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Trends come and go, and it’s hard to notice when things change over time because it tends to happen slowly. Have you ever looked around your house and wonder where your inspiration comes from? Or have you ever thought about what future generations are going to think about your decorating style? One trend that hasn’t gone out of style is area rugs. You can take your grandma out shopping as you both search for area rugs on sale since rugs fit in with every generation. 

Take a wonderful and somewhat humorous journey through time to see how the home decor trends have changed over time.

The 1920s – The 1920s were all about glamour. Think about the Great Gatsby and all the glamorous parties that were thrown in that book. Homes in the 1920s featured Art Deco as well as Art Nouveau styles. Geometric patterns were found everywhere, from wallpaper to accessories. Bold and rich colors were also very popular. Anything that screamed glamor was in style. 

The 1930s – The 1930s were hit pretty hard since this was when the Great Depression occurred. Many people didn’t have money for home decor. There was a lot of mixing and matching happening with furniture and decor because people just made do with what they had. Large floral patterns and Art Nouveau were popular at this time, and people did spend a little money on throw rugs to liven up their otherwise not so lively living spaces. 

The 1940s – In the first part of this decade, people didn’t focus on their houses. This was during the time of WWII. However, once soldiers returned home, there was a big focus on kitchens and upgraded appliances to go in them. This is also the time when magazines like House Beautiful, Sunset and, Better Homes and Gardens, were published, which gave people more ideas on how to decorate their homes. Wood paneling became popular along with wall to wall carpet. 

The 1950s – The post-war era was filled with cheerful colors and chrome. Pastels were often found in the kitchen either on the cupboards or furniture – think pastel chairs with chrome legs. In the other living spaces, there were more neutral colors for the walls and furniture, but uniquely colored wall to wall carpets was trendy. The thought of these colored carpets makes people cringe today. This is also the era where TVs were becoming a staple in everyone’s home. 

The 1960s – Neon accents, textured carpets, bold wallpaper patterns, and wood paneling sum up home decor for the 1960s. There was a lot of focus on kitchen upgrades to become efficient. This is an era when people started to make their spaces their own, and a lot of different styles and personalities came out in how people decorated their houses. 

The 1970s – The 1970s toned down the neon and bold colors. It also seems drab compared to the decade before. In the 70s, people were into earth tones and monochrome. This is also the era of hippies, so a lot of hippie art was popular. Wall to wall carpet was also popular at this time, along with wicker furniture and large floral prints. 

The 1980s – The 1980s went full force back to the neon. Wall to wall carpet became even more popular, and this included the bathroom for some reason. Gold was another color of choice, and bedrooms often featured matching everything — matching bed sheets and drapes, for example.  

The 1990s – Window coverings became popular in the 1990s. People liked to put weighty drapes on their windows. Pine everything was also a popular trend along with a big shabby chic push. People became expert flea market shoppers to find the perfect shabby chic piece to add to their home. 

The 2000s – It might not seem like much has changed from the 2000s, but plenty has. Kitchens went from the warm look of pine to the sterile look of stainless steel. Houses started to become more modern, and a very popular trend was to mount to the TV above the fireplace. How many mason jars do you have decorating your house right now? Probably at least one. The mason jar trend became super popular in this decade. 

Current style – Right now, the biggest trend is tearing down walls for the open floor plan look and ripping up the wall to wall carpet. People are obsessed with the farmhouse chic, and a shiplap look thanks to Joanna Gains. It’s hard to know if this look will go anywhere anytime soon. It only seems to be gaining momentum. 

Who knows what the future holds as far as home decor. Will people still like the look of farmhouse chic in ten years? It’s exciting to see how things have changed over time and how trends come and go. Plus, if you think back to the 1930s with the Great Depression, it’s evident that what is happening in the world makes a significant impact on home decor.  

While it’s unlikely that wood paneling and neon will become popular again, one trend that will never go out of style is an area rug. If anything, they have only gained in popularity over time. In recent years people are ripping up their wall to wall carpet and putting down laminate or hardwood floors. This can give a cold feeling through the home, so people are looking to cover their floor with an area rug. An area rug can also help define different spaces in your home since the trend now is for large multi-use areas that don’t have designated spaces defined by walls anymore. Rugs now become a visual cue for the different spaces in the large open rooms. 

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