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Handmade Wool Kilim Oriental Area Rug 8x12

11' 7'' X 7' 10''
$452 with 60% discount

Handmade Wool Kilim Oriental Area Rug 8x11

11' 2'' X 8' 4''
$399 with 60% discount

Handmade Natural Dye Kilim Oriental Area Rug 5x7

6' 6'' X 4' 11''
$207 with 60% discount

Natural Dye Kilim Oriental Wool Rug 6x8

7' 7'' X 5' 6''
$366 with 60% discount

Natural Dye Kilim Oriental Wool Rug 6x9

8' 6'' X 5' 6''
$439 with 60% discount

Flat Weave Kilim Handmade Area Rug 7x10

9' 8'' X 6' 8''
$373 with 60% discount

Handmade Wool Kilim Flat-Woven Area Rug 6x10

9' 8'' X 6' 3''
$333 with 60% discount

Natural Dye Geometric Kilim Wool Area Rug 8x10

9' 8'' X 7' 9''
$553 with 60% discount

Natural Dye Kilim Oriental Area Rug 7x10

9' 9'' X 6' 9''
$439 with 60% discount

Checkered Kilim Natural Dye Area Rug 7x10

9' 11'' X 6' 7''
$439 with 60% discount

Natural Dye Kilim Flat-Weave Large Rug 10x16

15' 11'' X 9' 11''
$798 with 60% discount

Tribal Kilim Handmade Square Rug 3x3

2' 11'' X 2' 8''
$116 with 50% discount

One of a Kind
Flat-woven Oriental Kilim Area Rug Wool 3x5

4' 6'' X 3' 3''
$137 with 60% discount

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Kilim Rugs


Kilims are a type of Turkish rug that are very popular and loved throughout the entire world for their beautiful designs and unbelievable ways to enhance just about any space within a home or office. Kilim rugs aren’t only from Turkey or Anatolia, and they’re also made in North Africa, Iran, Central Asia and China.


Some rug distributors may classify kilim rugs along with ubiquitous Oriental rugs Charlotte NC, but the truth is that kilim rugs are truly in a class of their own. The main distinction between kilims and other Oriental rugs is the famous flatweave associated with kilims, which is a unique way of interweaving an assortment of warps and wefts of a many different colors.


The slitweave technique is typically how kilim rugs are woven, and the results of this intricate weaving technique truly speak for itself. We are more than confident that you’re going to fall in love with the many different choices we have in our online kilim rug inventory, and that you’re going to notice how much lower our prices are as compared to our big box competitors.


The entire Rug Source team is truly passionate about all types of exotic rugs, so trust us when we say that kilim rugs really are some of the most unique rug types throughout the globe. Throughout this page we’re going to provide our guide to buying your next kilim rug, which will include information pertaining to the versatility, manufacturing, materials and motifs associated with kilim rugs.


By reading through our buying guide you’ll ultimately have a better understanding as to exactly why kilim rugs are so special, and we’re always here to answer any questions you have. Our team is