Everything You Want to Know About Rugs For Sale

rugs for sale

Rugs have insulated us from the cold and brought warmth to our homes for centuries. Although at first, they did not look like the area rugs we enjoy today. They could have served as clothing and even been made for royalty. Just because it’s been centuries, there are rugs for sale in today’s world can often be made the same way. 

In ancient times, about 1000 years ago, there was not a difference between rugs and robes. The word “rug” most likely comes from the Old Norse word meaning “coarse coverlet.” Luckily for humanity, we eventually decided to keep our clothes on our backs and let the area rug have its own job. 

Today, area rugs for sale are far more than just flat patches of scratchy wool twists. Now they can be the cornerstone of any room. For both usefulness and charm, a beautiful area rug is hard to beat. It brings warmth and comfort and a sense of home.

Is It a Rug or Carpet?

Before the 20th century, area rugs and carpets were synonymous. But technology and design preferences eventually brought new definitions. Now, we identify carpet as anything of the wall-to-wall variety. Everything else is an area rug. 

What both carpets and rugs share is the use of two distinct layers: the backing and the pile. The backing is the part that comes in contact with the floor. The pile is the upper portion that comes in contact with you. 

In the early 20th century, wall-to-wall carpet became the height of luxury. Now, however, area rugs on hard floor reign supreme.

How Do They Make Area Rugs?

Rug makers employ several methods, depending on where they live in the world and the level of technology available. In some areas, rug-making devices are the most technologically advanced machinery in society. That’s how essential rugs are in cultures around the world.

The standard rug-making methods around the globe are:

  • Weaving – For area rugs, weaving means using a loom to create intricate designs and colorful patterns using wool yarn. Berber rugs from North Africa and Navajo rugs from the southwestern United States are examples of woven rugs.
  • Needle Felt – This type of carpet technology is perfect for high traffic locations like airports and convention centers.
  • Knotted – Rugs made in this manner usually come from central Asia and other Eastern areas. Knotting is an ancient and rustic hand-made style. The first rugs were likely knotted.
  • Hooked – Hooked area rugs might remind you of the arts and crafts projects you made at camp in grade school. This simple technology was one of the first rug-making methods in history.

Regardless of the construction method, an area rug can only be as good as the material in it. Wool is the first yarn of choice, but makers can use just about any fibrous material for rugs. Differing fiber quality dictates pricing for area rugs.

Although by their very nature rugs are underfoot and made for walking on, they are anything but lowly. Many rugs rise to the level of artwork, and many find a place of honor as wall hangings. One notable rug, the Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet, sold for more than $33 million. This 17th-century dazzler of a rug has a deep red-brown color that commanded a whole lot of green from the buyer.

How To Choose the Best Area Rugs for Sale

Rugs have history and value, but above all, they are versatile in their usefulness. Area rugs provide color and design elements to any room. They bring warmth and comfort to hard floors.

So how do you choose the perfect area rug? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking at area rugs for sale in your hometown:


When it’s time to decide on a rug size, it is critical to map out the area where you need it. People are often surprised by how big of a rug they need in a given space.

It can be helpful to use some painter’s tape to mark an outline on the floor where you plan to place the rug. Take into account any furniture that will be on or around the area rug as well. You want to have a strong visual of the size you need.


Anything goes when it comes to the type of area rug you would like to add to your home. Rugs offer endless options in colors, shapes, and patterns. They can be a fun way to change the look of any room.

Do you want it to be a statement piece that is the focal point of your space? Or do you prefer something more subtle that complements the existing furnishings and paint color? Fortunately, today you can find a rug for any color scheme and purpose.


Price may be the piece that surprises people the most. Area rugs can be an investment. High-quality materials and craftsmanship demand a higher price point. However, there are also lower-cost options available from many retailers if you are working with a lower budget.

With area rugs, you definitely get what you pay for. If you are looking for a long-lasting piece of excellent quality, plan to pay a high price. If you simply need something practical or for short-term use, then a lower-priced rug may be perfect.

Find Your Perfect Area Rugs

The right rug can be a source of joy for a homeowner. It can bring a room together and provide warmth and comfort. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and with proper care, they will last for years. High-quality pieces can last from generation to generation, being passed down over time.

Be sure to ask the seller what care instructions you need to follow. Depending on the materials and construction, you may be able to use a carpet shampooer. For high-end rugs, you often need to find an experienced cleaner who will pick them up from you, clean them, and then return them.

The experts at Rug Source can help you find your ideal area rug within your budget. With many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, you are sure to find what you need. Start shopping today.