oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are an all-encompassing term for many different rugs. While they all fall under the Oriental category, there are a variety of rugs that are made in different styles with various patterns. All Oriental rugs are stunning art pieces that will fit in any home with any style around the world. In this article, we will cover the different types of oriental rugs so you can gain knowledge and insight for your next rug shopping endeavor and find the rug that is the perfect fit for you.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are one of the most well-known types of rugs. Persian rugs are still called Persian rugs even though the country in which they are made was renamed Iran in 1935. To this day, Iran is one of the biggest rug makers in the world, producing the highest quality and most desired rugs out there. 

Persian rugs are considered to be the highest-quality rug in the world because of the quality materials used and the high knot counts. The rugs feature very traditional designs and motifs like flowers and jugs and use many traditional colors. Looking at a Persian rug is almost like looking at a digital picture. The details are incredible and intricate – it’s hard to remember that all of it was created by hand, one knot at a time. 

Since Persian rugs are of the highest caliber rug out there, be willing to spend $50-$70 or more per square foot. 


Chobi is a Persian word meaning wood, which is why the colors used in these types of rugs tend to be much lighter with classic and traditional designs. The dyes used are all-natural, which is another reason these rugs are incredibly popular. 

This type of rug is still a very high-quality rug and is the most labor-intensive rug to make. It does, however, have a lower knot count, which drops the price slightly, but the quality is still incredible. These rugs range from $45-$60 per square foot. 

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs tend to be expensive because silk is a hard material to come by. The more silk the rug has, the higher the price will be. Silk rugs are stunning and produce a beautiful sheen, which is what makes them popular, but it’s hard to find a rug that is truly pure silk. The silk fibers are delicate and hard to care for, so this is one reason why many silk rugs have other materials in them, like wool, to help with the durability. 

Ikat Rugs

Ikat rugs have a distinct pattern and are one of the oldest designs in the world. These beautiful patterns are a combination of tribal, abstract, and tie-dye. Ikat rugs undergo a process called overdyeing, which gives them a different look colorwise than other types of oriental rugs. 

Ikat rugs are trendy because of their unique look and their durability. Ikat rugs tend to be lower in knot counts, which makes them around $45-$55 per square foot.   

Bokhara Rugs

While all Oriental rugs are unique in their own way, Bokhara rugs are probably the most unique as far as style. Bokhara rugs were created in Bukhara, hence where the name comes from. Bukhara is now known as Uzbekistan. The knot count on these rugs tends to be lower than other Oriental rugs, and it also features asymmetrical knot counts, whereas most Oriental rugs are very symmetrical.

This type of rug is a very classic rug, with the primary colors being deeper tones like red, navy, and brown. The backgrounds of these rugs are much simpler than other Oriental rugs. The design of Bokhara rugs is usually rows of guls and then surrounded by geometric patterns. 

These rugs are very popular today because they are eye-catching with their bold colors, soft, durable, and priced well. 

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are not knotted by hand like other Oriental rugs. Instead, these rugs are made using a method known as flatweave. As the name implies, these rugs are flat, unlike the other types of Oriental rugs, which are higher raised due to the pile created by the knots. 

Kilim rugs are popular because of their bold colors and geometric designs. These rugs can be completed much faster than hand-knotted rugs, which bring the price down slightly. 

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are created for Western culture consumers. The patterns are much more modern as far as the design and style, but the way that these rugs are made is still in the traditional way that Oriental rugs are made. This makes these rugs high quality and durable, but with a pattern that is more suited to the Western culture style. 

Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are a way to repurpose an Oriental rug that has been distressed in some way. These rugs are taken and re-dyed in one solid, bold color. This gives it a clean and fresh look while still maintaining the integrity of the rug. The colors used to overdye rugs can be any color, but some of the bold colors include fuchsia, teal, and black. This takes something old and makes it modern. 

The price of this type of rug mostly depends on the type of rug that was overdyed. The higher the knot count, the higher the price. 

Patchwork Rugs

Patchwork rugs take bits and pieces of existing Oriental rugs that have been damaged. Pieces are patched together by hand. The result is something unique, high quality, and a great way to give damaged Oriental rugs a new life. 

Oriental rugs are an investment piece that will last a lifetime. These pieces can be passed down from generation to generation because the quality and durability are made so well. If you decide that Oriental rugs are right for you, know that you will be getting the best of the best. At Rug Source, we have the highest quality Oriental rugs for the best price. You can be confident in shopping with us and know you are getting a great deal. If you are ready to purchase a rug, shop with us first.