A completely vanished living room is all that every person wants to have. Rugs are among the most influential must-have living room components at every homestead. You need your living room display the same aura as that of the rug you buy. Out there in the market, you will come across different living room rugs options making the selection process of the right one for you tedious as such. With a clear guide on this, you will get the right one for your living room.

Different reasons lead people to choose a particular type of carpet in the market at large. For an instant, some may want the selected rug to complement other house decors, and fixtures, and others may choose a rug to be the main room highlight. You need a rug that has dramatic styles and designs as these are the only ones that can grab a lot of people’s attention when they get into the house. The right fit can match well with your wall colors and other simple house decorations.

In case you are kind of person who might choose to put some emphasis on other living room items like the paintings, chandeliers and other exceptional items around, there is need you to go for rugs with subdued patterns at large. You need rugs with a nice contrast with all your house pieces and other quality decors. Below are more tips to guide you to make the right selection from the market;

Consider the function

You need first to think more about the lifestyle you live, or you want to live before you think of making a selection. You need to know your priority between comfort in the living room or glamor, you should know how you envision your living room space, and also there is need to choose something hiding spills wear and tear. Get answers to such issues before you make your selection.

To many people, their plans to use the living room space are all that determines the kind of rug they purchase. But then, don’t be limited to this point, go wide and think about your plans to spend times in that room and after that, you would have known the rug design to go for. The lifestyle you live is what should guide you to make such decisions.


 More often, people have mistakenly used too small rugs when decorating their living rooms. To have an attracting display, you need to use standard-sized rugs at large. The standard-sized rugs are in stores and in case they don’t fit well your living room space, then you can go for a customized one. It won’t be that too expensive, considering a customized option depending on the type of rug you wanted to buy. Whichever the rug you choose for your living room, you need to remember that a bare floor around of between four to eight inches should be left.

Color and Pattern

The pattern and color of the rug you intend to choose should be given attention to at large. It is a general rule that you need a rug with at least one color on it that will complement with colors of your living room accessories. For instance, if you own dark wood trims and a solid white sofa, for this, you can consider buying solid gray or brown fur rugs to complement well with the sofa in the living room. This is a general idea that also applies to the floors and walls effectively; there is a need to make an excellent floor color contrast at large. A more symmetrical appearance can be created by the floor rug separation.


Before you rush purchasing the right rug, you need to think about how you need it to feel. Different rugs are made from different fabrics at large. Expect added softness and warmth if you go for the wool rugs. On the other hand, rugs made from natural materials like, for instance, jute and sisal appear to be a bit rough. Those made of silk are more attractive than other rugs and soft, but then, they are tough to clean and costlier to purchase. This is a clear guide to help you know the kind of rug you need for your living room space.

Where the rug will be placed.

In case you are often visited by many people, you need to choose a rug made from a hardwearing fabric to cope with the busy area at large. Since we always need rugs that don’t easily show up marks, there is need you to avoid the light-colored one and go for patterned dark-colored ones.

At the living room, you need to buy the color and design that will go hand in hand with the space scheme. Neutral rugs blend best with the surrounding, while brighter ones create focal points. There is a need for a balanced look in the living room; for this, you should choose something the length of the sofa.

The style of rug you want

To add an attractive factor to your living room, there is a need for brightly patterned designs for this. You can likewise consider other unusual shapes like round to make your living room stand out. There is a need to look for something that brings out an elegant statement to space. To other contemporary living rooms, there is need you to look for a rug that will match well with the backdrop. If you need a retro look, then sit back and settle at rugs with geometric shapes.

As with anything that we invest in, care and maintenance are essential at large. This is not something different from your living room rugs; they need to be cared for so that they will serve you for extended periods. Rugs are prone to dust; they quickly accumulate a lot of dirt with ease. It is advisable to clean them at regular intervals to lender you such a heather living environment. Get in touch with this guide to get the right living room rug for your space.