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Ballantyne is a very beautiful area of Charlotte, North Carolina, and in many ways Ballantyne is so much more than your average neighborhood. In the 90s Ballantyne used to be a very isolated and secluded part of South Charlotte, but over the past 30 years there has been an unbelievable amount of growth throughout this portion of the city.

Today Ballantyne is one of the most affluent suburbs of Charlotte and has become its own metropolis that’s full of fun things to do for the whole family. There’s no doubt about it that many rug shoppers live in Ballantyne, including countless homeowners and business leaders that are looking to spice up their interior design.

All of us at Rug Source love everything about Ballantyne, and some of the most common types of area rugs that Ballantyne rug shoppers search for throughout the Rug Source website include the following:

Below we’ll be going over some of the most popular attractions and businesses found throughout the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, and you can always reach out to us online if you have any further questions about this thriving suburb!

Rug Source Supports Many Resorts And Businesses As A Ballantyne Rug Supplier

There truly is so much going on in Ballantyne, which is why it feels more like a city than an actual neighborhood! So many people live in this part of Charlotte these days, and for many good reasons.

Rug Source supports countless homes and businesses throughout Ballantyne on a daily basis, and some of the most popular points of interest within Ballantyne that you should know about include the following:

Rush Espresso Café & Wine Bar

Rush Espresso Café is one of the best coffee shops in Ballantyne that provides really great European-style breakfasts as well. Many people are absolutely obsessed with their French toast, and what’s really great about this restaurant is that it also serves as a wine bar in the evening hours.

So this is a great place to go to no matter what time it is, and it provides a lot of fun and great food/drinks for the whole family!

Golf Club at Ballantyne

The Ballantyne Hotel is one of the biggest attractions within the entire neighborhood, and it’s a massive hotel that boasts incredible golf courses that attract golfers from all over the South.

Ballantyne truly is a golfer’s paradise, and what’s great about these courses is that they’re open all year long. That’s why a lot of people from colder climates will fly to Charlotte and stay at this hotel when they’re craving some golf during the fall and winter months.

The Golf Club at Ballantyne also just so happens to boast an incredible interior décor that’s full of high-quality area rugs!

Big View Diner

The Big View Diner is a great place to grab happy hour after a long day on a golf course, and it’s also a family favorite for countless households throughout Ballantyne.

The menu here is pretty eclectic, but you can be rest assured that there’s something available for everyone’s personal taste. Don’t forget to get dessert at this restaurant, as they provide some of the best cakes and cheesecakes in the entire neighborhood!

Midwood Smokehouse

Although the Midwood Smokehouse is a BBQ restaurant that originated on the opposite side of Charlotte in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, it’s safe to say that they’ve found themselves a bustling location in Ballantyne.

Midwood Smokehouse is most likely the very best place in Ballantyne to experience authentic pulled pork and brisket, Carolina-style of course. This is a family and tourist favorite in the Ballantyne area because it provides an authentic North Carolina dining experience, and the BBQ is out of this world!

Ballantyne Village

Ballantyne Village is the best shopping area in Ballantyne, and there are many different retail options available within the village. Shoppers love how there are so many high-quality apparel and interior design options throughout this shopping center, and we’re big fans of the home décor stores here as well.

But no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to retail shopping or restaurants, there’s no doubt about it that the Ballantyne Village will have you and your family covered!

Rug Source Is Proud To Be A Ballantyne Rug Outlet For The Neighborhood’s Thriving Nightlife!

Although Ballantyne may be primarily known for its daytime activities like the golf courses at The Ballantyne Hotel, there are many different nightlife options that are growing in popularity in this part of the city.

Some of the most popular nightlife options in Ballantyne include the following:

Regal Cinemas Ballantyne Village 5

The Regal Cinema in Ballantyne is one of the nicest movie theaters in all of Charlotte, so it makes sense that many families like to go see movies as a nightlife option in Ballantyne.

This truly is a state-of-the-art facility that takes the movie-going experience to a whole new level, so you can sit back and relax while watching the latest films in a comfy reclining chair!

Miro Spanish Grille

Miro is one of the best restaurants in Ballantyne, and it would be pretty difficult to find a Spanish restaurant that’s better than this one throughout the entire city of Charlotte.

With an authentic menu that boasts all of Spain’s intricate sub-cultures, you’ll be blown away by the quality and how close Miro is to dining in a city like Seville or Barcelona!

Reach Out To The Rug Source Experts To Learn More About How We Help Rug Shopping In Ballantyne Charlotte!

Rug Source has been supporting families and business leaders throughout Ballantyne for many years now, and we’re always happy to meet new people from this lovely part of Charlotte.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 to get in touch with our team of rug industry specialists who will be absolutely delighted to answer your questions while you’re area rug shopping for your home or business in Ballantyne!


  1. Rug Source | A Leading Myers Park Rug Store In Charlotte North Carolina


Myers Park is undoubtedly one of the most impressive neighborhoods throughout the city of Charlotte, North Carolina; and it’s a neighborhood that’s renowned for its massive trees and residential streets that are lined up with mansion after mansion.


The Rug Source team has always been huge fans of the Myers Park area, and we’ve helped countless homeowners throughout this part of Charlotte when it comes to sprucing up their interior design through our high-quality area rugs. Myers Park truly is an interior designer’s paradise, and we also help many different commercial properties in this part of Charlotte as well.


Some of the most popular area rugs within our vast online inventory and showroom that Myers Park residents and business owners love include:



On this page we’ll be delving into some of the fun things to do around Myers Park that are noteworthy for any Charlotte resident or tourist, and you can always contact us online to reach out to our rug industry experts and let us know how we can support your home or business in Myers Park through our unbeatable combination of quality and affordability!


We’re A Myers Park Rug Outlet That Provides Area Rugs To Homes, Restaurants And Universities In Charlotte


The Rug Source team is honored to provide services for the Myers Park community, and we understand how many people living in Myers Park want very high-quality area rugs for good prices.


There truly is a lot going on in the Myers Park neighborhood, and below are just some of the main points of interest that you should know about:


Discovery Place Nature


This nature museum is a smaller branch of the gigantic Discovery Place located in Uptown Charlotte, but this nature exhibit is a wonderful place to visit while you’re in the Myers Park area.


This museum is located within Freedom Park and is just a small walk from the famous lake area, and it provides a lot of opportunity for both children and adults to learn more about North Carolina’s foliage and wildlife.


This is a wonderful place for the whole family because it provides a fun opportunity to learn while getting outside and having some fun in Freedom Park!


Mint Museum Randolph


This is a very special art museum in Charlotte, and this location actually used to be the original branch of the United States Mint many years ago. But in 1936 this location opened up in the Myers Park neighborhood as a museum, and it actually was Charlotte’s very first art museum.


As you can imagine, this art museum is full of history and engaging exhibits that are fun for everyone. A lot of art enthusiasts will come to Charlotte and mainly visit the museums that are Uptown, but if you like museums then you shouldn’t miss out on this one located in Myers Park!


The Duke Mansion


The Duke Mansion epitomizes Southern aristocracy, and many years ago it was owned by the Duke family that is still known today for their regional energy enterprise, Duke Energy.


The Duke Mansion is tucked away right in the heart of Myers Park, and today it’s a highly reputable bed and breakfast that provides visitors of Charlotte with a wonderful place to stay.


But The Duke Mansion is so much more than a bed and breakfast, and many people will get tours of the mansion and the surrounding gardens on their nearly 5 acre property that’s just 2 miles from Uptown!


Queens University of Charlotte


Queens University has been in Charlotte since 1857, so it’s one of the oldest universities in all of North Carolina. It’s considered to be a smaller university, but it’s actually growing exponentially in recent years and has become Charlotte’s premier higher education option.


What’s great about Queens University is that it’s right in the middle of Myers Park, so it’s in a beautiful location with campus grounds that are a masterpiece in landscape architecture.


There really is so much you can do when visiting Queens University, and if you’re interested in continuing your education there are also many great programs to enroll within!


Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte


There are many great venues throughout Charlotte that provide theatrical acting and stage performances, but the Actor’s Theatre in Myers Park is possibly one of the most unique places to see a play throughout the entire city.


What makes this theatre so unique is that it’s very intimate and small in nature, so you’ll be up close and personal with some of Charlotte’s very best actors!


Myers Park Is Known For Its Many Great Cuisine Options


Myers Park is an eclectic neighborhood that’s full of fun things to do, and like any fun neighborhood in Charlotte there are really awesome food options here. Some of the best restaurants in Myers Park include the following:


Deejai Thai


Deejai is located right off of Providence Road and is possibly the best Thai restaurant in all of Charlotte. What’s great about Deejai is that it provides a really eclectic menu that’s full of authentic Thai cuisine, and it’s also very affordable.


Napa on Providence


Napa on Providence is the quintessential Myers Park neighborhood restaurant, and they pride themselves on providing a taste of Napa Valley right in the heart of Charlotte.



Stagioni is a very unique Italian restaurant in Myers Park that’s located in an old Villa, and it’s actually a really old restaurant in Charlotte that dates all the way back to 1926!


Today Stagioni is still an Italian cuisine staple in Myers Park that everyone needs to try, and all of us at Rug Source are very impressed by their interior design as well!


Reach Out To The Rug Source Specialists To See How We Can Support Your Home Or Business In Myers Park


Rug Source has helped many different residential and commercial properties throughout Myers Park through our vast inventory of high-quality area rugs of all types, and we’re more than confident that we’re the perfect Myers Park rug store for you and your interior design needs.

So feel free to contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 to speak with our rug industry experts who can answer all of your questions throughout the rug shopping process as we support you and your Myers Park home or business!

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