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Red Rugs


Red and burgundy area rugs will always provide a very sophisticated, warm energy to any given room within a home or office. Red rugs quite easily create focal points within living, dining and bedrooms; and this is mainly because these bright, bold colors naturally draw in a viewer’s attention.


Burgundy rugs tend to be a little less attention commanding, but these deeper hues often work beautifully as a complementing piece of art that accents a room’s furniture and walls without being overwhelming.


Our affordable options and unique rug selection beats out all of our big box online competitors, and our unbeatable customer service is what has always set Rug Source apart from the rest of the industry. Professional decorators and interior designers choose us time and time again for our high-quality, affordable options; and everyone else likes working with us because we go above and beyond when it comes to assisting our clients in their search for the perfect rug match.


On this page we’re going to discuss our guide to purchasing red rugs, which includes information pertaining to why they’re great for home décor, important considerations to keep in mind, and tips for finding your perfect red rug.


We understand that you’re likely to have questions or concerns when going through your final options on your way to purchasing your next area rug, which is why our team of experts is always here to support you throughout every step of the rug shopping process.


We always encourage our clients to reach out to us when they have any questions or concerns pertaining to our online inventory, so contact us online today to speak with one of our team’s experts.

Why Red Rugs For Home Décor?


Red area rugs always are absolutely fantastic when it comes to developing a classic ambience within any home’s décor, and these rugs are truly timeless and have remained in style for centuries!


Feng Shui is the general design practice of striking balance between our living spaces and the natural world, and in Feng Shui our living and dining rooms are meant to coincide with the earth element. This type of earth element typically consists of warm reds and browns, which makes these rug colors one of the best suited options for any Feng Shui décor approach.


But no matter what design approach you’re going for with your home or workspace, red is known to bring about the following traits into any given space:


  • Comfort

  • Conversation

  • Excitement

  • Stimulation


Feng Shui may limit your combination limits when using red as your rug color (like painting your walls red too), but we’re confident in how red area rugs complement other earthy tones. You can always play around with decorating rules to find the perfect combination of aesthetics that work best for you and your space!

Important Considerations In Knowing If A Red Rug Is Right For You


Area rugs are always a very crucial part of interior design, which is why professional decorators will utilize rugs as floor artwork or to complement the rest of a room’s aesthetics. But with red rugs, you’ll undoubtedly achieve both of these design objectives.


Ensuring that you’re getting the right red rug for your home or office necessitates going through the following considerations:


  • Size: Getting to your perfect area rug is a lot like getting that just right Goldilocks fit within your desired space. A good rule of thumb to follow with getting an adequate rug size is ensuring that the rug is at least big enough to cover a rooms entire seating area, and then a little more. You don't want your area rug to take up the whole room, but if you’re able to put the front feet of each furniture piece down on the rug then you’re on the right track!


  • Patterns: Patterns aren’t necessarily for everyone. You may be more interested in a solid red, Persian-style rug with delicate gold trimming instead. One good idea is to take a picture of your space and test certain pattern swatches to figure out which pattern may be your favorite fit.


  • Pile: Pile, or thickness, is typically determined upon personal preferences. Low pile rugs tend to be a bit sturdier, while high pile rugs are softer and more luxurious. High traffic areas can many times take a toll on large area rugs, so if you’re considering a high pile rug try to make sure it’s safe from excessive foot traffic.


Tips For Choosing The Perfect Red Rug For Your Room


Material, thickness, size, design and shape are all great foundations for figuring out the perfect area rug for your desired space, but you should also consider some of the following more intricate tips throughout your rug shopping search:


  • Traditional rugs provide a more Old World ambience to a room, which offers sophisticated, elegant energy. Many burgundy shades combined with antique floral prints complement travel-themed spaces and modern aesthetics.


  • When planning a red or burgundy rug as a room’s focal point, try to complement the rug with a décor full of other warm, neutral hues or browns. This creates a luxurious, yet grounded ambience.


  • If you’re decorating a rather white kitchen, utilize red or burgundy runner rugs to provide a bit of warmth to the area that contrasts the other brighter hues of the room.


  • Burgundy rugs are incredibly useful when going for a Southwestern ambience, because you’ll get a cozy, warm comfort to the room that exudes relaxation.

Reach Out To The Rug Source Experts Today For More Information!


Our vast collection of red and burgundy rugs is a beautiful portion of our online inventory, and we’re always more than happy to assist our clients with any questions or concerns they have about any given item within our site. If you need any assistance while making your next rug selection, we’ll be able to quickly set you up with one of our experts who can get you the information you need to find the rug that perfectly matches your existing room aesthetics and personal preferences.


Contact us online or call us at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 today so we can help you find the perfect rug for your home or workspace!

Blue Rugs


Blue rugs are known throughout the interior design industry to provide a calming aesthetic, while also being rather versatile within a variety of living and professional spaces. Here at Rug Source we have countless options when it comes to blue rugs, and this is because we understand how popular and adaptable these types of designs can be throughout the entirety of a home.


But no matter what you’re decorating goals are, the experts at Rug Source are here to support you throughout every step of the rug shopping process. We’ll be able to help you find the perfect blue rug for your specific needs and personal preferences, and it’s not hard to tell that our vast online inventory is much more affordable than any of our other big box competitors!


Blue rugs work well with a whole variety of neutral decorative palettes, and different shades of blue also coordinate with one another to create a more calming monochromatic room aesthetic. The options truly are endless with blue rugs, and at Rug Source we make sure that you get as much information as possible with each item within our inventory.


On this page we’ll go over our guide to purchasing your next blue area rug by providing tips about materials, room by room design options, as well as size and pattern differentiations. We always encourage our clients to reach out to our team of experts with any questions or concerns they may have while going through our online inventory, so if you’d like to speak with one of us feel free to reach out to us online so we can help continue your search towards the perfect blue area rug!

Material Always Matters


We have a rather vast selection of blue area rugs that come within a whole variety of materials and styles, so understanding how you plan to utilize your rug and your personal preferences are always going to be major consideration. Blue hues tend to provide relaxing, serene energy to any given room, ocean-themed escapes, as well as a more traditional ambience.


The material of your blue rug truly will matter a lot depending on your intentions, and as you can see we provide a variety of materials throughout our website. We always recommend wool, acrylic, cotton and other synthetic blends as materials for your area rug as these materials tend to be the most durable and will stand up well to high-traffic areas and regular wear and tear.


The height of your rug’s pile is always up to you, but some of the more durable rugs will tend to have a lower pile that’s about a half inch or so. As always everyone is different, but your favorite rug materials will surely be found throughout our massive online inventory!

Room By Room Blue Rug Considerations


One of the many perks to blue rugs is versatility throughout any room in a home, but of course there are some considerations you should keep in mind when determining what type of blue rug will look best within certain existing aesthetics and desired room designs.


The following are some tips in terms of room by room design options with blue rugs:


  • Dark navy tends to be a really great hue for an area rug in a home’s dining room, especially in terms of the fall and winter months. The holidays tend to be when we have the most house guests come over for parties and entertaining, so having a universal blue color palette that works well for this time of year, as well as during warmer months, is always a great option!


  • Blue rugs can also be great for doorways to help catch any extra water and dirt from your family’s shoes.


  • Soft blue rugs work wonderfully within bathrooms to provide a more calming, spa-like aesthetic.


  • Using a lighter hue of blue to contrast off white walls and bright furniture will provide a chic, modern aesthetic to a living or TV room.


  • Blue rugs work well in terms of layering, so they’ll look really good on top of an existing wall-to-wall carpet by providing a bit more depth and interest to the room’s flooring design.

Patterns and Sizes


We offer a large supply of blue rugs within seemingly countless aesthetic options. No matter what shape, pattern or size you’re looking for with your next blue rug, we’ll have you covered and do our very best to make finding your perfect aesthetic match as easy as possible. A good rule of thumb in terms of design is to choose a rug that coincides with your specific needs, while also portrays the feeling/ambience you’d like to evoke within your space.


  • Larger area rugs are wonderful room anchors that you can organize your furniture around, which subsequently brings an entire room together in a more cohesive, aesthetic way.


  • Runner rugs are really great options for more narrow spaces that traditional rugs can’t fit within. This includes hallways, entryways, bathrooms, closets and even kitchen island pathways.


  • In terms of patterns, the general design rule of thumb is that smaller patterns will help to make a larger room feel a bit more intimate. Larger patterns tend to work well within all spaces, but the rug’s hues will help determine how bold or subtle the pattern ends up feeling.

Coloration Tips For Your Perfect Blue Rug


  • Blue rugs tend to match well with greens and other neutrals to bring about a calming ambience.


  • Royal and navy blue are considered to be a bit more classy and sophisticated, and are great for more formal spaces.

Contact The Rug Source Team Today For More Information


Finding your perfect blue rug isn’t always an easy task, which is why we always encourage our clients to reach out to our experts if they have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our online inventory.


If you need any help whatsoever while making your final purchasing selections, we’ll be more than happy to help you find the blue rug that matches your existing room aesthetics and personal preferences. Contact us online or give us a call at 980-422-4080 or 704-763-0979 to talk to one of our team members today!