Oushak rugs are a very unique type of Turkish rug that has grown tremendously in popularity throughout recent years, and this is mainly because Oushak rugs are considered to be some of the most highly-coveted, beautiful area rugs in the entire world! 

All of us at Rug Source are very proud to provide our clients with a vast selection of high-quality Oushak rugs, and we understand just how important it is to get this type of home décor investment absolutely perfect. That’s why you can trust our esteemed industry experts when you have any questions or concerns while browsing through our Oushak rugs page

A lot of people aren’t exactly sure what makes Oushak rugs so special, so below are a few unique characteristics of Oushak rugs that you should keep in mind: 

Antique Charm

Oushak rugs embody so much tradition in terms of Turkish rug design, so owning an Oushak rug is in many ways like owning your own piece of history. The weaving techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, so even today’s Oushak rugs are much like the ones from several centuries ago! 

Unique Weaving Patterns

The weaving techniques and design patterns found in Oushak rugs are what turn people’s heads, and they’re very different as compared to other types of Turkish rugs due to their Persian influence. 

Most Oushak rugs will utilize what’s called The Ghiordes knot, which is a modernized version of Turkish knots that’s also similar to Persian knotting styles. Many Oushak rugs also feature soft colors that blend in perfectly within American décor, which is why they’re a top seller amongst many Western rug shoppers! 

Design Patterns, Color Schemes & Motifs

Oushak rugs are also known for their unique color schemes and design patterns that feature floral patterns and more subtle hues as compared to other Turkish rugs. Many Oushak rugs will feature an ivory backdrop and cultural motifs that tell a story across the area rug’s surface.

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Oushak Rugs

History of the Oushak Rug

Oushak rugs, which are also known as Ushak rugs, have their origins in Western Turkey. There, they are woven using a specialist technique to create the distinctive designs that have made them popular for centuries. 

Oushak Rug

Oushak Weaving

The craftsmanship involved in creating an Oushak rug is impressive. 

Materials such as cotton, silk, wool, and metal threads are used in the manufacturing process, and Oushak weavers are highly trained.

Oushak weaving methods were passed down through generations, and specific knots would evolve in particular areas to slightly modify the traditional technique. How the rug-maker has knotted the rug is crucial to the density and durability of the rug. Knots are also packed down using a tool known as a punja that looks like a comb.

Oushak Designs

Traditionally, these designs included large floral patterns and angular shapes. These designs have changed over time to reflect contemporary fashions but their fundamental style remains the same.

Oushak rugs get their name from a region south of Istanbul where they were initially made. They were first produced in the 15th century by nomads for their personal use but were eventually sold throughout Europe.

You can identify an Oushak rug by the colors used: golden or dark ivory backgrounds are common, as are floral and geometric designs. Natural vegetable dyes are used. Lately, commercially-made Oushaks have favored a red background.

Oushak Rug

Oushaks in Culture

After a period of unpopularity in which Europeans preferred to buy their rugs from European manufacturers, Oushak carpets came back into fashion in a big way. Sadly, by then, Oushak the region had lost its rug-making tradition. Surrounding villages took up the practice and made rugs using the old process.

Interestingly, modern anthropological studies have found that Oushak rugs were used in the larger mosques of Istanbul. Covering the floor of mosques such as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque were hundreds of rugs, almost all produced in Oushak and its surrounding areas!

You can find these rugs in art from the Renaissance Period, testifying to their popularity. Where rugs didn’t survive, paintings of them did! They provided distinctive and colorful backdrops to artwork, and different styles can be dated using paintings! 

Buying an Oushak Rug

An Oushak rug can be a beautiful addition to the interior of your home. When shopping for an Oushak rug, bear the following guidance in mind:

  • It should be hand-knotted, and more knots is an indication of higher quality.
  • Remember that not every rug that looks like an Oushak is actually made using the traditional technique.
  • Look for naturally-dyed Oushak rugs as opposed to chemically-dyed ones.
  • Buy your Oushak rug from a reputable dealer to ensure its authenticity.

If you’re fascinated by the rich tradition of Oushak rugs and you’d like to embrace it by buying one for yourself, check out the extensive collection available at Rug Source.

We are established rug experts, and we’ll be able to guide you in selecting the ideal rug for your living space. You can trust our rugs to be of the highest quality.

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Do Oushak rugs shed?

Are you considering purchasing a new rug?

To choose the right rug for you, you have to learn a little about each type and their unique features.

Here, you’ll find all the information you need about Oushak rugs—including whether they shed or not.

What is an Oushak rug?

Oushak rugs are named after their town of origin: Oushak, just south of Istanbul, Turkey. This has been a major rug production center since the 15th century, and the 18th and 19th century saw a resurgence in this particular style.

Unlike most Turkish rugs, the Oushak has a strong Persian influence. It’s a type of rug that’s known for excellent materials and craftsmanship. Oushak rugs have been known to use silk and metal threads; however, usually the base of an Oushak rug is cotton and the pile is fine quality wool.

Weaving an Oushak rug requires mastery of weaving and hand-knotting techniques. Once the raw material is spun into fine yarn, it’s colored by natural dyes then woven intricately. This type of rug is the product of artistry passed down through generations.

What distinguishes an Oushak rug from other types is the silky wool that is used to make it—which gives it a luxurious texture—as well as the color palette and patterns that are commonly featured. You should expect to find large scale floral and geometric motifs such as those featured on this vegetable dyed area rug:
Why might an Oushak rug shed?

Whether your rug sheds or not (and to what degree it sheds) will depend on the materials used. If your rug is pure wool, it’s unlikely to shed much at all in the long term. It also won’t release dangerous chemicals like some other synthetic rugs can.

You should expect your rug to shed a little at the start, though. Make sure you’re vacuuming twice a week to remove the loose fibers from the pile. If your rug is in a high-traffic area, it will shed more. You can mitigate this by using a rug pad underneath to minimize the stress it experiences.

Even if you purchase a high quality Oushak rug, you might still consider applying a fiber protector to it. This will safely strengthen the surface of the fibers so shedding will be reduced and stains will be resisted. It shouldn’t affect the color or the texture of your rug.

Shopping for an Oushak rug

If you’re looking for a rug, remember that lesser quality wool is more likely to break and shed. Thankfully, Oushak rugs are known for the high-quality wool used to produce them.

To determine the quality of the wool, rub your thumb over it and see if it feels smooth or straw-like. With an Oushak, you should expect a silky texture.
When shopping for an Oushak rug, look for density and knot size. A looser woven rug will be less resilient than its denser, tightly-woven equivalent.

You can find a range of luxurious Oushak rugs in eye-catching designs within the Rug Source collection.

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What is an Oushak Rug?

What is an Oushak Rug?

Oushak rugs, also known as Uşak or Ushak rugs, are Turkish rugs whose name stems from the city of Uşak, Turkey.


Oushak rugs are revered for their silky wool texture. They make up some of the finest of the Oriental rugs.They come in a variety of colors, including reddish browns, cinnamons, cream and ivory, blues, grays, and others. There are many patterns used in their construction, but there is typically an outer rectangular border with a repeated pattern surrounding an interior with a more elaborate design. You may see abstract shapes, medallions, stars, vines, and floral patterns, among others.


Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Uşak was known for its high production of rugs. It was one of the largest towns in Western Anatolia, and so rugs from this area are sometimes called Anatolian Rugs, though that is a less specific term.

Hand Knotted vs Machine Made

Many retailers offer machine made Oushak rugs due to the significantly lower prices. However, these aren’t true Oushak rugs, but merely reproductions. The vast majority of our Oushak rugs are knotted by hand in the true Oushak tradition. Of course, the cost of these premium rugs is a bit higher, but the unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship make these rugs a true investment. Plus, through the purchase of hand-knotted rugs, you support the craftsmanship of local artisans who have passed down rug making techniques over the centuries.

What makes Oushak rugs unique?

In addition to their location of origin, Ourshak rugs are typically woven using the Ghiordes knot or the Turkish knot, which brings both tuft ends to the surface together between two warp yarns. Oushak rugs use very high quality wool, allowing for relatively loose knots and long piles. Look for the centralstar pattern, or medallion – a very common feature of Oushak rugs.

Why purchase from Rug Source?

There are many online retailers of Oushak rugs, so why would you choose to purchase from us? Rug Source has a very large variety of Oushak rugs to choose from, with a strong emphasis on hand-knotted rugs. We have rugs for all budgets, from high end one-of-a-kind investment rugs to affordable rugs to beautify your home. With our amazing prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong. We consistently hear from our clients about the warmth and joy their new rugs have brought to their home and family. If you’re unsure which rugs would best fit your needs, we encourage you to email us some pictures of your space to info@rugsource.com and we can help you find the perfect fit. Or give us a call at 980-422-4080 and talk to one of our experts today!

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Oushak Rugs

Everything you Need to Know about Oushak Rugs

You might have heard of Oushak or Ushak rugs. These hand-crafted rugs are steeped in Turkish tradition, and the design borrows from Persian culture as well. Not only are they intricate and beautiful, with large-scale floral patterns and motifs, but they also bring a sense of calm and peace to the room. Oushak rugs are a prime example of blending rich history with modern design for a complete aesthetic look.

The History

These Turkish rugs are named after their birthplace, namely a region called Oushak, located just south of Istanbul. Wanderers and nomads first started to craft these delicate rugs for their use. However, the demand for these rugs kept rising, and multitudes of rugs were made in Oushak between the 15th and 17th centuries. 

However, the trend died down in the late 17th century, only to be picked up in the 19th. Unfortunately, artisans in Oushak had stopped producing these rugs, and other artists now made them in surrounding regions. 

The Materials

Quality is everything with these hand-knotted rugs. One of the unique things about these rugs was that the carpet weavers would harvest the wool themselves. They then used this fine wool to build the foundation for the rugs. The raw material was also converted into hand-spun wool, which would then be dyed using natural vegetable and plant dyes. Once this was finished, the wool was woven into making the designs for the carpets. 

Oushak rugs are still produced with the finest hand-spun wool available around the world. The material comes from countries like Pakistan and New Zealand to ensure top-quality and feel. 

Asides from wool and cotton foundations, Oushak rugs contain bits of silk and sometimes even metal threads, depending on the design. 

The Weave

Oushak rugs are made by incredibly skilled weavers who know traditional knot techniques as they’ve been passed down through history. The primary knot that goes into creating these rugs is called the Ghiordes knot. This is a loose knot compared to other styles, such as the traditional Turkish and Persian knots. 

When buying an Oushak rug, keep in mind that density is vital. You must have a cursory understanding of the knot style that goes into these rugs. If you feel like the rug feels light or flimsy, this means the knots are loose. This will also make the rug weaker and less durable, meaning it will disintegrate over time. Strong Oushak rugs are made when the knots are ‘packed down’ with a tool that looks like a comb. This ensures that the hand-knotted carpet stays solid and resistant to wear and tear. 

The Design

You can easily recognize an Oushak carpet. Most of them feature dark ivory or light gold background with florals and sharp shapes in the foreground. The colors used in these rugs ranged from smoky saffron, glowing terracotta, deep blues, vivid apricots to rich cinnamon and extracted from natural vegetable dyes. The wool itself looks silky, smooth and gives off a certain luminosity. 

However, some commercially-produced Oushak rugs have been spotted in recent times. These vary from the original masterpieces. These imitation Oushaks have reddish backgrounds and blue fields with generic floral patterns. Here’s how to know whether you’re getting your hands on a genuine Oushak rug:

  • It will feel dense and heavy, meaning it has been hand-knotted with a large number of knots
  • Ask about the dye. If it has been dyed using natural dye or a vegetable dye, that’s the one you should get. Chemically dyed rugs are less desirable 
  • Observe the design. Most Oushak rugs have recognizable floral patterns with smaller vines and medallions trailing to the sides. There are often geometric designs incorporated with the floral, indicating the marriage between tradition and modernism
  • If you’re buying the rug from a well-known carpet dealer, you will be allowed to take it to your home and try it out. If it looks good in the space and you feel like it’s adding a touch of tradition and luxury, you should purchase it.

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Your Guide To Oushak Rugs

Oushak rugs are considered to be some of the finest in the entire world, and in this article we’ll explain why!

Oushak rugs are a special portion of Rug Source's inventory

What Are Oushak Rugs?

All of us at Rug Source are huge fans of Oushak rugs, and we’re more than confident that Oushak rugs are some of the most beautiful Oriental rugs found anywhere in the entire world!

Oushak rugs are predominately made in Western Turkey, and they’re best known for their very unique features including large-scale floral and angular designs. These rugs will typically have a very calm aesthetic to them, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years throughout our online inventory and the entirety of the United States.

Today, Oushak rugs are widely considered to be some of the most wonderful rugs in the contemporary home design industry. We’ve always made sure that the present day Oushak rug producers we work with fully encapsulate the aesthetics and feel of original Oushak rugs.

There truly is so much to learn about Oushak rugs, and this page will serve as our expert guide towards these marvelous works of art. You’ll undoubtedly learn a lot about Oushak rugs by reading through this article, but as always feel free to contact us online if you have any further questions or concerns about these beautiful rugs so one of our experts can assist you further!

The History of Oushak Rugs

There’s so much we could say about Oushak rug history, but in respects to brevity we’ll make this short and sweet.

The first creations of Oushak rugs began in an area of Turkey just south of Istanbul in its namesake town of Oushak. There’s no denying how the rug artisans of Oushak were heavily influenced by Persian rug designers from Iran and other parts of the Middle East, which is very unique as compared to other types of Turkish rugs.

Oushak rugs are known to have originated all the way back in the 15th century, so there truly is an immeasurable amount of historical significance attached to these designs and weaving techniques.

Texture and Materials

Oushak rug craftsmanship has been considered to be some of the very best all throughout the world for a very long time, and when it comes to texture and materials these rugs rank very highly throughout the worldwide industry. One aspect of Oushak rugs that has helped differentiate it throughout the world is the prevalence for unbridled aesthetic appeal.

Some common Oushak rug materials include the following:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Metal threads
  • And much more…

It’s very common to see cotton foundations and wool piles within Oushak rugs, and they’ve always been known for a very soothing touch!

Weaving Techniques

It’s commonly known that Oushak rugs are very difficult to weave, and to properly create this illustrious rug type an artisan will be required to have an extensive amount of experience and very sturdy hands. Although there are many brilliant weaving techniques found all throughout the rug world, what sets Oushak rugs apart in terms of these techniques is the history that’s attached to these methodologies.

Oushak rug weaving artistry is an incredibly honorable knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations within Turkish families and beyond. Although there have been certain modifications over the centuries, almost all of these weaving techniques can be traced back to the Oushak region of Turkey. There may have been certain changes, but the original weaving techniques simply can never be replaced and truly are timeless!

Knot size and density are the main factors to take into consideration when it comes to differentiating the weaving techniques found within Oushak rugs. Having a thorough understanding as to how a rug’s knots are tied will always go a long way in terms of determining its projected longevity, which is something our experts will be happy to demonstrate!

Patterns and Designs

One of the main characteristics of an authentic Oushak rug is silky, glowing wool. There’s also no denying the uniqueness found in Turkish Oushak rugs’ color palettes and patterns, with golden/dark ivory backdrops often complementing brilliant geometric and floral motifs.

Oushak prayer rugs will often feature green, and this is because green is considered to be a sacred, religious color. It’s also important to note that Oushak rugs are always made with natural dyes that originate from vegetables and other organic materials.

The high-quality wool that’s often found within Oushak rugs is known to extenuate the rug’s luminosity and generally enhance its overall beauty.

Available Sizes

Oushak rugs come in all standard sizes found within our vast online inventory, and there are also some options for Oushak runner rugs that are great for hallways and other more narrow spaces.

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The Oushak rugs refer to a particular type of design within the turkish rug family. Named after the city of Usak Turkey, Oushak rugs are characterlised by a predominant “star” or medallion shape in the carpet design. The colors included in Oushak rugs are cinnamon, gold, blues, greens, ivory, and grays. Following a decline and subsequent rise in Oushak rug production, a large number of rugs adopting the Persian floral pattern were made (these rugs also varied in size based on European needs at the time).
Newer Oushak designs (characterised by their creation in the late 19th and early 20th century), adopted several techniques including larger knots and a merger of styles. These were refered to as “decorative” Oushaks and were revered for their high quality wool and floral motifs.

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