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Oriental Rugs

An authentic Oriental rug is an heirloom piece that can be handed down for generations. These stunning, durable works of art are heavy and hand-woven. They fit beautifully into a wide range of decorating schemes and come in many colors and styles.


What Sets Oriental Rugs Apart

Oriental rugs are distinguished by their craftsmanship. Made by highly skilled artisans in locations such as Afghanistan, India or Turkey, each one takes a great investment of time and labor. Even an experienced rug-maker will spend up to six months to create a single 6-foot-by-9-foot Oriental rug. Creators painstakingly stretch individual strands of wool, cotton or silk across looms, weaving them together into designs. As a testament to the vertical looms on which Oriental rugs are made, they look different when viewed from the top instead of the bottom.


Types of Oriental Rugs for Sale at Rug Source

As the largest online retailer of area rugs, Rug Source is pleased to offer a vast collection of discount Oriental rugs. Shop our catalog to explore many options. Online, search by pattern, style, shape, age and size. Find a newer, 10-year-old rug for your living room or an antique runner from before 1900.


Why Buy From Us?

Rug Source is a leading rug importer offering wholesale prices 60 to 70 percent below retail and 30 to 40 percent below competitors’ rates. We guarantee the lowest online prices and offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all purchases. We also have a huge selection of high-quality, clean, cheap Oriental rugs for sale.


What to Look for in an Oriental Rug

Finding the right Oriental rug starts with your space. Rugs with a round or diamond motif in the background (also known as a central medallion) could influence how you’re able to position furniture, for example. If you want more freedom to arrange your rooms, you might prefer a piece with an all-over pattern. Likewise, pay attention to border colors and guard stripes — these features should complement your room’s overall aesthetic.


If you are having difficulty choosing the right Oriental area rugs for your living room or workspaces, contact Rug Source. Our salespeople will be happy to help you!