modern rugs

There is something incredibly satisfying about walking into a modern space. Every piece that goes into that room is a usable piece of art. From the artwork on the walls to the bean bag chair on the floor, every piece in the room works together. However, modern rooms can also feel a little cold and more like a museum rather than a comfortable living space where you want to relax. This is where modern rugs can help. Continue reading to see if modern rugs will fit your lifestyle. 

Why Add Modern Rugs?

Modern rugs will add a much-needed pop of color to the modern look. Since modern designs tend to be neutral colors, a modern rug will add some eye-catching interest while still maintaining the integrity of the design and helping to bring the modern look to the next level. Since the modern rug patterns often are works of art themselves, the artwork isn’t just for the walls anymore. 

Rugs will also add some warmth to the modern look. The hard floors that go along with modern designs tend to be cold. The addition of a rug brings some comfort, beauty, and functionality to the room. 

The modern style started in Western cultures, and it is only gaining in popularity. People love the minimalist look and are doing everything in their power to achieve this look. Modern rugs can be transitional pieces as you work toward your dream of the modern look. They can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces in your home and look fabulous, no matter what other furniture pieces you already have. 

Where to Place Your Rug?

Modern rugs will look good in so many different spaces that it’s hard to know where to start. Modern rugs can be one solid bold color or maybe feature more experimental designs. Whatever the design is, it’s always a clean look and goes with a lot of different styles. 

These rugs would be a great addition to a living room, bathroom, family room, playroom, or office workspace. Of course, you can put your rug wherever you want, however, you probably won’t be putting your most expensive Persian rug in the playroom. Adding a rug to any of these spaces will help the design, protect the floors, add warmth, and a little personality to sometimes rooms that are forgotten about or afterthoughts. 


Antique Persian rugs are easily the cream of the crop in the rug world. While they are lovely investment pieces, it might not be the look you are going for, and since they can be thousands of dollars, it might not be in your price range. 

While modern rugs can run expensive because of the high-quality materials used, there are plenty of beautiful modern rugs that can be found for cheap. There are so many reasons why you might want a cheap rug that you know isn’t going to last you for more than ten years, but that doesn’t mean you want it to look cheap or be out of style. 

Continue reading for some excellent choices that are beautiful modern rugs that don’t compromise design. 

While you are searching for the perfect modern rug for your current lifestyle, you might run across some different rug terms that can be a little confusing. 

Hand-knotted rugs are made by hand and are going to be the most expensive rugs on the market. These rugs can take over a year to produce and are made from the highest quality materials. 

Handwoven rugs are also made by hand, but they are woven instead of knotted. These rugs still take some time to make but are a little less expensive than hand-knotted rugs. 

Hand-tufted rugs are made by hand with the use of a tufting gun. The material is placed onto the rug foundation, and the material is forced through with the tufting gun. Depending on the details the rug has, one of these rugs can be made in a day or less. 

Machine-made rugs are going to be the cheapest option out there. Machine-made rugs are made on looms powered by computers, and multiple rugs can be made in a day. The material is generally going to be synthetic material with synthetic dyes. This is something to take into consideration when you are rug shopping. 

There are so many different types of modern rugs out there, so you are bound to find the perfect modern rug for your space. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider some of the budget-friendly options below. They will add style and color without breaking the bank. 

  • Indoor/ Outdoor Rugs

Using an indoor/outdoor rug means that you will be getting a durable rug that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. These rugs will also be the cheapest modern rugs available. While they won’t add much warmth, they will still help with noise reduction and add some color and texture to an otherwise plain space. 

  • Geometric patterns

Geometric pattern modern rugs give a beautiful Morrocan feel while still offering a simplistic look. 

  • Abstract

Abstract rugs offer clean looking lines with visual interest and pop of color with many styles offering multi-colored rugs

  • Black and White

Black and white rugs will go with the look of any room. While they don’t add any pops of color, black and white rugs can still be powerful in any room. They can add clean lines and texture to break up the floor and help define different living spaces. 

  • Indented Shapes

Solid color rugs with indented geometric shapes can add subtle texture to your room. You can get the clean look of a solid color, but more interesting than a solid color. 

No matter if you are looking to spend less than $100 or thousands of dollars, at Rug Source we know we have the best quality modern rugs at the best price. If you are looking to add a modern rug to your home or office, you have come to the right place.