discount rugs

The easiest way to change the entire look of your house is by adding rugs. This is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to decorate, and you get the most bang for your buck with rugs. A rug is more than just a rug. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars and break the bank if you want to purchase a rug.

There are plenty of ways to find good discounts on rugs, but more on that later. First, you need to be convinced about why you should buy discount rugs. Read on to discover 12 reasons why you need a rug in your home. 

1. Lighten Up Dark Spaces 

People like the look of light, bright, and airy spaces. That doesn’t quite match the other look of dark floors that people seem like also. Adding a light-colored rug can easily give you a look you’re going for with the dark floors but still feeling airy. Consider adding a light-colored runner rug down the hallway where there might not be that much natural light. This could be a great way to get some light down the dark hall. 

2. Change for Seasons

If you are a person who loves to decorate, why not change your space a few times a year. You can easily do that with the power of a rug or in this situation. You can have a brightly colored whimsical rug for the summer to add some color and fun to your space, and then more neutral or warmers tones for the winter months. You can decorate for any season and make your space whatever you want it to be no matter what season it is. 

3. Elevate Decor 

You might not be a person that wants a lot of things in your house. You do, however, want to add some style, and the addition of a rug is the perfect way to add some visual interest without making your space feel cluttered. 

4. Tie a Room Together

Not only will a rug elevate your decor, but it can also tie your entire room together. Maybe you are having a hard time bringing in color to your neutral room. You can get a rug with couch pillows that complement the rug. Boom – you tied your room together. Or perhaps you love some of the art you have on the wall, but it doesn’t go colorwise with the rest of your room. A rug can easily change that. 

5. Artwork

Speaking of artwork on the walls that you love, why not have artwork on the floor that you love. Rugs can be many things, but boring doesn’t have to be one of them. You can get a rug that makes a bold statement with the use of color and design, or a rug that adds softness to your room. Whatever you choose, a rug can be visually pleasing and add the artwork to your floor. 

6. Welcome Visitors

A rug can be more than just a mat at your front door that says welcome. Of course, this is a great way for people to feel welcome at your home, a rug inside your house adds a level of coziness that makes people feel warm and invited into your home. 

7. Protect Flooring

You might have just installed the most beautiful floors that can handle everyday life, but you still want to give it a little more protection in some high traffic areas. Kids and pets can be hard on flooring. From balls bouncing to the dog’s nails on your new hardwood, it’s not going to hurt anything by adding a little more protection to your floor. Plus, if you do add rugs in some high traffic areas like entryways, this will help collect any dirt that might be on paws or shoes and keep the rest of your house from getting dirty. 

8. Cover Imperfections

Maybe you are renting, or perhaps you can’t afford to replace your floors, but you know that you want to hide the glaring imperfections in your floor. It’s ok if the imperfection is that you think the floor is ugly. Adding a rug can help hide imperfections or hide the ugly floor. 

9. Sound

Open concept houses with hard floors are a beautiful thing, but they can be loud. You want your children to play, but you don’t want the noise to echo off of every surface in your house. The addition of rugs can help with noise reduction by helping absorb the sound. 

10. Safety

Hard floors are a thing of beauty, but they can be quite slippery. Adding rugs can help improve traction, which will make it safer for kids who might just be learning to walk, or elderly adults in your home, or let’s face it – when you’re running late. Your dog will also thank you for the extra traction as they are running through the house. 

11. Allergies

Allergy sufferers can rejoice in knowing that rugs made of natural materials, like wool, and are natural air filters. Unlike carpet, which can get infested with mites and other unsightly critters, wool rugs are resistant to bug infestations as well as resistant to mold and mildew growth. Allergy sufferers can enjoy the look and feel of the carpet and know that it is benefiting them by having an area rug in their home. 

12. Grounding

Sometimes a room is missing something, and the furniture just sort of feels like it’s lost and floating. A rug can ground the space and make everything feel like it belongs there. A rug can become an anchor for the room, and everything sort of goes around the rug. Adding a rug can make a room feel like it has a purpose, and all those floating pieces have a home. 
Everyone should have rugs in their homes. While there are going to be the highest quality rugs that cost a lot of money, there are plenty of discount rugs that will still be of good quality but at a much more appealing price. At Rug Source, we offer the best prices on all rugs, and we know you will find exactly what you’re looking for.