living room area rugs

There is something magical about a living room. Friends and families spend a lot of time gathered in this room. It is, after all, called a living room for a reason. It’s also one of the reasons you spend a lot of time and energy decorating this room to fit your style and to make you feel comfortable. One way to add style and comfort is by simply adding a rug. If you are going to make one upgrade in your living room right now, consider investing in a living room area rug first. 

Area Rugs on Carpet

You might be thinking that you don’t need an area rug in your living room because you have carpet already. No rule says you can’t put a rug on carpet, and if you do come across a rule that says that, well, then just ignore it. 

The layered look is really in right now, and adding a rug over carpet is just that – a layered look. It doesn’t look clunky or out of place. It looks tasteful and can dress up a plain-looking area. Relating an area rug to clothing, it’s sort of like a jacket. The outfit looks fine without a jacket, but a nice stylish jacket with an outfit gives it that sophistication with a touch of confidence. Think about how you feel in your favorite outfit. Now take that same feeling and apply it to your living room. If you walked into your house every day and your mood improved just because your living room made you feel like your favorite outfit feels, then isn’t that worth it? 

In short, there are some tried and true tips and tricks for making area rugs look amazing in your home, but keeping them off the carpet is not one of them. 

Rug Size Matters

Rug size and position are the most crucial things to consider when purchasing a rug. These two factors are even more important than the style of the rug itself. Why? A rug that is too large will crowd the room, and a rug that is too small will make the room look cluttered and unfinished. The right rug will bring the room together with a cohesive and thorough look. 

If you want the living room area rugs to improve your room, then follow these guidelines: 

A large rug in a small room will make the room appear larger. Consider getting a rug that is large enough for all the major pieces of furniture while still leaving about 18 inches from the walls. If you do not want to get a rug this large, then make sure that at least the front legs of the couches and chairs can fit onto the rug without looking crowded. Having a rug like this will invite your guests into this space and make them feel welcome. 

A smaller living room rug can be used just for the coffee table in front of the couches. Make sure that the rug doesn’t touch other furniture, like couches, and that there are a few inches of flooring between the coffee table rug and the furniture. A small rug done right can add a pop of color and texture. 

Measure the space where you want to rug to go, and then start shopping. Be sure to find the exact size of the rug you are looking for before you find the style you are looking for because the correct size will either make or break the room. 

Secure Rugs 

One very popular trend right now is having large rugs over hardwood. This look probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon since it is elegant and functional. It’s possibly the reason you’re reading this article right now – in search of a living room area rug for your home. Since you are likely going to be placing your rug on a hard floor, you must get the proper rug mats to secure your rug in place. This will help avoid people from slipping on your rug as well as keeping the rug in its place. 

The right carpet pad can make all the difference in protecting both your rug and the flooring underneath. If you are going to spend the money on such an investment piece like a rug, then make sure you are willing to pay a little extra on the right kind of protection. The wrong type of padding or material underneath the rug can damage the floor. 

Securing rugs will also keep them from bunching or moving around. Of course, if there are heavy pieces of furniture on the rug, it probably won’t move much, but bunching might still be an issue. It’s worth taking the time to secure the rug before placing furniture on it. 

Cleaning living room area rugs 

Living room area rugs are going to need spot cleaning from time to time. Things spill and accidents happen. A little spot cleaning is generally fine and won’t damage the integrity of your rug. However, save the big jobs for the professionals. 

If your rug is in a high foot traffic area (which it probably is since this is where most people spend their time), you will want to professionally clean your rug once a year. Rugs are very different than wall to wall carpet, so it isn’t advisable to clean your rugs on your own. Let the professionals handle it. 

If your rug doesn’t get that much foot traffic, it’s probably fine to wait a few years before getting it professionally cleaned.

Your living room is easily one of the most important rooms in your house where people gather. Make this place special and make it your own. Make it feel warm and inviting and a place where people want to hang out. Add some flair to stand out, or subtle tones that bring a calming peace to your room. Whatever you decide, the perfect rug is out there. At RugSource, we know how important rugs can be to a room. We offer competitive prices and a wide selection that will meet any rug needs you might have. Shop here first. We know you won’t be disappointed.