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Oushak Rugs


Oushak rugs are a type of Turkish rugs Charlotte NC with a ton of history behind them, and at Rug Source we have a really great collection throughout our entire online inventory of these rare and absolutely gorgeous rugs. You’re going to fall in love with our available Oushak rugs for their distinct floral designs and many other antique features.


Many people look to Oushak Carpet for their history and antique value, but even in today’s carpet manufacturing world there are countless Oushak rugs that truly capture the original aesthetics and feel of the timeless antique designs.


As you’ll undoubtedly notice while scrolling through our collection of Oushak rugs, we offer these incredible options at unbeatable prices that no one can beat throughout the web. We’ve made sure to provide a whole array of sizes so all home and business owners can find their perfect match for any given space.


There’s truly a lot to Oushak rugs, and on this page we’re going to dive into the history, the common design characteristics, the cultural significance and the many available sizes associated with these rugs!


Oushak Rug History


It’s always important to understand the history behind many of our rugs, and Oushak rugs are no exception. Oushak rugs are actually named after the area of Turkey in which they originated, in Oushak just south of Istanbul. Oushak was one of the largest cities in all of Anatolia, and it became well known for being one of the central focal points of rug production from the 15th century into the 20th century.


Oushak rugs are known to have been influenced by Persian rugs Charlotte NC from the Iran area, which is rather different when compared to many other types of Turkish rugs. A lot of rug collectors would define Oushak rugs as sophisticated, but their sophistication is very unique because they aren’t normally considered to be high quality due to a much lower knot count as compared to Persian rugs. But for many this is exactly what makes these rugs so special and unique looking, and still today Oushak rugs are a top choice for professional interior designers.


Although Oushak rugs are traditionally less complicated in terms of their general production, they have always been very decorative and aesthetic. They traditionally have exemplified very large-scale patterns accompanied with soft colorations, and this unique combination has been gaining a lot of traction in today’s trendy culture.


The Oushak rugs refer to a particular type of design within the turkish rug family. Named after the city of Usak Turkey, Oushak rugs are characterlised by a predominant “star” or medallion shape in the carpet design. The colors included in Oushak rugs are cinnamon, gold, blues, greens, ivory, and grays. Following a decline and subsequent rise in Oushak rug production, a large number of rugs adopting the Persian floral pattern were made (these rugs also varied in size based on European needs at the time).


Newer Oushak designs (characterised by their creation in the late 19th and early 20th century), adopted several techniques including larger knots and a merger of styles. These were refered to as “decorative” Oushaks and were revered for their high quality wool and floral motifs.


Common Design Characteristic