Many people associate the color red with danger or anger. But in a real sense, red color has a positive message to portray. It has positive inspirations qualities. It depicts love, warmth, comfort, life, passion, and vitality. Make a wide chose of red rugs, modern red rugs, and red area rugs.

From the latest shaggy collections to oriental red rugs collections, rug collections, rug sellers have a variety of sizes, shades, and shapes that fits the client’s test and budget. Red as color continues to be a top selector to most people for traditional design and border decorations around neutral backgrounds.

To show our client satisfactory proprieties, we have many options which our clients can choose from for their home. That’s why you will find a range of red rags o our website for sale. This includes a red rug from Wrought Studio and Winston Porter. Our wish is to make sure that you get what you are looking for online in one place with an easy search when it comes to red rugs. Our products will exactly fit your desire. Whether you are interested in dark-brown area rug, dark-red rea rug, maroon area rug, pierce beige area rug or anything unique for your home, we are there to make sure you get one.

Our stock contains a variety of color shades from burgundy to cherry. Our red rugs are all over the world and are made of finest yarns which include Acrylic, Wool, Polypropylene, Viscose Fibers, and Polyester.

A red rug easily warms up a room. It will well fit any room with flooring or dark furniture. If your floor is made of dark woods, then the red rug will light the room for you. You may also decide to great a perfect look if you combine it with neutral or cream carpet.

Instead of painting your walls with red color which will be permanent and with time may lose its value, just chose a variety of red rugs to splash in your house. There is no end in choosing your best form. You can decide to go for a subtle silk piece or bold patchwork. With us, we are sure that you will find the best red rug for yourself.

 Go for Materials when choosing your red rug

Your preferences should be given priority when selecting materials for your red rug. Also, you should put in mind the plan you have for your rug. There are varieties of materials that you may select from. They include:


It’s the common material used in making rugs. It’s produced naturally from animals such as sheep. The coolest thing with this material is that its eco-friendly, durable and able t sustain moisture and stains. And this character can be observed in sheep. The other thing with wool red rugs is that they are available in deferent kinds.

Jute and Sisal

The reason for grouping together of the above materials is that they are similar. They all originate from plants and as a result, they are eco-friendly as compared to synthetic fiber. They are durable hence are resistance to wear and tear.


For sure when we talk of cotton, you got enough experience of this material. Cotton seems to be inexpensive. The advantage part of this is that it’s inexpensive and versatile. They are easily dyed and are easy to wash and less affected by damages during the washing process.


Silky rugs for many years have been linked with beauty and luxury. Many people wish to have beautiful silk rugs, carpets, and tapestries. Silk material in nature possesses a unique sheen and easily dyed. You can combine silk with wool to make it more attractive. The advantage with it is that its ability to stretch. They are durable and as a result, they can be used in a high traffic area.


They come in two types: nylon 6.6 and nylon 6. Nylon 6.6 is considered the best when it comes to color retention and static resistance. The major benefit behind this material is that, it’s durable and resists stains and abrasions. When deciding to buy a nylon red rug, then you have purchased a durable rug which best fit in a traffic area

Polypropylene and Olefin

They are the best fit in the Berber area rugs and looped. For olefin rugs, it’s the best fit for boats, outdoor living rooms, basements, and marinas. The material is mold, mildew and water repellant and doesn’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The advantage with this material is that is moisture resistant and it’s able to retain the color for a long period. It is also best when it comes to stain resistance.


Its softer as compared to nylon but less durable. The best advantage of this is that, its very cheap.

How to clean and care for your Red rug


·    Pre-Inspection/Pick Up

First, you have to inspect your rug type and the nature of the materials used. This will determine the kind of cleaning to apply.

·    Dry Soil Removal

For red woven rugs are notorious for hiding dry soil. Use a rug duster which is attached with a vacuum to clean off the dirt. This best for textiles.

·    Pre-condition

It’s recommended to pre-treat your rug for emulsifying the soil.

·    Shampoo

Oriental rug shampoo is best in cleaning and protecting the natural fibers of your rug.

·    Wash or Rinse

Depending on the material of your rug, you may decide to rinse it with special equipment or you may wash them but with a lot of care.

·    Speed dry

After totally removing the soul from your rug, you should dry your rug. Proper drying should be applied to avoid unnecessary shrinkage.

·    Finishing

After your rug has dried up, comp it and make finishing using soft groomers


·    Rotation: – it’s preferred to rotate your rug once a year to avoid uneven wear. It also depends on trafficking.

·    Vacuuming: – vacuuming should be done regularly to remove hidden dirt. Take precautions not to use the beater bar in vacuuming the fringe.

·    Padding: – consider using a quality pad under your rug to prevent your rug from dirty, slippage and wear.

Spill and Spot Procedures: – make sure you respond immediately to spills and spots to avoid set:

·    Use absorbent material to absorb the excess liquid on the rug. The material should be clean to avoid dirtying the rug too. Avoid rubbing or brushing the stain.

·    Using a vinegar-water solution, spot cleans the area and avoid wetting it.

·    Using a dash of vinegar in small amount plus water, rinse the surface. Avoid the rug too.

·    Blot dry to ensure that the moisture is completely removed.

·    Next, allow air dry. To hasten the process, use a hair drier.

·    Recall calling for an expert in case this method doesn’t remove the stain.