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One of a Kind
Geometric Oushak Vegetable Dye Runner Rug 3x11

11' 4'' X 3' 5''
$1,659 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Vegetable Dye Peking Large Rug 11x15

15' 5'' X 11' 2''
$3,999 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Vegetable Dye Oushak Turkish Large Rug 11x16

15' 7'' X 10' 9''
$11,999 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Vegetable Dye Oushak Turkish Runner Rug 3x40

39' 6'' X 3' 3''
$8,992 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Vegetable Dye Karabakh Runner Rug 3x13

13' 3'' X 3' 5''
$3,999 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Vegetable Dye Antique Oushak Handmade Turkish Rug 10x14

14' 4'' X 10' 4''
$5,919 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Vegetable Dye Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 5x16

16' 5'' X 5' 2''
$4,591 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Tribal Moroccan Oriental Runner Rug 6x14

13' 6'' X 6' 4''
$1,309 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Tribal Moroccan Oriental Area Rug 6x11

10' 9'' X 5' 7''
$816 with 60% discount

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Oriental Rugs


If you and your family are trying to figure out how to make a statement with the overall aesthetics of your living, dining and bedrooms, then decorating these rooms with an Oriental rug can go a very long way. All of the Oriental rugs on this page provide very unique designs and patterns, and they’re perfect for upgrading the aesthetics of your home’s more formal areas.



Carpets and rugs are made by interweaving threads onto a foundation. The number of knots per square inch gives the rug its quality. A hand-knotted oriental rug can have up to 1000 knots per square inch. The best rugs use all-natural fibers like wool or silk, with cotton used for the foundation. A weaver will knot the design from the back of the carpet, working row by row. Once the weaving is complete, the pile (the raised surface) is sheared to create an even surface. Finally, a fringe is added to the edges of the rug. Oriental rugs are known for their intricate designs and beautiful colors, making them a popular choice for home décor. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern design, there’s an oriental rug to suit your taste.



An authentic Oriental rug is an heirloom piece that can be handed down for generations, and they’re great household investments that actually accrue in value over long periods of time. These stunning, durable works of art are heavy and hand-woven. They fit beautifully into a wide range of decorating schemes and come in many colors and styles, so you’ll be able to coordinate with your room’s already existing color scheme.


Within this portion of our Oriental Rugs page, we’ll provide details about what you should consider before making these types of purchases and why our deals are unbeatable here at Rug Source.


What Sets Oriental Rugs Apart


Oriental rugs are primarily distinguished throughout the industry by their impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful materials. Oriental rugs are typically produced by highly skilled artisans in locations such as Afghanistan, India or Turkey; and each and every Oriental rug takes a great investment of time and overall labor.


Even an experienced rug-maker will spend up to six months to create a single 6-foot-by-9-foot Oriental rug, which is much longer than the time it takes to produce other more conventional rug styles! Oriental rug creators painstakingly stretch individual strands of wool, cotton or silk across looms, weaving them together into beautiful, storytelling designs that have an incredible amount of cultural meaning within every square inch.


As a testament to the vertical looms on which Oriental rugs are made, they look different when viewed from the top instead of the bottom. Overall, the beauty and purposeful latent meanings behind the aesthetics are virtually unmatched throughout the entire world!

Types of Oriental Rugs for Sale at Rug Source


As the largest online retailer of area rugs Charlotte NC, Rug Source is pleased to offer a vast collection of discount rugs. We encourage all of our online users to shop our catalog to explore the many options we provide. Our site allows users to search by a variety of features, including things like pattern, style, shape, age and size.


Many of our Oriental rugs that are available online are completely one of a kind, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide this elaborate selection of world class area rugs to all Web users.


By looking through this page it will be apparent that we truly provide a large selection of fine Oriental rugs that vary in price, patterns and size. You’ll be able to find a newer, 10-year-old rug for your living room, or an antique runner from before 1900! Of course your selection will always be subjective and completely up to you, but our team will be there for you to answer any questions you have while you’re narrowing down your favorite choices.


Some of our most common types of Oriental rugs on our site include the following:


  • All-Over Geometric Moroccan rugs
  • Tribal Geometric Moroccan rugs
  • Modern Gabbeh rugs
  • Shag Oriental area rugs
  • Oushak Indian rugs
  • Moroccan Trellis rugs
  • Oushak Agra rugs
  • Modern Belgium area rugs
  • Agra area rugs