cheap rugs

A so-called cheap rug is one of those incidentals that when you have one, you never notice it. But when you don’t have the right piece to tie the room together, you always feel that something is missing. 

Cheap rugs fill a void and have a niche. And being inexpensive does not automatically mean an item is of poor quality. Some decor pieces can exist for centuries, and some serve a short-term purpose.

At their basic level, rugs are utilitarian. Their job through the centuries has been to provide warmth in a home. They hung on walls or laid on floors to keep the chill out of the room. And that was about it most of the time. Rugs have been on the scene for everyday events and momentous occasions in homes around the world for ages.

Who among us had not come under the spell of a great cheap rug? Aladdin sure did, and he is not alone. Inexpensive floor coverings not only serve a great purpose, but they also do their job without causing you any worry. When you can get a rug without spending a fortune, then there’s no crying over spilled merlot.

Cheap Rugs Get the Job Done

When you start your rug shopping journey, you may find yourself in sticker shock with some of the options on the market. There may be times when you are ready to invest in the highest-quality rug out there, but most people find they have more need for a cheap rug the majority of the time.

Inexpensive rugs give you the versatility that an investment piece can’t provide. Since you don’t have to fork over a lot of cash to buy a cheap rug, you can change up the look of your room any time you want. If you get tired of your low-cost floral rug, pass it along to a friend and try something bold and geometric for a change. 

When you decide you want to paint your walls and go with a whole new color scheme, cheap rugs allow you to swap out accent colors with ease without breaking the bank. These inexpensive options are perfect for someone who likes a lot of variety.

If you are an apartment renter, you likely have limited options when it comes to decorating your space. Most landlords have restrictions on what you can do to the walls and floors. Having some cheap area rugs helps you personalize your space while you are there without costing a fortune.

Perfect for Rental Properties

Inexpensive pieces are the name of the game when you own a rental property. Vacation rentals can take a beating, so using cheap rugs to furnish the space is a wise choice. No matter how carefully you screen renters or tenants, you are bound to have spills, stains, pet issues, or other damage to the floor coverings. 

You want to be able to enjoy the rental income without spending time and money fussing over keeping things in pristine condition. Remove the added stress of worrying about your furnishings by replacing the heirloom rugs with some stylish, inexpensive options. Whether you have a mountain cabin, a downtown condo, or a cottage at the beach, there is a cheap rug in just the right style for what you need.

Not Just for the Floor

Rugs do not have to spend their whole lives underfoot. In many cultures over the years, rugs served as bed covers and wall hangings. If you are looking for some dramatic artwork for a room, a rug just may fit the bill. When hung as a tapestry, decorative rugs can transform the look and feel of any space. They work great when you have a large wall in need of something stylish and lovely.

When used as a tapestry or wall hanging, cheap rugs can even provide soundproofing. Bands and musicians often use this life hack in their rehearsal spaces. The carpets absorb much of the sound so that the group can practice without disturbing their neighbors.

Cheap Rugs and Good Quality Can Coexist

It is important to note that being cheap does not have to mean an item is of low quality. There are many reasons why a rug can be inexpensive, and most of them have nothing to do with the quality of the rug.

Styles change frequently, and each season can bring a new design. If you buy off-season or older styles, you can get a stunning rug at a bargain price. This deal doesn’t mean the rug is bad. It just means that you are a savvy shopper.

Sometimes rugs are cheap simply because there is a surplus of raw materials. It’s not the rug’s fault that certain man-made materials are inexpensive to produce. But you can take advantage of this fact by going with mass-produced options that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Occasionally, manufacturers overproduce a line of rugs, and there isn’t enough demand for them to charge full price. Their mistake is your bonus! You can get a beautiful rug for your space without breaking the bank.

Rug Source Has What You Need

At Rug Source, we are the leader in cheap rugs that you will be proud to display. We have the largest selection of rugs for your decorating needs.

The next time you are looking at your floors or gazing at your walls and wondering what could add a little spice to the space, consider a cheap carpet. Going the inexpensive route for styling your home is a brilliant choice in most circumstances. You will get a lovely space while saving a whole bunch of dollars.

Cheap carpets just make sense. College students, new homeowners, renters, and rental property owners all should take advantage of the affordable rug options. And anyone else who wants versatility and flexibility without committing a significant chunk of their budget should look at low-cost rugs as well.

You will find all the rugs you can imagine right here at Rug Source. We have something perfect for your home and for your budget.