help you get a traditional and real carpet to enhance the beauty of your house. You should not spend the money to buy such things that can’t give you complete satisfaction and happiness.

Here are some guidelines that can help choose a rug of your choice:

Persian Rugs

These rugs are one of the favorite choices of the people. The country in which these are crafted is Iran, modern-day Persia. People also consider these rugs high in quality because these can stay for the long-duration without losing their shine and value and as its get older the value goes up since the rug gets more valuable

  • Material

Material that is basically used for crafting these mats is sheep wool. Before the Industrial Revolution Nomadic Tribes were common in Iran who took sheep as a source of food, trade, and wool.

From that time, artisans are creating the intricate patterns in their carpets by tying thousands of knots in a rug by hands.

Do you know why a Persian rug can survive for the years? No?

The reason for it is that they are well oiled with lanolin – a natural wax found in domestic sheep wool.

  • Design

A traditional Persian mat is designed basically in four patterns:

  • All-over
  • Central Medallion
  • Compartment
  • One-sided

All Over

In this design pattern, you will find a repetition of the geometric or floral pattern across the entire field.

Central Medallion

This pattern features an oval, a circular or contrasting design in the center of the carpet. The central feature can be a geometric design, contrasting blank space, and even a text or animal shape design.


A compartment is somehow similar to an all-over pattern. It has also repeating pattern of discrete geometric of floral designs, each compartment can be diamond, square, or an interlocking design.


This pattern style is normally asymmetrical. It does not mean that such rugs have an uneven design. It means when a carpet is folded in half, the design on one side differentiates from the design on another side.


The colors that are used to dye the wool are indigo, red, rust tones, ivory, sage, and golden yellow.

Oriental Rugs

An important thing that is necessary to know is that all Persian rugs are considered Oriental rugs. But all Oriental rugs are not considered Persian rugs.

These mats are crafted in some different countries other than Iran such as:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkey
  • Afghanistan
  • Design

Oriental carpets also have the similar designs patterns like Persian rugs in some way. They often contain the flora and fauna patterns using a more curved lines quality than Persian design. Such carpets designs also include mountains, lakes, trees, and fields.

Many patterns also create the three-dimensional effects that include the flowers, trees, and clouds in their designs.

  • Colors

These carpets are colored with rich blue, apricot, yellow, and some slight pink tones.

These were some basic differences that can help you find the real Persian or an Oriental rug. You can visit a well-known store of your place where you can get a good Persian rug sale for buying an authentic thing for the decoration of your home.

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