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One of a Kind
Brown Wool Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 3x9

8' 8'' X 2' 7''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Wool Runner Rug 3x9

8' 6'' X 2' 6''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Handmade Kazak Wool Runner Rug 3x9

9' 5'' X 2' 9''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 3x9

8' 8'' X 2' 10''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Red Wool Kazak Geometric Runner Rug 3x9

9' 4'' X 2' 8''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 3x9

8' 8'' X 2' 8''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Paisley Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 3x9

9' 5'' X 2' 7''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Kazak Oriental Runner Rug 3x9

9' 1'' X 2' 8''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Vintage Wool Malayer Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 5'' X 3' 4''
$333 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Brown Mahal Persian Runner Rug 3x9

8' 8'' X 3' 1''
$399 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Koliaei Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 1'' X 3' 2''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Floral Wool Lilian Persian Runner Rug 3x9

8' 10'' X 3' 3''
$333 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Brown Wool Hamedan Persian Runner Rug 3x9

8' 7'' X 3' 2''
$399 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Handmade Zanjan Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 0'' X 3' 1''
$492 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Floral Lilian Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 2'' X 3' 2''
$433 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Vintage Hamedan Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 3'' X 3' 3''
$399 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Tabriz Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 3'' X 3' 4''
$599 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Vintage Lilian Persian Runner Rug 3x9

9' 4'' X 3' 3''
$399 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Hamedan Persian Runner Rug 4x9

9' 4'' X 4' 1''
$399 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric Gabbeh Runner Rug Wool 3x9

8' 10'' X 3' 2''
$585 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Geometric gharajeh Runner Rug 2x9

9' 5'' X 2' 5''
$659 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Antique Serab Caucasian Persian Rug 4x9

9' 2'' X 3' 10''
$992 with 60% discount

One of a Kind
Vintage Hamedan Persian Runner Rug 4x9

9' 4'' X 3' 8''
$465 with 60% discount

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Persian Rugs


If you are familiar with the Persian rug, then you already know there is nothing quite like them throughout the entire globe. Persian rugs are known for being breathtakingly beautiful, expertly constructed, durable and very high quality. Depending on a variety of factors, such as age, size and artisanship, a Persian area rugs Charlotte NC can be worth thousands or even millions of dollars!


Traditionally, Persian area rugs are intricately hand-made rugs from top quality materials and take a very long time to complete. In fact, many rug connoisseurs consider Persian rugs the finest oriental rugs Charlotte NC on the international marketplace, but that is of course really a matter of personal taste. We’re very proud of our Persian rug selection throughout our online inventory and know just how special each and every one of these rugs truly are, but of course we offer many other kinds of affordable, beautiful rugs on our website too!


While traditional Persian rugs are made by hand, we also offer a large variety of less expensive, machine-made rugs within our inventory. If this is your first time shopping for Persian rugs for sale, you may be a bit nervous about your upcoming purchase, but our team is here to support you and help you throughout this exciting acquisition. There is no reason to be concerned because the sales experts at Rug Source will help you during every step of the buying process to ensure that all of your concerns and priorities are upheld.


From determining which Persian rug will work in the space you are shopping for, to picking a color scheme, to finding cheap rugs at the right price point and much more, our team is here to serve you in every way possible. On this page we’ll go over our unique guide to help you throughout your journey into the mystical and truly unbridled world of Persian rug shopping, but if you have any questions whatsoever reach out to us so we can help put you in the right direction towards your perfect, Persian rug match!


Guide to Buying Persian Rugs


To help you purchase a Persian-style rug you will love for years to come, we have put together a brief guide you can refer to during the buying process. If you have questions about the information we have provided or a topic that’s not covered in our guide, we encourage you to contact us at so we can assist you further.


We are always happy to answer any questions you have because we want you to make an informed purchase you will be happy with, and we know just how important it is to get a Persian rug purchase absolutely perfect for your space’s parameters and your personal preferences. Throughout this guide we’ll discuss the illustrious history of Persian rugs, the many choices of intricate shapes and designs, and utilizing the right dealer for your purchasing decisions. By going through our following guide for buying Persian rugs, you’ll put yourself in a much better position to make the very best choice.



So here is our guide to buying Persian rugs:


Background of the Persian Rug:


Persian rugs are typically manufactured and produced in Iran, which is also the country that makes about 75 percent of the entire world’s hand-woven rugs. A Persian rug also called a persian carpet, is distinct from rugs made in other countries based on the knot used in the rug’s construction, as well as many other unique factors. Larger rugs are referred to as Q-li or Farsh, while rugs that are less than 6 feet by 4 feet are called Qa-licheh.


There’s no doubt about it that Persian rugs have one of the most unique backgrounds out of all the international-style rugs we offer, and having a thorough understanding of a particular rug’s background story and cultural context can go a very long way in terms of discovering a hidden gem that may exponentially accrue in value over many years!


The Shape and Design of Persian rugs:


Persian rugs usually have a rectangular shape, but there are plenty of round rugs that are also available throughout our online inventory. When you go through our Persian rug pages, you’ll undoubtedly see rugs in many different colors that also boast a wide array of nice-looking patterns and designs.


Many of the designs that you’ll notice on Persian rugs have been handed down from generation to generation, and this is something that is very special and helps make today’s Persian rugs very unique. There are four primary patterns that are used to make these types of extraordinary rugs, including an all-over pattern, a central medallion pattern, a compartment layout, and a one-sided pattern.


The common motifs on Persian rugs indicate the specific regions where they were produced, and we’ll always be able to help you identify these motifs and provide you with the cultural context of each Persian rug you’re interested in. We understand how the cultural context of Persian rugs is rather fascinating because this is our passion, and we’ll be happy to share our expertise with you as you’re browsing our vast amount of options.


Genuine Persian Style Rugs:


One of the biggest concerns many people have is whether a given Persian rug is truly genuine. To determine if a rug is vintage, you should look at its label and patterns, as well as the knots used to make the rug; but of course, we understand how this is somewhat difficult while shopping for Persian rugs online.


We stand by the overall authenticity of our Persian rugs, and we’ll be more than ready to help provide any proof that’s necessary to assure you that our Persian rugs are truly the real deal.


Dealer of Persian Rugs:


In some cases, where you buy a Persian rug is almost as important as the actual rug you end up purchasing. You should invest some time in finding a dealer you trust and one that will thoroughly explain the options that are available to you. Rug Source has been helping homeowners, businesses and designers purchase Persian rugs for more than 10 years and we will be happy to help you throughout your Persian rug journey, too.


Contact us today to get details about our ongoing rug sale, where you can get up to 80 percent off retail prices. We know that our unique combination of quality and affordability is what helps set us apart, and we’re excited to hear from you in terms of which Persian rugs you think would work well within your desired space!



Runner Rugs


The typical narrow and long profiles of runner rugs help countless home and business owners in terms of filling in spaces that traditional rugs simply can’t fit. There are many different uses for runner rugs, and you’re going to love Rug Source’s large assortment of choices that can fit any given architectural parameters.


We fully understand how finding the perfect runner rugs will be rather determinant upon your specific space, which is why our team is here to support you with any questions you may have. It’s our passion to support our clients with finding the perfect match for their homes and businesses, and runner rugs are absolutely no exception!


Runner rugs tend to be very ideal rugs for protecting hardwood floors and general high traffic areas like hallways, but there truly is so much potential for these types of rugs throughout the entirety of one’s home. Here at Rug Source, we know that we offer unbeatable prices and variety when it comes to runners; and we want to help you as much as possible in terms of utilizing these very versatile rugs as much as possible.


On this page we’re going to go over our guide to purchasing runner rugs, and this includes informational details, where to place them, common materials and design variations. By going through our guide we guarantee that you’ll have a much more thorough understanding as to just how incredibly useful runner rugs are, and how they undoubtedly can bring the most out of your more narrow spaces!


Runner Rug General Information


Runner rugs are typically long, narrow, rectangular rugs that are specifically designed to fit somewhat tricky spaces that most other rugs simply won’t fit within. They will typically measure out to be about 2 to 3 feet in width, but can be anywhere from 4 to 12 feet in length.


There’s no denying our online inventory’s overall variation in terms of materials and colors, and this is something you can use to differentiate our large assortment to ensure that you’re getting the exact runner that fits within your home’s aesthetics and your personal preferences. It’s important to us to have a wide variety of choices within all our different rugs, and we know that it’s especially important to have runner rug options because of their versatility within so many different rooms and spaces.


But the number one consideration everyone must have when it comes to runner rug shopping is the desired space(s) you wish to decorate, because finding the perfect dimensions is always prerequisite number one!


Where You Should Place Runner Rugs


There are a lot of situations and circumstances that call for runner rugs, and some of the most common places to put runner rugs include the following:


  • Hallways: A home or office’s hallways are typically going to endure a lot of daily foot traffic, which makes it pretty necessary to protect flooring over long periods of time. Runner rugs typically are one of the very best ways to not only protect high-traffic hallways, but also to really perfect the space’s overall aesthetics. Make sure you’re getting a runner that’s made of a very durable material (most are), because this rug will need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday traffic!


  • Indoor-Outdoor Runners in Kitchen: A lot of homeowners will place runner rugs alongside their kitchen island or in front of their counters. Getting a runner rug that’s stain-resistant and that can be easily cleaned is always a great idea for these spill prone areas. Design and comfort are also important factors for these areas too, though!


  • Bedroom Runner Rugs: Runner rugs are great options when you want to add some comfort and style along each side of your bed, but they’re also great options when trying to fill in a narrow walk-in closet as well. Typically these types of runner rugs will be a very soft material so your first and last steps of each day will be like floating on a cloud!


  • Laundry/Bathroom Runner Rugs: Runner rugs can always be very important inside a laundry room when it comes to protecting flooring from spills and wet clothes. In bathrooms, it’s rather common that runner rugs are one of the only viable options to adequately fill and decorate the given area! Runner rugs are also great options for mudrooms as well.


Common Materials


Some of the most common materials associated with runner rugs include the following:


  • Braided: This type of rug is common within Colonial homes, and a unique factor with this material is that these runner rugs are often reversible!


  • Hand-woven: These rugs are typically flat-woven or hand-knotted, and these are always a very beautiful texture that can match any aesthetics.


  • Wool: Wool is definitely a high-quality material for runner rugs that will provide a natural, soft feeling. Another great factor of wool is that it’s stain resistant.


  • Hooked: These runner rugs are very soft and offer a looped appearance.


  • Natural fiber: Some common natural fibers used in runner rugs include Sisal and Jute, which both are rather durable and soft.


Common Design Options


Some common design variations you should consider when shopping for runner rugs include the following:


  • Traditional Oriental runner rugs are very popular and offer a great blend of sophistication and a classic aesthetic that will match many different spaces.


  • Vintage overdyed runners are a great option for many home and business owners because this design will provide a rather modern twist on the classic Oriental Rugs charlotte NC designs by utilizing super-saturated colors.


  • Braided runners are great options that offer a casual aesthetic appeal that’s inviting and warm for a variety of spaces.


  • Moroccan runner rugs are also wildly popular due to their hip, trendy designs.


  • Indoor-outdoor runner rugs are typically made from synthetic materials, and the big perk of this type of rug is its overall durability. They’re very low maintenance and can withstand all types of weather if necessary.


  • Many professional designers and decorators have been utilizing blue, gray and black runner rugs because they provide a rather modern and fresh appearance for a variety of spaces and home aesthetics.


Reach Out To Our Team For More Information


We know how hard it can be to look through countless rugs online and find the one that’s perfect for you and your home, which is why our team is always here to answer your questions and guide you throughout the shopping process.


Always feel free to contact us online with any questions you have, or call us at either 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 so we can better assist you in your search for the very best runner rugs that suit you and your personal preferences!



Wool Rugs


Wool rugs are some of the most popular in the entire industry, and if you’re looking specifically for wool area rugs Charlotte NC online then you’re going to love our incredible selection and unbeatable sale prices. We take a lot of pride in our wool rug selection here at Rug Source, and we fully understand how both residential and commercial properties benefit greatly from the aesthetics and durability of wool.


Wool is known for its incredible combination of both softness and durability that simply has some of the best longevity. Wool is a completely natural material, which helps it so much when you compare it to synthetic counterparts in terms of its ability to stand up to moisture and cold temperatures.


As you’ll be able to see while scrolling through our online inventory of wool rugs, we offer much cheaper prices than all our big box competitors while never sacrificing quality. Our affordability is a big part of our past success, but our customer service is what has always helped fully set us apart from everyone else in the industry.


If you have any questions at all about a specific rug or a group of wool rugs, we’ll be able to get one of our expert team members to assist you and provide the information you’ll need to make a more informed purchasing decision. That’s why we’ve created this guide to purchasing wool rugs, and on this page you’ll learn the following:


  • Where to place wool rugs
  • Common benefits
  • Popular colors and styles


By going through this guide you’ll undoubtedly have a more thorough understanding about how to go about finding your new wool rug. And as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our experts!


Where to Place Wool Rugs


One of the best features of wool rugs is their overall versatility and variety. They’re great within any room of a home, and they’re also very aesthetic and look great in professional settings. Here are some good options to consider when it comes to the placement of your wool rug:


  • There are countless wool runner rugs Charlotte NC within our online inventory, and these rugs are unique in that they are long and rectangular and are great for narrow entryways and hallways. But wool runners are very useful throughout the entirety of a home, including in the kitchen, bathroom and next to beds. You can essentially put a wool runner anywhere you’d like to have a warm, soft pathway.


  • A lot of homeowners like to showcase large wool rugs, and these larger selections are great for anchoring living and family room seating areas. You can really bring an incredibly complementing aesthetic to these rooms that combine perfectly with your existing furniture with large wool area rugs!


  • 8x10 tends to be the wool rug size that fits perfectly at the foot of queen or king size beds. There are many different types of wool rugs for this particular placement, and some popular bedroom options include shag and bright oriental rugs Charlotte NC that provide comforting first and last steps of each day.


  • Some of the common sizes associated with oversized wool rugs include 9x12, 10x14, 12x15, 12x18 and sometimes even larger! At these larger sizes, home and apartment owners can place their rug over their carpeting and under all of their furniture within any given room with plenty of additional spatial coverage.


Common Benefits of Wool Rugs


Wool rugs are popular for a variety of reasons, and it goes much further than the softness of the material. The following are some of the most common benefits associated with wool rugs:


  • Wool is an elastic fiber, which makes it very resilient and durable. These rugs will be capable of returning to its true shape after all sorts of trauma and stretching.


  • Wool is a cozy rug material, so these rugs are always very insulating and warm. The rug’s dense fibers will always thermally trap air pockets.


  • A lot of our clients prefer natural materials, and wool just so happens to be one of the most effective natural materials in the industry.


  • Wool rugs are great in terms of repelling dirt, which makes these rugs require less maintenance than synthetic counterparts.


  • Wool is also rather water-resistant, so it will help you out when a spill occurs!


  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, which means it won’t catch as easily as other rugs and the fibers won’t completely melt.


Popular Colors and Styles


Wool has been used within people’s homes for literally thousands of years, and it has stood the test of time as one of the most enduring, beautiful rug materials. Wool is now produced throughout the entire world, and our online selection reflects this truly international marketplace.


Wool rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the common styles and colors to look into while shopping through our inventory include the following:


  • Traditional: These wool rugs offer that truly classic aesthetic that goes well within countless home and office designs. It’s very true that you simply can’t go wrong when you choose an Oriental or traditional wool rug accompanied with bold, beautiful hues.


  • Warm Neutrals: Some common examples of warm neutrals include colors like ivory, tan and brown. These rugs are typically very easy to incorporate into existing furniture setups, and these colors can also be a great base to build off of when you’re decorating any given space.


  • Contemporary: These rugs typically are accompanied with abstract designs and geometric prints that provide a modern, trendy flair to a space.


  • Cool Grays and Blues: These wool rugs are a little less bold when compared to contemporary rugs, and although they’re very beautiful and complementary they aren’t considered overly trendy like some other choices.


  • Wool Blends: Wool can sometimes be out of some people’s price range, which is why a lot of our clients prefer getting a rug with a blend of wool and other synthetic fibers. A benefit of this type of rug is added stain resistance, and of course even better prices!


We’re Here To Help You Find Your Perfect Wool Rug


We understand that it can be confusing when going through such a large online selection like our wool rug inventory, which is why our team of experts is always here to answer any questions or concerns you have during the shopping process.


Always feel free to contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 so we can help you with any assistance you need!

Vintage Area Rugs


Finding the perfect vintage area rugs for your home or office can always be a lot easier said than done, and this is mainly because there are many different intangible factors the come into play within this type of unique rug shopping.


The Rug Source experts have become some of the most up-and-coming specialists throughout the entire American rug industry for many different reasons, and the overall quality of our online inventory depends upon our keen eye to discover the very best area rugs on sale from all throughout the world.


This is especially the case when it comes to our vast supply of vintage rugs for sale, because high-quality vintage rugs just so happen to be some of the most difficult rugs to find.


But you can be rest assured that we have a vintage area rug that’s perfect for you and your room’s existing aesthetics, and below we’ll be going over 4 crucial tips to help you out as you’re searching for your next vintage rug!


Why Finding The Perfect Vintage Rugs For Your Space Can Truly Make A Significant Difference


There’s no doubt about it that finding the perfect vintage rugs for your home or office can be rather difficult, and it can sometimes be your most time-consuming home décor shopping experience. But the truth of the matter is that your area rugs can make or break a room’s overall ambience and aesthetics, and many vintage area rugs and vintage used rugs just so happen to be serious investments that you’ll want to get absolutely perfect!


There are a few key factors that you’re going to need to keep in mind throughout the entirety of your vintage rug shopping experience, but we’re more than confident that you’ll find your efforts worthwhile once you’ve come to your final selection.


Vintage rugs have an unparalleled ability in terms of bringing a room together and elevating a space’s ambience, and you can always have peace of mind that the shopping process will be much more simplified when you work with industry experts like the Rug Source team.


What we’ve done on this page is break down the vintage rug shopping experience into a comprehensive guide that’s easy to understand, and will help you feel a little less overwhelmed!


So here are our 4 expert tips when it comes to finding the perfect vintage area rugs for your space:


  1. Be Sure To Keep An Eye Out For Vintage Persian Rugs And Other High-Quality Textiles


Vintage Persian rugs Charlotte NC just so happen to be some of the highest-quality vintage area rugs found throughout Rug Source’s vast online inventory, and the entire world. We understand how many rug shoppers fall in love with vintage Persian rugs and the incredible aesthetics they possess, so it’s always a good idea to check out these particular selections as you’re beginning your rug shopping experience.


It’s of course always important to keep practicality and functionality in mind, but we think it’s equally as important to simply focus on appearances and aesthetics while you’re in the beginning stages of finding your next vintage rugs. This means simply looking through our vast amount of options and taking notes on which styles speak out to you the very most.


What you’ll quickly find out is that there is a type of pattern or color that your particularly drawn towards. Although your final selection may not necessarily fit this personal design mold, it’s still a great way to begin your vintage rug shopping because it helps you narrow down your search when you’re just getting started!


  1. Always Be Sure To Embrace Certain Imperfections That Come With Vintage Used Rugs


Being reasonable with your expectations is always necessary while you’re on the hunt for vintage used rugs, and this means being flexible with your previously created personal inspirations.


The vast majority of vintage used rugs will be one-of-a-kind and handmade, so being flexible with your expectations is really more of an opportunity than any kind of setback. We’re absolutely certain that you’ll be able to find at least a dozen or so vintage rugs that’ll go perfectly with your home or office’s existing furniture and aesthetics, and that your new vintage area rug will also provide you with a unique piece of history and artisanal craftsmanship.


So this subsequently means that you shouldn’t be worried at all when a vintage used rug isn’t 100% perfect, because it’s actually not supposed to be! Every handmade area rug comes with certain imperfections, and this is a direct reflection upon the artist’s hard-fought efforts. So there are actually many scenarios in which imperfections should be celebrated!