Kilim Rugs

When you buy a Kilim rug, it has the power to change your room entirely. These rugs generally have a simplistic design that features eye-catching geometric designs. Sometimes Kilim rugs also feature large floral designs. Regardless of the pattern, Kilim rugs are stunning and a different take on the term Oriental rug. 

Read on to find out a little history of the Kilim rugs and how they are different than traditional oriental rugs. You might also find that a Kilim rug is everything that you were looking for in a rug. Read on to decide if this is the rug for you.

Oriental vs. Kilim

Kilim rugs are different from traditional Oriental rugs in the way that they are woven together. Kilim rugs are known as flatweave rugs, whereas Oriental rugs are hand-knotted. The final product of a Kilim rug is flat, and the front and the back look the same. This allows Kilims to be used for other things like wall hangings, bags, and coverings under a saddle for a mule. 

An Oriental rug has a thickness to it because of the way it is made. An Oriental rug is hand-knotted one knot at a time. Each knot is tied to the rug base, and this gives the final product a distinct front and back. An Oriental rug is only used as a rug. 

Weaving Style

Kilim rugs are made using a flat weave style, but more specifically, a slit weave technique. The flat weave style is similar to how baskets are woven together, and the slit weave style is the pieces of material that have a gap between two different colors, and then the next color starts at the gap. For durability and strength purposes, Kilims usually feature diagonal geometric patterns.


Kilim rugs originated in Turkey and are still commonly made there to this day. Wool is the most common material used for Kilims because of the prevalence of it in Turkey and surrounding areas. 

Wool is one of the most favorable materials to be used for any type of rug or clothing because it is soft, durable, and from a sustainable and readily available source. Different types of sheep produce different types of wool, but in general, wool is the best material for the job. Along with what was already said about wool, it dyes easily and holds the color well. This makes wool the perfect material, which is why it was used hundreds of years ago to make Kilim rugs and is still used today.

Cotton is another material that is used to make Kilim rugs. Although it’s not as strong as wool, it is still strong, durable, retains its shape when worked with, and also holds dye well, similar to wool. It is common for cotton and wool to both be used in Kilims if cotton is going to be used. 

Silk is not used very much since it’s a hard material to come by. It is a luxurious material that isn’t commonly used for Kilim rugs. Because of this, silk Kilim rugs are incredibly rare, but there are still some that are made today. 

Why Buy a Kilim Rug 

Flatweave kilim rugs tend to be cheaper than traditional oriental rugs. While you are still buying a lovely art piece, these rugs are much faster to make than oriental hand-knotted rugs. These rugs are much more budget-friendly without having to compromise style. 

Kilim rugs are easy to roll up and try in different places. If you have ever seen a large rug or carpet rolled up, you know how heavy it can be. A kilim rug, on the other hand, is much easier to move and much lighter for one person to carry if you decide to try the rug in different places in your home. 

Kilim rugs are family-friendly because they are durable, but also easy to clean. Since the rug is lightweight, it’s easy to pick up and clean. It shakes out nicely, which makes it where dirt doesn’t get trapped in the rug. Both sides of the rug can be easily swept to help get the dirt out. Kilim rugs can be gently spot cleaned for tougher areas that need more than a broom by using a gentle cleaning mixture. 

How To Use Kilim Rugs 

There are a variety of kilim rugs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The best way to use a Kilim rug is to figure out its purpose. The best way to redesign your room is to pick your rug first. Find a rug that you are in love with and use it to decorate the rest of your space. 

Are you looking to brighten up your room? Consider lighter colors and minimal designs to give your space a fresh look. 

Are you looking for a runner rug for the hallway? You can be a little bolder here if you want and give your hallway a little something extra. 

Do you have a neutral room that needs some color? Feel free to go bold with the large geometric and colorful prints that Kilim rugs are known for. This would give your eyes a visually pleasing and interesting piece to be drawn to. 

Whatever you choose, a Kilim rug can bring a lovely and unique look to any part of your house. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry – any space where there is a floor is a space where a rug can go. 

No matter what you’re looking for in your house, a Kilim rug is a great choice. You get the beauty of a durable handmade rug without the expense of a traditional Persian carpet. At Rug Source, we want to help you find the rug of your dreams. We know how much a rug can change your house, and we want to make rugs affordable enough for everyone to have a rug in their home. Consider shopping with us first because we know we are going to have what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.