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The largest handmade rug lies in Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque. There are 2.2 billion hand tied-knots that over 1,200 workers completed. The workers are from Iran’s Khorasan Province, and it took over a year and a half to complete this project. The large rug’s composition is made up of both wool and cotton. It took at least 38 tons of these materials to complete the project. The rug spans over 60,000 square feet and weighs 12 tons. It was given as a gift to the Mosque in 2007 and has been dazzling visitors ever since. 

While this is an incredible story of the world’s largest rug, it doesn’t help you solve your large rug needs. What it does though is give you a glimpse into the world of rug making and help you understand how each detail is carefully thought about – and possibly make you want to travel to Abu Dhabi to see this incredible work of art. 

The open floor plans of today’s homes offer clean views, but also leave homeowners a little overwhelmed on what to do with such a large space. Each detail in your home, large or small, matters. If you are looking for large rugs, you have come to the right place. Continue reading for ideas on how to make your large open space less intimidating to decorate. Start with a rug and work from there.   

Custom Made 

You might have a large open space, and looking for a large rug, but 60,000 square feet might be a little too big. There is always the option to have rugs custom made, but the cost goes way up due to other factors like the rug mat. Of course, your rug is an investment piece, so you want to make sure you are getting what you want.

It’s advisable to stick with the available sizes to save yourself some money. 

Common shapes and sizes for large rugs are truly anything your heart desires. There are so many different types of rugs out there. You will most likely find the size and shape of the rug you’re looking for without having to have it custom made.  

Rules for Large Rugs

A rug that fits the space can instantly change the look of your home. While a rug is a big expense, it is a lot less expensive and time-consuming than a remodel. With that said, you must take the necessary steps to make sure you are going to purchase the correct size rug. If the rug is too small, it will make the room look weird and unfinished. The wrong shape or size will make the room look haphazard and thrown together. 

A large open space doesn’t always need a large rug to fill it. Use rugs to define certain spaces. For example, separate the sitting area from the dining area, create a cozy reading nook, or any furnished area that you want to define. 

Once you decide where you want to place your large rugs, measure the space. Make sure to leave 12-18 inches as a perimeter to show off those beautiful floors. It will give your area a clean, precise, and thoughtful look. 

Are you already dreaming of what you could do with rugs in your house? It’s exciting to realize that you can change the whole look of your home without an expensive remodel. Now the next question is, why would you pick a rug when you could have carpet? 

Rug or Carpet

Wall to wall carpet and rugs can both provide warmth and comfort to a home. So what are some reasons you might choose a rug over carpet? There are so many reasons people decide to do a hard floor with a rug on top. 

Many people have found they like the clean look of the hard floor with a rug on top. This makes space feel cozy and inviting while still keeping the integrity of the wood floors. Additionally, large rugs can provide the same comfort that carpet does in the sense that people want a nice soft place to do certain activities – sitting on the floor to play with children, for example. 

Large rugs will protect the beautiful floors that you love, or perhaps hide some imperfections that you don’t love. 

Since rugs don’t go wall to wall, this gives you much more room to flex your creative muscles. You can pick bold colors and designs that you wouldn’t be able to get away with using a wall to wall carpet. 

Carpet is fairly easy to replace and put down, so you can always change your mind. The problem here is the tack strip that is put down can cause permanent damage to the floor underneath. If you decide to do carpet over hardwood, there will be marks from the tack strip. 

Another consideration is that rugs give you flexibility. If you change your mind a few years down the road and decide the rug you got doesn’t fit your life anymore, your rug will easily find another happy owner and leave you with money to purchase another rug that fits your current life. Lastly, a rug can move with you from home to home. If you move, you get to take a piece of your current home with you and help you settle into your new home. 

The decision is ultimately up to you and what you will feel happiest within your home. 

Hopefully, you feel inspired and less intimidated to purchase rugs. Seeing a big blank canvas can make it difficult to know where to start, but you know that you want to start somewhere. That’s our advice, pick somewhere and start. Move pieces around until you figure out what you want. Measure your space and start shopping. That’s the fun part, right? 

At RugSource, the care that goes into selling our rugs is the same type of care that went into making the prayer rug for the Abu Dhabi Mosque. We love rugs, and we know you will find the quality and price you are looking for. Let us help you transform your house through the power of rugs. Check out our section, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have. As rug experts, we would love to help. We can’t wait to work with you.