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4th July 2022
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One of a Kind
Striped Gabbeh Kashkoli Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 7'' X 6' 5''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Tribal Moroccan Oriental Area Rug 6x10

10' 2'' X 6' 5''
$599 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Tribal Moroccan Berber Wool Area Rug 6x10

10' 3'' X 6' 4''
$599 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Red Wool Moroccan Tribal Area Rug 6x10

9' 7'' X 6' 4''
$599 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Distressed Over-Dyed Tabriz Persian Area Rug 6x9

9' 6'' X 6' 1''
$594 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Distressed Over-Dyed Tabriz Persian Area Rug 6x10

9' 11'' X 6' 3''
$644 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Handmade Gabbeh Kashkoli Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 7'' X 6' 5''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Pakistan Area Rug 6x10

9' 10'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Red Gabbeh Kashkoli Pakistan Area Rug 6x10

9' 10'' X 6' 2''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Striped Gabbeh Kashkoli Wool Area Rug 6x10

9' 6'' X 6' 0''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Navy Blue Gabbeh Kashkoli Modern Area Rug 6x10

9' 7'' X 6' 2''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 8'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Gabbeh Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 9'' X 6' 4''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Striped Gabbeh Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 8'' X 6' 5''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Gabbeh Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 7'' X 6' 3''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Contemporary Abstract Area Rug 6x9

9' 8'' X 6' 5''
$575 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 9'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Green Kazak Geometric Area Rug 6x10

9' 9'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Handmade Kazak Blue Area Rug 6x10

10' 5'' X 5' 10''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Red Kazak Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 6'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 10'' X 6' 2''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Light Blue Kazak Oriental Area Rug 6x10

9' 9'' X 6' 4''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Red Wool Kazak Hand-Knotted Area Rug 6x10

9' 10'' X 6' 5''
$549 with 70% discount

One of a Kind
Tribal Kilim Oriental Area Rug 6x10

10' 0'' X 6' 5''
$299 with 70% discount

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Oriental Rugs


If you and your family are trying to figure out how to make a statement with the overall aesthetics of your living, dining and bedrooms, then decorating these rooms with an Oriental rug can go a very long way. All of the Oriental rugs on this page provide very unique designs and patterns, and they’re perfect for upgrading the aesthetics of your home’s more formal areas.


An authentic Oriental rug is an heirloom piece that can be handed down for generations, and they’re great household investments that actually accrue in value over long periods of time. These stunning, durable works of art are heavy and hand-woven. They fit beautifully into a wide range of decorating schemes and come in many colors and styles, so you’ll be able to coordinate with your room’s already existing color scheme.


Within this portion of our Oriental Rugs page, we’ll provide details about what you should consider before making these types of purchases and why our deals are unbeatable here at Rug Source.


What Sets Oriental Rugs Apart


Oriental rugs are primarily distinguished throughout the industry by their impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful materials. Oriental rugs are typically produced by highly skilled artisans in locations such as Afghanistan, India or Turkey; and each and every Oriental rug takes a great investment of time and overall labor.


Even an experienced rug-maker will spend up to six months to create a single 6-foot-by-9-foot Oriental rug, which is much longer than the time it takes to produce other more conventional rug styles! Oriental rug creators painstakingly stretch individual strands of wool, cotton or silk across looms, weaving them together into beautiful, storytelling designs that have an incredible amount of cultural meaning within every square inch.


As a testament to the vertical looms on which Oriental rugs are made, they look different when viewed from the top instead of the bottom. Overall, the beauty and purposeful latent meanings behind the aesthetics are virtually unmatched throughout the entire world!

Types of Oriental Rugs for Sale at Rug Source


As the largest online retailer of area rugs Charlotte NC, Rug Source is pleased to offer a vast collection of discount rugs. We encourage all of our online users to shop our catalog to explore the many options we provide. Our site allows users to search by a variety of features, including things like pattern, style, shape, age and size.


Many of our Oriental rugs that are available online are completely one of a kind, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide this elaborate selection of world class area rugs to all Web users.


By looking through this page it will be apparent that we truly provide a large selection of fine Oriental rugs that vary in price, patterns and size. You’ll be able to find a newer, 10-year-old rug for your living room, or an antique runner from before 1900! Of course your selection will always be subjective and completely up to you, but our team will be there for you to answer any questions you have while you’re narrowing down your favorite choices.


Some of our most common types of Oriental rugs on our site include the following:


  • All-Over Geometric Moroccan rugs
  • Tribal Geometric Moroccan rugs
  • Modern Gabbeh rugs
  • Shag Oriental area rugs
  • Oushak Indian rugs
  • Moroccan Trellis rugs
  • Oushak Agra rugs
  • Modern Belgium area rugs
  • Agra area rugs
  • Swedish area rugs
  • Heriz Indian rugs
  • Oushak Turkish Area Rugs
  • Art Deco Nichols Rugs
  • Chinese Area Rugs
  • Peshawar Area Rugs
  • As well as many other Oriental rug styles!

Why Buy From Us?


Rug Source is a leading rug importer offering wholesale prices around 60 to 70 percent below retail, and 30 to 40 percent below our competitors’ rates. There’s absolutely no doubt about it that Rug Source provides an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability, and we also have an incredible selection to ensure that everyone can find the perfect area rugs on sale that suits all of their requirements and personal preferences.


Another very important part of shopping with Rug Source is that our team is much more personable than our online competitors, and we’ll be able to help you pick out the very best options from our large database by actually speaking with you and going over the things that matter most to you. We understand how every room in every home is 100% unique, which subsequently requires the absolute perfect match in terms of area rug aesthetics, size and much more.


We also guarantee the lowest online prices and offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all purchases. We have a huge selection of high-quality, clean, cheap Oriental rugs for sale, and we’ll be ready to help get you started on your search for the perfect area rug for you and your home.


What to Look for in an Oriental Rug


Finding the right Oriental rug starts with your home’s specific spacing, and of course the specific location that you’re thinking about placing your new area rugs on sale Charlotte NC. For example, the positioning of rugs with a round or diamond motif in the background (also known as a central medallion) could influence how you’re able to position a room’s furniture.


It’s always a good idea to influence an entire room’s overall aesthetics from the floor up, but of course this isn’t always a luxury you’ll be able to have! In general it’s best to first understand the exact minimum and maximum parameters that will work best with your preferred space, and then look for area rugs within those parameters that match your furniture and existing room design.


If you want more freedom in terms of properly arranging your room’s furniture around your area rugs style, then you might prefer an all-over pattern that can better accompany your desired furniture setup. Likewise, pay attention to border colors and guard stripes, because these features should also play a significant role in complementing your room’s overall aesthetics.


If you’re having difficulty choosing the right Oriental area rugs for your living room or workspaces, contact Rug Source. Our salespeople will be happy to help you and answer any questions you have about our inventory and what your best options will be given the layout of your home!


Wool Rugs


Wool rugs are some of the most popular in the entire industry, and if you’re looking specifically for wool area rugs Charlotte NC online then you’re going to love our incredible selection and unbeatable sale prices. We take a lot of pride in our wool rug selection here at Rug Source, and we fully understand how both residential and commercial properties benefit greatly from the aesthetics and durability of wool.


Wool is known for its incredible combination of both softness and durability that simply has some of the best longevity. Wool is a completely natural material, which helps it so much when you compare it to synthetic counterparts in terms of its ability to stand up to moisture and cold temperatures.


As you’ll be able to see while scrolling through our online inventory of wool rugs, we offer much cheaper prices than all our big box competitors while never sacrificing quality. Our affordability is a big part of our past success, but our customer service is what has always helped fully set us apart from everyone else in the industry.


If you have any questions at all about a specific rug or a group of wool rugs, we’ll be able to get one of our expert team members to assist you and provide the information you’ll need to make a more informed purchasing decision. That’s why we’ve created this guide to purchasing wool rugs, and on this page you’ll learn the following:


  • Where to place wool rugs
  • Common benefits
  • Popular colors and styles


By going through this guide you’ll undoubtedly have a more thorough understanding about how to go about finding your new wool rug. And as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our experts!


Where to Place Wool Rugs


One of the best features of wool rugs is their overall versatility and variety. They’re great within any room of a home, and they’re also very aesthetic and look great in professional settings. Here are some good options to consider when it comes to the placement of your wool rug:


  • There are countless wool runner rugs Charlotte NC within our online inventory, and these rugs are unique in that they are long and rectangular and are great for narrow entryways and hallways. But wool runners are very useful throughout the entirety of a home, including in the kitchen, bathroom and next to beds. You can essentially put a wool runner anywhere you’d like to have a warm, soft pathway.


  • A lot of homeowners like to showcase large wool rugs, and these larger selections are great for anchoring living and family room seating areas. You can really bring an incredibly complementing aesthetic to these rooms that combine perfectly with your existing furniture with large wool area rugs!


  • 8x10 tends to be the wool rug size that fits perfectly at the foot of queen or king size beds. There are many different types of wool rugs for this particular placement, and some popular bedroom options include shag and bright oriental rugs Charlotte NC that provide comforting first and last steps of each day.


  • Some of the common sizes associated with oversized wool rugs include 9x12, 10x14, 12x15, 12x18 and sometimes even larger! At these larger sizes, home and apartment owners can place their rug over their carpeting and under all of their furniture within any given room with plenty of additional spatial coverage.


Common Benefits of Wool Rugs


Wool rugs are popular for a variety of reasons, and it goes much further than the softness of the material. The following are some of the most common benefits associated with wool rugs:


  • Wool is an elastic fiber, which makes it very resilient and durable. These rugs will be capable of returning to its true shape after all sorts of trauma and stretching.


  • Wool is a cozy rug material, so these rugs are always very insulating and warm. The rug’s dense fibers will always thermally trap air pockets.


  • A lot of our clients prefer natural materials, and wool just so happens to be one of the most effective natural materials in the industry.


  • Wool rugs are great in terms of repelling dirt, which makes these rugs require less maintenance than synthetic counterparts.


  • Wool is also rather water-resistant, so it will help you out when a spill occurs!


  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, which means it won’t catch as easily as other rugs and the fibers won’t completely melt.


Popular Colors and Styles


Wool has been used within people’s homes for literally thousands of years, and it has stood the test of time as one of the most enduring, beautiful rug materials. Wool is now produced throughout the entire world, and our online selection reflects this truly international marketplace.


Wool rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the common styles and colors to look into while shopping through our inventory include the following:


  • Traditional: These wool rugs offer that truly classic aesthetic that goes well within countless home and office designs. It’s very true that you simply can’t go wrong when you choose an Oriental or traditional wool rug accompanied with bold, beautiful hues.


  • Warm Neutrals: Some common examples of warm neutrals include colors like ivory, tan and brown. These rugs are typically very easy to incorporate into existing furniture setups, and these colors can also be a great base to build off of when you’re decorating any given space.


  • Contemporary: These rugs typically are accompanied with abstract designs and geometric prints that provide a modern, trendy flair to a space.


  • Cool Grays and Blues: These wool rugs are a little less bold when compared to contemporary rugs, and although they’re very beautiful and complementary they aren’t considered overly trendy like some other choices.


  • Wool Blends: Wool can sometimes be out of some people’s price range, which is why a lot of our clients prefer getting a rug with a blend of wool and other synthetic fibers. A benefit of this type of rug is added stain resistance, and of course even better prices!


We’re Here To Help You Find Your Perfect Wool Rug


We understand that it can be confusing when going through such a large online selection like our wool rug inventory, which is why our team of experts is always here to answer any questions or concerns you have during the shopping process.


Always feel free to contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 so we can help you with any assistance you need!

Vintage Area Rugs


Finding the perfect vintage area rugs for your home or office can always be a lot easier said than done, and this is mainly because there are many different intangible factors the come into play within this type of unique rug shopping.


The Rug Source experts have become some of the most up-and-coming specialists throughout the entire American rug industry for many different reasons, and the overall quality of our online inventory depends upon our keen eye to discover the very best area rugs on sale from all throughout the world.


This is especially the case when it comes to our vast supply of vintage rugs for sale, because high-quality vintage rugs just so happen to be some of the most difficult rugs to find.


But you can be rest assured that we have a vintage area rug that’s perfect for you and your room’s existing aesthetics, and below we’ll be going over 4 crucial tips to help you out as you’re searching for your next vintage rug!


Why Finding The Perfect Vintage Rugs For Your Space Can Truly Make A Significant Difference


There’s no doubt about it that finding the perfect vintage rugs for your home or office can be rather difficult, and it can sometimes be your most time-consuming home décor shopping experience. But the truth of the matter is that your area rugs can make or break a room’s overall ambience and aesthetics, and many vintage area rugs and vintage used rugs just so happen to be serious investments that you’ll want to get absolutely perfect!


There are a few key factors that you’re going to need to keep in mind throughout the entirety of your vintage rug shopping experience, but we’re more than confident that you’ll find your efforts worthwhile once you’ve come to your final selection.


Vintage rugs have an unparalleled ability in terms of bringing a room together and elevating a space’s ambience, and you can always have peace of mind that the shopping process will be much more simplified when you work with industry experts like the Rug Source team.


What we’ve done on this page is break down the vintage rug shopping experience into a comprehensive guide that’s easy to understand, and will help you feel a little less overwhelmed!


So here are our 4 expert tips when it comes to finding the perfect vintage area rugs for your space:


  1. Be Sure To Keep An Eye Out For Vintage Persian Rugs And Other High-Quality Textiles


Vintage Persian rugs Charlotte NC just so happen to be some of the highest-quality vintage area rugs found throughout Rug Source’s vast online inventory, and the entire world. We understand how many rug shoppers fall in love with vintage Persian rugs and the incredible aesthetics they possess, so it’s always a good idea to check out these particular selections as you’re beginning your rug shopping experience.


It’s of course always important to keep practicality and functionality in mind, but we think it’s equally as important to simply focus on appearances and aesthetics while you’re in the beginning stages of finding your next vintage rugs. This means simply looking through our vast amount of options and taking notes on which styles speak out to you the very most.


What you’ll quickly find out is that there is a type of pattern or color that your particularly drawn towards. Although your final selection may not necessarily fit this personal design mold, it’s still a great way to begin your vintage rug shopping because it helps you narrow down your search when you’re just getting started!


  1. Always Be Sure To Embrace Certain Imperfections That Come With Vintage Used Rugs


Being reasonable with your expectations is always necessary while you’re on the hunt for vintage used rugs, and this means being flexible with your previously created personal inspirations.


The vast majority of vintage used rugs will be one-of-a-kind and handmade, so being flexible with your expectations is really more of an opportunity than any kind of setback. We’re absolutely certain that you’ll be able to find at least a dozen or so vintage rugs that’ll go perfectly with your home or office’s existing furniture and aesthetics, and that your new vintage area rug will also provide you with a unique piece of history and artisanal craftsmanship.


So this subsequently means that you shouldn’t be worried at all when a vintage used rug isn’t 100% perfect, because it’s actually not supposed to be! Every handmade area rug comes with certain imperfections, and this is a direct reflection upon the artist’s hard-fought efforts. So there are actually many scenarios in which imperfections should be celebrated!


  1. Taking How Your Vintage Area Rugs Will Match Your Space Into Account


Your desired space/room for your new vintage rugs will always be a major determining factor in your final selection, and you should always consider the fact that area rugs do a wonderful job at defining a room’s ambience and décor themes.


But of course this also means that you’re going to need to conduct precise measurements, and double check those measurements to ensure that you know the exact size you need.


Taking your space into account also means considering expected foot traffic and comfort levels, because you’ll more than likely want a softer, less durable vintage rug for your bedroom as compared to your living room!


  1. Choosing A Durable Vintage Area Rug To Endure Everyday Living Demands


Like we mentioned in the above section, expected foot traffic is a big factor to keep in mind as you’re shopping for vintage rugs. You’ll typically be better off with a low-pile vintage rug for your high-traffic areas, and this is mainly because they’ll be easier to clean and won’t be too susceptible to maintenance needs.


But your bedrooms and other more comfy spaces will benefit greatly from a high-pile vintage rug that adds some extra warmth to your cozy area.


It’s also important for rug shoppers to keep their overall lifestyle in mind, including whether or not they have or will have pets/kids. Vintage rugs will always require upkeep and professional cleaning every now and again, but just how much you’re willing to invest in maintenance is always something you should be considering!


Reach Out To The Experts At Rug Source To Learn More About Our Vintage Rugs For Sale!


Rug Source has been helping countless families and business teams when it comes to decorating their spaces via our vast inventory of vintage area rugs, and our team will always be there for you when you have any particular questions or concerns about any of our vintage rugs for sale.


So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 to get in touch with the Rug Source experts and let us know how we can support your efforts in finding your next vintage area rugs!

Hand-knotted Rugs

The rug industry is full of incredibly intricate and beautiful variations in designs and manufacturing processes, but traditional hand-knotted rugs have always been considered to be the very best of the best. These beautiful, handmade area rugs are known for their unparalleled durability and beauty, but they are also distinguished by fine craftsmanship. 


There’s no denying that hand-knotted rugs are true works of art that are always one-of-a-kind, and the Rug Source team is incredibly proud to provide our customers with one of the best online inventories of hand-knotted rugs in the entire United States and beyond.


Below, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about hand-knotted rugs, and as always feel free to contact us online to get in touch with our team and ask us any questions you have about specific rugs within this page!


What Exactly Are Hand Knotted Rugs?


Hand-knotted rugs are technically any type of rug or carpet that has been developed via an ancient hand knotting technique that utilizes specific types of looms. This artisanal technique developed in Central Asia thousands of years ago, and still today you’ll see the same techniques within high-quality Oriental rugs and Persian rugs of all types. 


One of the main reasons why hand-knotted rugs are so special is because of the labor intensive creation process that undoubtedly requires years of expertise. Thousands of tiny, handmade knots will comprise the foundations of our hand-knotted rugs, which is always an incredibly intricate design process. 


There are many different unique knots that are utilized within these traditional area rugs, and many times the specific knot of a rug will depend upon where it came from. Most hand knotting techniques are passed down from generation to generation, which is why these beautiful rugs are becoming more unique and subsequently rare. Our specialists will help you better distinguish the differences between Turkish, Persian and Oriental knots so you’re obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of your preferred options. 


What Materials Are Hand Knotted Rugs Made Of?


Hand-knotted rugs are mainly made of natural materials like wool, cotton, silk, jute, bamboo, or blends of several natural fibers together. Hand-knotted rugs are incredibly durable and strong, and this is mainly because of the combination of natural materials and complex weaving techniques. 


Wool is by far the most popular rug material for traditional hand-knotted rugs, and this is partly because wool is considered to be one of the strongest rug materials in the world. Wool is also known for providing a unique texture and feel that is widely popular for flooring décor in many cultures. 


Silk is more expensive and not quite as durable as wool, which is why it’s largely used as an accent to provide more luxurious feels to a rug’s design. Many silk rugs are also utilized as wall decorations as opposed to being on a home’s floor. Cotton is another incredibly common rug material, and cotton is typically used to develop a handmade rug’s foundation. 


Many hand-knotted rugs will utilize a combination of wool, silk and cotton to create a very strong and durable carpet that can withstand everyday wear and tear and last for decades in high-traffic areas! 


What Makes Hand-Knotted Rugs Different Than Hand-Tufted Rugs And Machine-Made Rugs?


Hand-knotted area rugs are very unique due to the sheer complexity associated with the design and manufacturing process, and most hand-knotted rugs will take several months or more to complete. Time and labor are some of the many reasons why hand-knotted rugs tend to be more expensive as compared to hand-tufted and machine-made rugs.


The end product results in very precise, handmade rugs, which is incredibly important for rug texture and design details. The careful construction process of hand-knotted rugs also results in a longer lifespan for each rug, which compounds the overall value as compared to machine-made counterparts. 


How To Make Sure Your New Area Rug Is An Authentic, Hand-Knotted Rug


Although you’d never have to worry about Rug Source’s hand-knotted rugs being fake, you may run into some scams if you’re shopping in marketplaces throughout the world. The good news is that there are several ways that you can double-check the authenticity of hand-knotted rugs, which include the following: 


Check the backside of the rug 


Traditionally hand-knotted rugs don’t have any kind of backing, which is different from machine-made rugs that utilize a latex coating to hold tufts in place. Many machine-made rugs will also feature a canvas material or other fabric on top of a latex coating. This is why if a specific area rug has a lot of backing material, then it’s likely not authentic. 


Examine the design’s symmetry 


Another easy way to determine the authenticity of a hand-knotted rug is to turn it around and closely examine the rug’s pile on the back side. True hand-knotted rugs are characterized by a distinct, plush front side and a back that symmetrically reflects that front’s pattern. The more symmetrical details you can recognize on the back side, the better quality the area rug is. 


Closely examine the rug’s knots 


Many hand-knotted rugs will feature slightly uneven knots due to being made by hand, whereas machine-made rugs will always feature completely uniform and even knotting. Most traditional rugs have extremely tight knots, and machine-made rugs have makeshift knots that are actually attached to the rug’s foundation via heat and high pressure. 


Examine the rug’s fringes 


A rug’s fringes are also good indicators about the manufacturing technique, and machine-made rugs generally have sewn-on fringes that are added on as a finishing touch. Authentic hand-knotted rugs on the other hand have fringes that are a true extension of the rug’s foundation and genuinely integrated within the comprehensive design of the entire rug. 


Be cautious of overall rug quality 


This tip can many times be a lot easier said than done for rug shoppers that don’t have a lot of industry experience, but our specialists are always here to help as you develop your knowledge of high-quality rugs! There are a number of factors that comprise overall rug quality, including KPSI (knots per square inch), the rug material, and the dyes used during the construction process. 


Although KPSI will vary from rug to rug, you should know that high-quality area rugs have at least 400 knots per square inch and many times upwards of 1,000 knots per square inch. The reason why knot density is so important for a rug’s quality is because it plays a huge role in determining overall durability, as well as the design’s details. 


Common Reasons To Add A Traditional Hand Knotted Rug To Your Home Or Office Space 


Although there are many different reasons why you may be interested in purchasing one of our hand-knotted area rugs, the following are some common reasons why these rugs are so popular: 


Valuable home décor investment 


It’s safe to say that hand-knotted rugs are one of the most expensive types of area rugs found anywhere in the world, but these rugs are so pricey because they’re also incredible investments that accrue in value over long periods of time. As your hand-knotted rug ages, it slowly but surely becomes an antique that is priceless throughout the rug industry.


Hand-knotted rugs frequently become family heirlooms 


As your hand-knotted rug accrues in value, it becomes a prized collectible. This is why these high-quality rugs are many times passed down from generation to generation. 


If you properly maintain and care for a hand-knotted rug, it can easily last several decades and even close to a century! 


They’re timeless 


As we described in the above sections, the same knotting techniques that are still used today originated literally hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. These designs and knotting techniques have been passed down over the ages, which is why it’s safe to say that these area rugs will never go out of style. 


Unparalleled beauty 


The overall amount of fine craftsmanship associated with each traditional hand-knotted area rug will make it incredibly unique, and each of these rugs will feature stunning aesthetics. High-quality area rugs can truly transform any residential space and be the perfect complement for all sorts of interior décor themes. 


So if you’re looking for a focal point for your room, then you can’t do much better than a hand-knotted area rug! 


Each hand-knotted rug is 100% unique 


There’s absolutely no denying the uniqueness of each hand-knotted rug, which cannot be said for machine-made rugs. You can be rest assured knowing that your hand-knotted rug is a true reflection of an artisan’s artistic creativity, which is why these rugs are frequently referred to as genuine masterpieces. 


Reach Out To The Specialists At Rug Source To Learn More About Our Vast Inventory Of Hand-Knotted Area Rugs! 


Rug Source has been a leader throughout the rug industry for many years, and this is partly because we provide the best combination of quality and affordability with our vast online inventory. 


We’re very proud of our many hand-knotted rugs, and we’re confident that our team can help guide you towards a new area rug that’s perfect for you and your unique needs. 


Reach out to us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 to get in touch with us today and ask us any questions you have about any specific hand-knotted rugs found within this page!