Area rugs provide many different benefits for your home’s floor space, including things like adding aesthetics, warming up a room, reducing noises, and so much more. At Rug Source, we offer one of the very best online rug inventories throughout the entire United States through high-quality rugs at unbeatable prices. 

The best part about shopping with us is that our seasoned industry specialists are just a few clicks or a phone call away, and we’ll always be more than happy to guide you through our inventory and answer any questions. 

Our website truly is vast, and we have area rugs in all different shapes and sizes. From round rugs to runner rugs and everything in between, we’ve got you and your home covered. We also specialize in supporting rug shoppers that want to compare many different rug styles from one another while not having to go from showroom to showroom, and our rugs come from the very best artisans from around the world. Some of the area rug styles we offer include:

  • Modern rugs
  • Traditional rugs (Oriental, Persian, Turkish, etc.)
  • Transitional rugs (modern takes on traditional designs)
  • Antique rugs 
  • Boho rugs
  • Indoor-Outdoor rugs
  • And a lot more! 

So we truly have something for everyone’s taste, and we’ll also help you narrow down your search based upon your budget, lifestyle (pets/kids), and other shopping factors that are crucial for these types of home décor investments.

Contact The Rug Source Team When You’re Looking For Area Rugs Online! 

All of us at Rug Source are beyond grateful for your rug shopping consideration, and we’ll help you find the area rugs of your dreams at a price you simply can’t find anywhere else. We understand how tough it can be when trying to narrow down your best options, which is why you can turn to our experts when any questions or concerns come up. 

Contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-7408 to speak with us today about what you’re looking for in your next area rugs! 

Area Rugs

How to Stop Area Rugs from Sliding

Rugs that slide aren’t just annoying; they’re also potentially dangerous! Loose rugs can cause falls, especially if they’re in the homes of the elderly or people with limited mobility. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to remove your beloved rugs. Thankfully, many solutions are available to stop your rugs from sliding on your hard surface floors.

Here, we list some of the options you can explore to keep your area rugs in place and avoid hazardous slips and slides.

Area Rugs

Rubber waffle rug pads

Found in home furnishing stores, these thin pads are usually sold pre-cut so they’re helpful if your rug is in a common size and shape. They’re easily installed but they don’t add much padding to the rug. If dirt builds up in their grid pattern, they use their gripping qualities. Make sure they won’t damage your floor surface: they can bond with hardwood floor sealant over time!

Rubberized shelf liner

You may use this to keep your glasses in place on your shelves, but it can also be used to keep your rug from slipping—just like a waffle rug pad! An advantage is that this is a cheaper option, but it’s also a thinner one, and you’ll have to attach multiple strips together to create a larger pad.

Natural rubber pads

These work especially well with flat-weave rugs as they don’t provide much cushioning. On the plus side, they don’t contain chemicals either, meaning that your floor finishing is safe.

Felt pads

You can buy these in a range of thicknesses, and if your rug is in a non-standard shape or size, they can be cut to order. Felt pads add substantial cushioning, so wear and tear to the fibers is reduced.

If you shop for top-of-the-line options, you’ll find pads that combine felt and a natural rubber backing. These have increased gripping qualities so they’re great for hardwood floors.

Area Rugs

Gripper tape

This can be bought in a roll that’s usually a few inches wide. It can be applied to the floor in an outline that suits the shape of your rug. For smaller rugs, gripper tape can be very effective. It can also be removed for easy cleaning or rug repositioning.

Double-sided carpet tape

Whether purchased in a roll or in pre-cut squares, carpet tape has an acrylic adhesive on both sides. If your rug is made from synthetic materials, this may be an appropriate choice. However, you should check that you buy the correct kind depending on the flooring your rug is placed on.

Hook and loop anchors

You’ll be more familiar with “hook and loop anchors” by its brand name: Velcro. With one part on the floor and the other on the rug, you can hold your rug in place by bonding the two.

Silicone caulking

Do you have fuzzy winter socks with gripper dots on the bottom? These are made of silicone, and the same technology is found in caulking that can be used to keep rugs in place.

When you’re choosing the right method to keep your area rug in place, consult the experts. Delicate handmade rugs could be damaged if you make the wrong decision. 

Here at Rug Source, we can provide expert guidance on every aspect of buying and maintaining a rug. Check out our extensive and impressive collection of area rugs.

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What Is An Area Rug?

Do you have wood or laminate flooring but you’d love to inject a little softness into your interiors? The solution may be an area rug. 

What Is An Area Rug?

What Is An Area Rug?

An area rug is a carpet that doesn’t cover the entire flooring of the room. It’s an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting.

You can find great area rugs in a whole range of shapes and sizes. You should choose based on the size of the room it will be used in and the effect you want to achieve.

Area rugs aren’t fixed to the floor like regular carpeting, so you can move your rug around whenever you want! You have the freedom to experiment and see where it looks best in your home.

Advantages of Area Rugs

  • Protects flooring
    Area rugs placed in strategic, high-traffic areas will stop wooden or laminate flooring from becoming scratched.
  • A noise-reducing effect

Installing an area rug will dampen the sound of pets or children, which is especially useful in an apartment with downstairs neighbors. Area rugs can prove useful in creating a tranquil home office environment.

  • Conducive to coziness
    An area rug helps a room retain heat, meaning you can avoid increased energy bills, and it has a welcoming visual impact too.
  • Aesthetic appeal
    If you want to freshen up the appearance of a room, try adding an eye-catching area rug. You can switch it up whenever you fancy a change; it’s far more flexible than wall-to-wall carpeting!

Using Area Rugs Effectively

What Is An Area Rug?

In a living room, choose rugs that extend under smaller pieces of furniture such as coffee tables. 

You might choose to place an area rug under your dining table. If so, make sure your chairs fit on it even when they’re pulled out.

If an area rug is too small, it will look silly. It’s worth investing in an area rug that’s proportionate to the room it will be placed in.

Place area rugs in high-traffic areas. Make sure that these areas are fully covered by the rug as it’s awkward to walk with one foot on and one foot off!

An area rug that covers the side of the bed is a great idea! If you step off the bed into soft, cozy carpet, then your day will definitely get off on the right foot.

Try to make sure that the floor space to either side of your area rug is more or less equal. If you have a smaller space, try to leave at least 8 inches all around it.

Take advantage of area rugs to add color and playful patterns to your room! This is an affordable way to really change the atmosphere of your living environment. 

Make sure you know how to maintain your area rug by checking the instructions and following them carefully. This way, your area rug will last longer and look amazing!

Where to Find The Right Area Rug 

Rug Source is home to an incredible range of area rugs. No matter your taste or your living space, you’re bound to find a suitable option. 

Looking for something ornate and traditional? Check out our Turkish rugs, like this Floral Wool Heriz Serapi Turkish Rug 10×13 .

Prefer a more modern and minimalist style? No problem! We have plenty of contemporary area rugs in stock, for example, this Gabbeh Oriental Wool Rug.

You can shop by color scheme, size, and shape, so it’s incredibly easy to find the right area rug for you at Rug Source.

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How To Find The Perfect Area Rug For Any Style Of Home

Area rugs are a great way to spruce up any room in your home. Whether you want an area rug for decoration or practical use, there are plenty of options out there to choose from! In order to find the perfect one for you, follow our steps below to select the ideal area rug for any style of home.

  1. Understand Your Area Rug Needs

Before deciding what type of area rug to get, consider why you need it and how you want to use it. For example, if you’re using the area rug for decoration, you might choose a more glamorous style with the colors and patterns that will best fit your existing furniture. On the other hand, if you’ll be using it to provide extra warmth in the winter, you’ll want to pick out something warm and cozy!

  1. Choose The Right Location

Once you’ve decided on the use of your new area rug, think about where you want it to go in your home. If you’re placing it under a couch or bed, you will need to choose an area rug that is slightly smaller than the dimensions of this space. If you’re using it as a throw that will sit in front of a fireplace, pick out something large enough to fit the space!

  1. Consider The Size Of The Area Rug

Next, think about the size of the area rug you want. If you’re using your area rug as a decoration, it can be larger or smaller, depending on what you want. However, if you plan to use it for any other purposes, make sure that the size works with whatever space you’ll be placing it in.

  1. Match The Style And Personality Of Your Home

Finally, consider what style and colors your area rug should have. For example, if your style is bright and bold, choose an eye-catching pattern that will brighten up the space. On the other hand, if you want a warmer feel in your room, consider opting for something rich and cozy that will provide a nice contrast to your existing flooring.

  1. Buy Your Next Area Rug On Rug Source

Once you have thought through all of these steps, finding the perfect area rug on Rug Source will be easy! Remember to match your needs with how you plan to use the area rug and what size works best before choosing the design. You should also consider where in your home you want to place it before finalizing your decision! If you’re still struggling to select an area rug after remembering our tips on matching needs with location – read some great reviews about rugs, flip through catalogs at stores and online, and talk to a flooring store professional. They can help you pick out the perfect area rug for any of your needs!


There are many different types of area rugs available for purchase at your favorite home decor store or online retailer. Before choosing the right one for your home, consider what you’ll use it for and where. Then, pick out the style that matches your personality and decor! You can find the perfect area rug at any price point, so no matter what your budget is, you can find the right fit for your home!

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Is It Possible To Find Good Cheap Area Rugs?

If you’re looking for cheap area rugs, you may have seen a lot of options. There are hundreds of rugs available for sale, so how do you know the quality or if it’s worth your time and money? While cheap doesn’t mean it’s always the best, not all cheap rugs are made of bad quality. So is it possible to find cheap area rugs that are also good quality? Absolutely! Here are some tips on finding the perfect rug for your space without breaking the bank.

  1. Determine The Size Of Your Space

The first thing you need to do is figure out the size of your space. In order to determine the size of rugs required for a particular house or location, you need to consider room dimensions. For example, do you want a small rug or something that covers the entire space? Understanding the size will also help you determine what prices are considered average or cheap for an area rug.

  1. Use Reputable Rug Companies

We all know it’s essential to find a good deal on cheap area rugs in order to save money, but where you buy them from also matters. You’ll want cheap area rugs made from high-quality materials, with durable construction at prices below $500 per rug – which can be challenging if not impossible!

However, going with reputable retailers who have been around for many years and have the reviews to back it up or those located nearby so that they don’t get damaged during transit time is an excellent choice to find an ideal cheap area rug.

  1. Compare The Price Of One Rug To Others

If you’re on a budget, cheap area rugs are an affordable option for many people looking to purchase new home furnishings. However, remember that cheap is not always best! For instance, if one rug costs $400 but another is only $200 – the higher-priced rug may be of better quality and worth it, in the long run, depending on what it’s made of and how its constructed.

On the other hand, cheaper alternatives from lesser brands or retailers who haven’t been around as long and don’t have good reviews online may last for only a few months. This ends up making you purchase another rug, spending more money than you would if you had purchased a high-quality carpet in the first place. Compare prices of more than one cheap area rug before making your final decision on which one to purchase.

  1. Consider The Type Of Material

What cheap area rug type are you looking for? Weaving or hand-tufted? While this is a tough decision to make, it’s essential to identify what kind of material and weave will work well with your space. For example, if the room gets wet quickly or has pets that like to tumble in from time to time – you’ll want a cheap area rug made out of materials that can withstand these issues.

As long as you follow these tips we’ve mentioned when purchasing cheap area rugs online – finding one at an affordable price without compromising quality shouldn’t be too tricky. At Rug Source, we pride ourselves on the amazing quality and great prices.

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6 Things to Know When Picking Area Rugs

Area rugs are the perfect statement pieces to set down in a room that would otherwise need wall-to-wall carpeting. Investing in a complete carpeting solution can be expensive and will also hold you back from changing up the room frequently. On the other hand, area rugs allow you greater variety, and you can even switch them up according to season. 

Keep in mind these are accent rugs and don’t cover a room fully. As with any medium-sized rug, they are used to bring out the best in your furniture by providing a pleasing backdrop. Read on to find out six essential tips about choosing your next area rug. 

Size Matters 

Many people erroneously buy area rugs that are either too small or too big for their space. They often pick too-small rugs that look awkward and random in the room in which they are placed. While smaller rugs are easier on the pocket, you will find yourself inconvenienced later when you have to change it because it doesn’t match the room. Make sure you buy a medium to large rug that can cover a large portion of the floor and matches the furniture placed on it. 

Furniture on Top, not on the Side 

Area rugs stand out when placed under all the furniture in the room or a dedicated corner. If this isn’t possible, ensure that pieces of furniture with bigger legs are placed on the rug. The rest can still be scattered around to look aesthetic. If you’re going to place a rug in the dining room, it should be placed right under the dining table and all the chairs. Keep in mind that your 

chairs should still be on the rug when they are pulled out to sit on. 

Keep Maintenance in Mind 

When you’re buying an area rug, you should be aware of the material. For example, if you buy rugs made of inexpensive fibers such as jute and sisal, you will save money but will be stuck if something is spilled on them. These rugs are impossible to clean, and you will have to replace 

them as soon as they get soiled. You can spend a little extra and invest in a wool or cotton woven rug that will be easier to clean and maintain regularly. 

Take Note of Traffic 

Your area rug should be large enough to allow anyone in the room to place both feet on it while walking. Your family or guests will feel strange if one of their feet is on the rug and one-off. What’s more, it’ll lead to your rug and floor being worn out at different paces. This inconsistency will start showing through and look strange. Your rug should cover the floor enough so that it can be comfortably walked on. 

Pick Interesting Patterns

This tip can be customized according to your individual needs. Many people prefer buying area rugs in solid colors to add a different shade to the room. This works when your room is painted in either just light or just dark colors. For example, if you have a bedroom with light blue walls, you can place a white, dark blue, or even aqua-colored rug to add a bold aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if the room has plain white walls or some other pastel color, you can choose a rug with an intricate pattern. There are plenty of Ottoman rugs that feature dull gold and orange backgrounds with hints of blue and red on top. These will make your white room stand out and will diminish a boring aesthetic. 

Think Equal Space 

No one enjoys seeing a rug placed at random distances from the walls. Make sure you measure the room you need a rug for before purchasing it. A good rule of thumb is to ensure you have 10 to 26 inches on all sides of the rug in question. Your goal should be to have a rug placed smack in the center of the room, so everything looks equal and aesthetic. 

The Bottomline 

Trust your gut when it comes to buying the perfect area rug. Try not to get bogged down in too much research or other variables. You know what will look best in your room, so go and get it! If you want to find the perfect area rug unique to you, check out the wide selection at Rug Source.

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5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Area Rugs

All area rugs need to be properly taken care of in order to withhold a maximum longevity potential!

cleaning your area rugs helps a ton with your general ROI

All of us at Rug Source understand how exciting it is for everyone to purchase a new area rug and begin a new investment within your home or office’s aesthetics, but getting the biggest ROI with your area rugs is directly correlated to how you take care of them on a regular basis.

On this page we’re going to go over five of our expert tips when it comes to extending the longevity of your area rugs, and as always feel free to reach out to us online if you have any further rug maintenance and upkeep questions!

#1: Frequently Vacuum!

Vacuuming frequently (at least once per week) is an important prerequisite when it comes to area rug maintenance, and this is mainly because dirt and dust will settle within your rug’s fibers on a daily basis. Although vacuuming is essential, it’s only going to be capable of removing about 80% of your rug’s debris so it can’t solve everything!

This is why it’s always important to have your area rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis as well, because removing deeply trapped debris goes a long way in terms of ensuring rug longevity.

But no matter what type of rug you have, vacuuming on a weekly basis will always be very beneficial in terms of your overall maintenance routine!

#2: Properly Address Spills ASAP!

It’s always important to make sure you’re handling any spills on your area rugs as quickly as possible, and this is because acting quickly and efficiently will help you avoid any stains from becoming permanent.

This means you should always have some non-toxic cleaning agents available within your home or office just in case the unexpected occurs, and this can include thick paper towels or any white absorbent materials. It’s also important to note that you should always spread your cleaning solution on to your absorbent material as opposed to putting it directly on the rug.

And remember always blot, don’t scrub any stained areas, because scrubbing can actually create an adverse effect in terms of your rug’s fibers!

#3: Rotate Your Area Rugs For Even Wearing

There are a lot of detrimental effects to not rotating your rugs, including:

  • Sun fading
  • Moth/insect harboring underneath furniture
  • High traffic wearing

It’s also important to always reverse your rugs if it’s at all possible, like with certain kilims and braids.

#4: Use A Pad Underneath Your Rugs To Extend Longevity

It’s also absolutely crucial to ensure that you are placing a pad underneath any area rug that’s on top of hardwood floors, and this predominately is related to the structural integrity and minimization of wearing/slipping. Pads will also always do a really great job at limiting the overall amount of air space between your rugs and flooring, which is great in terms of avoiding any type of bug infestations.

If you place a rug on tile floors or even carpets, it’s still important to place a pad underneath it. Many area rugs on top of carpets are susceptible to wrinkling and ripples, which can ultimately damage the foundation of a rug and potentially create unwanted tears. Rugs can also sink into the grout lines of tile floors, which can deteriorate the foundation over long periods of time, and tile floors tend to be pretty slippery with rugs too!

#5: Extend Your Rug’s Lifetime Via Professional Cleaning At Least Every Couple Of Years

There are countless rug issues, including those pertaining to pets and kids, which are best to leave to the professionals. You should always have your rugs cleaned professionally at least every couple of years, and this is something that the experts at Rug Source can help you out with.

Rugs need to thoroughly cleaned via washing and drying on all sides, so this typically isn’t something you should conduct within your home. Area rug washing procedures can actually be a lot more complicated than most homeowners think, so always know that your rug’s longevity is in good hands when it’s professionally cleaned.

Reach Out To The Rug Source Experts For More Information About Extending The Life Of Your Area Rugs!

Taking care of your area rugs is a lot easier said than done, but you’ll always feel a lot better after conducting any of the above 5 tips because you’ll be more rest assured that you’re properly taking care of your beautiful home aesthetic investments.

We understand that everyone’s rug maintenance circumstances are unique, so feel free to contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 today to get in touch with one of our experts who will be more than happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have about taking care of your area rugs!

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4 Reasons Why Vacuuming Your Large Area Rugs Simply Isn’t Enough

All large area rugs are valuable investments, so ensuring their longevity includes going above and beyond simply vacuuming.

large area rugs need to be cleaned regularly

Just about everyone has a thorough understanding as to why it’s always recommended to vacuum your large area rugs and carpets at least once each week, and sometimes even a few times per week in pet areas or portions of your home that are prone to excessive foot traffic.

Vacuuming always does a great job at providing a general sense of cleanliness throughout a home, but are you aware of the fact that vacuuming simply isn’t enough when it comes to maintaining the overall, thorough cleanliness of your area rugs? Vacuuming is definitely a vital step to any homeowner’s cleaning regimen, but the major point of this article is that it should never be your only cleaning step.

The only way to actively get deep into the fibers of your area rugs and carpets is to undergo a professional deep clean procedure, which will always do a great job at removing everything that vacuums tend to leave behind. The big issue with professional rug and carpet cleaning is that it can tend to be rather expensive, which is why the experts at Rug Source are happy to provide resources towards affordable deep cleaning and this list of 4 crucial reasons why vacuuming your area rugs simply will never be quite enough for a full clean.

So here are the 4 reasons why vacuuming your large area rugs simply isn’t enough:

1. Vacuuming will only do a good job at removing debris found on your rug’s surface

Even the most illustrious and powerful vacuums will inevitably leave behind debris deep underneath your rug’s surface, and this can include things like allergens, dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, etc.

It’s true that only very powerful suction and extraction processes can get to the debris that you can’t necessarily see, and this is because certain cleaning solutions need to be injected into the rug in order to penetrate the deep foundations of the fibers and extract any subsequent filth.

Going the extra mile in terms of cleaning your rugs will not only provide a much cleaner looking area rug, but it’ll also do wonders in terms of improving the overall air quality within your home!

2. Vacuuming can’t remove pesky stains and spots

Spills and all types of accidents happen all the time within a home’s area rugs, especially when your large area rugs are in your family or living rooms. Vacuuming can do a good job at removing the larger debris found within a specific, affected area, but it can’t do much in terms of treating discoloration.

Deep cleans will always be required when it comes to adequately removing spots and stains, which is why you’ll need expert advice from the Rug Source team in terms of efficiently lifting stains from your area rugs!

3. Vacuuming doesn’t do much in terms of preventing or removing smells

It’s pretty common for lingering pet odors to combine with pesky stains and spots on area rugs, and vacuuming will never truly do a good job when it comes to removing these types of troublesome smells.

If you’re undergoing pet smell issues, it’s crucial to undergo a deep rug or carpet clean in order to fully eliminate the odor once and for all!

4. Vacuuming doesn’t provide a like new feel like deep cleans do

Getting a deep area rug clean will ultimately provide a very refreshing restoration to your rug’s fibers, and there’s no doubt about it that a high-quality deep clean can leave your rugs and carpets appearing like new.

Vacuuming will never be able to truly provide this high level of results, so it’s limited when you’re attempting a deep clean or moving and need to properly clean for your home or apartment’s next owner!

Reach Out To The Rug Source Experts Today For More Information About Cleaning Your Large Area Rugs!

We will always recommend regular vacuuming to all of our rug shoppers and owners, but we also know how important it is to conduct thorough, deep cleans to maintain the overall longevity of these incredible investment opportunities.

Always feel free to contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 today to speak with one of our experts who’ll be happy to provide you with more information about taking care of your large area rugs and protecting them for many years to come!

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How to Design & Separate Your Home Spaces With an Area Rug

When compared to the past, many houses in today’s communities embrace the trend of an “open concept” wherein the interior space has little to no division. Such a setting is arranged in a way that one house area flows seamlessly into another. Aside from the fact that this open concept gives a cozier and spacious-looking environment, most houses today incorporate this trend because they are relatively small compared to before. In recent years, architects and interior designers alike aim to make homes liveable despite its limited area.

With this new trend, many homeowners struggle to distinguish between two spaces. However, using an area rug can help solve that problem effectively.

How to design area rugs in specific house areas

Carpets come in handy when designing and defining areas in your home. For example, an area rug establishes between a living and a dining area. Aside from that, they also work well on smaller spaces to replace bulky and out-of-style room dividers and screens.

Here are several advantages of using area rugs:

  • It defines home spaces
  • It defines the style of home
  • It makes the space warmer and cozier
  • It serves as an affordable accent décor

Now that you know how area rugs help improve your interiors, we will share with you how to choose a good design based on several parts of the home:

1. In the patio

Always put the carpet on high-traffic areas to protect your flooring from unwanted damages. Since the patio is outdoors, get a heavy-duty rug that can withstand changing weather and harmful outdoor elements. Also, make sure that you’re getting one that is easy to maintain and clean.

2. In the foyer

A foyer is a high-traffic area as well, so make sure that your choice of carpet is durable. If your entryway doesn’t have a formal foyer, putting a rug can give one the illusion. Since this is what your guests will first see as they enter your house, get an option that has a contrasting color to the flooring so that it can stand out!

3. In the living area

In an open concept home, it isn’t easy to define a living area. To attract people to the space, get a cozy or patterned rug, depending on the style of your house. An area rug can help direct the eyes of the guests to the living area, not to mention that it makes the space cozier and warmer.

4. In the dining area

If no division or light fixture defines your dining room, place an area rug underneath it. This area of the house also has high traffic and the scratching of the chairs to the carpet can cause damage, so make sure to get a durable material. Keep in mind that the carpet in the dining room should also be big enough to cover the table and chairs.


When placing an area rug to a specific area in your house, make sure that its style and material is appropriate and can withstand the environment in that space. Also, check out social media sites, such as Pinterest, to help build the concept and style that you want for your home. 

If you are looking for cheap area rugs, check out our website today! We have tons of different rugs design with modern and tribal designs that will surely enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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3 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Rug for the Dining Room – Our Buyer’s Guide

The dining room is like the heart of any home as it is where families and friends gather to eat and spend time together. That’s why many homeowners invest in accessories that can enhance the warmth and appearance of the space – from chandeliers to quality rugs

Speaking of which, your choice of area rug has a significant impact on the look and feel of the dining area. With the right size, color, and texture, it can enhance the decor and frame the entire dining table. In addition to adding comfort and style, the perfect rug completes the room and dining experience. 

Seeing its impact, choosing the right rug is critical, but can often be tricky. There are various factors to consider, but the guide below should help you purchase a carpet that is sure to dress up your dining room: 

Tip #1: Arrange Your Dining Furniture First 

It may take some extra effort, but it’s best to arrange your dining room furniture first before adding a rug. This allows you to visually see if the placement of everything is harmonious with your decor, along with the chance to change the set-up if it needs more improvements. 

Arranging your furniture first also makes it easier to measure the dining area and determine the right fit that complements the current setting. 

Tip #2: Find the Perfect Size

No matter how beautiful the carpet looks, it won’t be right for your dining area if it’s in the wrong size. A carpet that looks too small tends to make the room feel tighter, while a carpet that’s too big will just look plain awkward. 

A great rule-of-thumb for determining the ideal size is to first measure your dining table and add about 20 to 30 inches on it. Rugs must always be slightly bigger than your set-up as it should contain your furnishings for a more seamless look. 

Tip #3: Leave Some Space at the Edges of the Dining Room 

Unless you’re planning to cover the entire flooring, it’s best to leave at least 6 to 18 inches of bare floor around the room to let the edges breathe. This creates an aesthetically pleasing balance that will highlight your dining space and enhance your furnishings. 

Tip #4: Choose the Right Pattern and Material 

Always choose the pattern and material of your rug based on the overall decor of the room. A modern, sleek dining room can benefit from loud patterns and bold colors for the area rug as it can add a touch of vibrancy and excitement to the space. 

Meanwhile, you can also choose a traditional, oriental rug to give a contemporary home a classic essence. A busy dining room will not benefit from rugs with busy patterns as the design choices will only clash, so always keep other elements in mind. 

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Dining Room Involves Various Factors to Consider 

Finding the perfect rug that will complete the look and enhance the experience in dining rooms is no easy feat. Fortunately, the tips above should help point you to the right direction. 

If you’re looking for a wide selection of quality yet affordable rugs in Charlotte, NC, get in touch with us today and see how we can help you! 

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5 Tips for Layering the Rugs in Your Home Like a Pro – What to Know

Rugs provide comfort and set the ambiance and tone of your living space. To add another element of design to your home and bring warmth, texture, and color in, you may want to consider trying the current home decorating trend among homeowners: rug layering.

There are several ways to nail the look of layered rugs. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Define a space

Rug layering is the perfect way to make the zones in your home distinguishable. The traditional rule for using an area rug is to provide 10-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of your rug and the walls. Your furniture should also be placed on top of the rug. If this look makes your room feel too big and spaced out, though, you can give your space some definition by placing a smaller rug in the center.

2. Highlight a spot or draw attention away from an area

Showcase a piece of furniture that needs special attention by layering a rug underneath it. These area rugs will help direct the eyes of your guests to that area. However, rug layering is also a great way to draw viewers’ attention away from an architectural element or furniture you want to mask.

3. Experiment with colors

Rug layering allows you to experiment with colors. You can put together a neutral base and a rug with a pop of color. If that isn’t your style, though, there’s nothing wrong with being daring and layering color on color with hues that complement one another and match your interiors.

4. Make a statement with bold patterns

Layering patterned rugs can be tricky. Whether you are playing with floral, geometric, or Persian patterns, make sure that these different designs are of the same color intensity and that they look great together. To give depth and character to your room without being too overwhelming, use rugs with tone-on-tone patterns.

5. Give depth to a dull room with textures

Aside from bold patterns and bright hues, textures are fun to play with because they add depth to your living space. To make this look effective, layer rugs with different textures on top of each other. Try combining a soft area rug on top of a flat weave, such as a cowhide rug with a sisal rug, or a sheepskin with a jute rug.


Layering rugs is one of the best ways to add definition, color, comfort, coziness, depth, texture, and warmth to your room. When done right, layered rugs can pull together your living space and create the look and feel you want to create in your home.

The key to layering rugs is to trust your eyes and gut. Whether you are interested in mixing and matching neutral, colorful, solid, or patterned rugs together, go with whatever you combine if you like the way it looks. In addition, when buying rugs, make sure to choose high-quality pieces that go well together. You can also seek assistance from reliable rug sellers to help you pick the best area rugs for your property.

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