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This day in age, it seems that anything and everything can be found online. It’s becoming the norm for how we shop and do many different daily tasks that rug shopping doesn’t have to be a weekend errand anymore. It can happen anytime and anywhere. 

This is an exciting time in the rug world because it means that so many more people have access to good quality rugs at a fraction of the cost. Continue reading to find out five reasons why buying rugs online is a good idea, and if you’re in the market for a rug, you should consider buying your next rug online. 

Best Price

You will get the best price by buying a rug online because you are cutting out the middleman. You can get warehouse prices, which are going to be a fraction of the cost as a rug store. The physical store needs to charge more because there are so many more expenses to running their store, but an online store doesn’t have those expenses. They can offer warehouse prices, and they are continually running deals, which means that a good price just got even better. 

Ship Directly To Your Home

Many sites offer free shipping and free returns. Of course, returning the rug isn’t going to be incredibly easy, it’s about the same level of difficulty as it would be to return the rug to the store. Online rug stores want to make it easy on the customer and want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Plus, how great is it that you can get your rug sent directly to your home instead of trying to figure out how to get it into your car? 

Cheaper Name Brands

You might be looking at your favorite magazine and notice a rug that you can’t live without. The rug is probably not made by that company, and they buy their product from somewhere else. You might have to do some searching, but if you look at discount rug sites, you are bound to find the rug you are looking for, if not something very similar. You will find the rug at a much lower price if you don’t order from the name brand. 

Saves Time

Rug shopping can be a tiring process, and it can easily take your whole day. It’s hard to visualize the rug in your room unless you’re sitting in the room you want it in. You can shop for your rug anytime day or night since shopping online never closes. 

More Options

While more options can seem overwhelming, once you start to narrow down what it is that you want, you might want more options to make your rug that much more unique. You might like your best friend’s style, but it doesn’t mean you want to match them in all your decor. You want to be able to express yourself and your personality and find your unique rug that matches exactly what you’re looking for. 

Tips for Buying Rugs Online

You might now be convinced that buying a rug online is something for you. There are a few tips to make your shopping experience is the best experience possible, and you end up with the perfect rug for your home. Continue reading for some tips on how to buy the perfect rug online. 

Measure Your Space

This might seem like the most obvious, but get the exact measurements of your space where you want the rug to go. Don’t estimate, get precise measurements, so you know the correct size you are shopping for. 

Read the Description

Read the description of each rug. Look at the material it’s made from and also how the rug was made. This will help you decide if this is the rug for you. Wool rugs tend to be more expensive because of the durability factor, whereas plant-based rugs are going to be cheaper but not hold up very well. Be sure to read the description and do your research for what type of material you want in your home. 

Understand Rug Terms

Not all rugs are created equal, and that’s ok. Some rugs will be thousands of dollars, while some rugs that look similar online are less than $100. What makes rugs cost what they do? It’s all about the craftsmanship and materials. Once you understand this, you will be able to quickly read the descriptions online and have a better idea of what type of rug will work for you. 

  • Hand-Knotted. Hand-knotted rugs are going to be the most expensive rugs by far. Each piece of the rug was knotted by hand, and it can take over a year to complete one of these rugs. Most oriental rugs are made this way, which is why they generally come with a hefty price tag.  
  • Hand Woven. Handwoven rugs like Kilim rugs are also made by hand, but a different style. This is more of a basket weave instead of knots. This type of rug can also be expensive since it takes a long time to make this kind of rug, but they are cheaper than hand-knotted rugs. 
  • Hand-Tufted. Hand-tufted rugs can be a little confusing and leave people feeling frustrated because they think they are getting hand-woven at a killer price. A worker still creates Hand-tufted rugs, but the material is placed on a rug foundation, and then the material is pushed through with a special tool. Once all of the material has been pushed through the foundation, there is usually a latex backing put on the rug to hold all the material in place. Created by hand, but this type of rug can be completed in one day versus one year. The durability of this type of rug is nowhere near a hand-woven or a hand-knotted rug. 
  • Machine-Made. Machine-made rugs are exactly what they sound like – machine-made. This is going to be the cheapest option and the least durable. 

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