Handmade Rugs

Rugs are an investment piece of artwork for the home, and the right rug can make all the difference. There are so many different styles and types of rugs, and the price can range from $100-100,000. The difference in price all comes down to quality, craftsmanship, and the materials used. Some are handmade rugs that take over a year to make with five or six very skilled workers working on these rugs, while others are machine-made that can be done in a day.  

Not all rugs are created equal. Still, hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of why rugs are an investment piece and have a little more knowledge of what type of rug will fit your current lifestyle. 

Handmade Rugs

There are a few different styles of handmade rugs. Some are hand-knotted, which makes the rug raised, and some are handwoven, which makes the rug lay rather flat. Then there are the hand-tufted rugs that give a similar look as hand-knotted but are much quicker to produce.

Hand-Knotted Rugs 

Hand-knotted rugs are an ancient art form that has been around for thousands of years. This ancient art form creates beautiful art pieces, and these types of rugs are the top of the line as far as rugs go. Hand-knotted rugs can contain thousands, if not millions of individual knots tied to a foundation. The final product is remarkable and looks remarkable. 

Hand-knotted rugs started on very crude looms, but the same sort of style is still around today. Hand-knotted rugs can take over a year to complete depending on the intricacy of the details. Considering that each part of the rug is created by hand and how labor-intensive the whole process is, it makes it an exceptional piece of beauty, which is one reason why they are expensive. 

When you do see a hand-knotted rug, take a look at part of it to appreciate each knot that was tied by hand. Once all the knots are tied in the rug, it is shaved down to give it a polished and finished look. One way to tell if the rug is hand-knotted or not is to look at the back. The back and the front will look very different, and it’s obvious which side the front. 

Hand-knotted rugs are made of the best materials possible since it needs to be durable for the making process itself. This is another reason why these rugs are expensive. These materials include wool, silk, cotton, jute, and other natural materials. 

Some rugs might be a couple of different materials in the final product. For example, a rug that is mostly wool might have some silk woven in the accent or detail features to make them stand out. 

While rugs are beautiful, they are meant to be used. These materials allow the rug to withstand the everyday wear and tear that comes with the territory. With proper care, a hand-knotted rug can last for many generations. There is something really special about having a handmade rug in your home. It adds a level of comfort and class that will make your house feel like a home. 


Flatweave rugs are also known as handwoven rugs. Like hand-knotted rugs, these are also handmade rugs, but they are much faster to make. They are referred to as flat weave because they are much flatter than a hand-knotted rug. A flatweave rug is woven together, much like baskets are woven together. While this process is still time-consuming, it is much quicker than a hand-knotted rug. You can easily tell the difference between a flat weave rug and a hand-knotted rug by the back. The back and the front will look the same. 

Flatweave rugs won’t last as long as a hand-knotted rug, but they can still look beautiful for 20-30 years. 

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted rugs are not to be confused with hand-knotted or flat weave rugs. Hand-tufted rugs are still quite beautiful but at a cheaper price. 

Hand-tufted rugs are still made by hand, but unlike hand-knotted, it doesn’t take that much skill to know how to make one of these rugs. They are made by a textile worker who puts the material on the rug frame and then uses the hand tufting gun to push the material through. Once all the material is in place, a backing is put on the rug to hold everything in place. This is usually a latex glue. Then the edges are bound, and the carpet loops are sheared. The rug is done and ready for a home. Depending on the details of the rug, it can be finished in as little as a day. 

People might also opt for this type of rug because they are worried about pets and children staining the rug. Let’s be honest, though, children and pets aren’t drinking red wine and coffee on your rug. 

Machine Rugs

Machines have done a lot over the years to make life more efficient. They even found their way into the rug-making world since rugs have become so popular over the years. Machine rugs are made on large power looms that are controlled by computers. They can be manufactured very quickly, and unlike the other types of rugs mentioned above, machine-made rugs can use synthetic fibers, which bring the cost down significantly. 

Ultimately the choice is up to you in what you need for your rug choice. If you are looking for a masterpiece rug that will last you for generations, you will want to go with a hand-knotted rug. If you are looking for a rug that will last you five to ten years, you will want to go with a machine-made rug. No matter what style you choose, adding a rug to your home will be a great choice.  

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