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Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are known for their versatility to match any room, and that’s why they remain customers’ top choice. It mostly has colorful designs that add texture to the home and also style up space or room to give it a fantastic look. They even play better roles than just being rug; they serve as beautiful floor covering and sometimes decoration.

Which is More Durable between Handmade and Machine-made Kilim Rug? 

When purchasing a rug, its durability is one of the significant factors to be considered. Handmade kilim rugs are known their strength; they are more durable compared to machine-made, which is as a result of how they are woven.

Furthermore, due to the kilim rug manufacturing process, it’s pileless, making it long-lasting, lightweight, and easy to replace. While on the other hand, machine-made rugs are thicker and heavier due to the presence of piles. These piles are usually made up of tufts which are twisted and heat-treated to maintain their structure.

After a short time, machine-made rugs would begin to wear as piles start to fall apart. And this is one primary reason why handmade kilim stands out.

How to properly clean a Kilim rug

Caring and cleaning of Kilim rugs require unique treatments not to damage the fibers. A kilim rug could be manually cleaned by hand using a brush and a soft cleaning solution, and could also be carefully vacuumed to avoid tearing the rug apart. In addition, endeavor not to use a harsh cleaning agent or detergent.

An accidental spill or minor stain should be treated immediately. Get rid of any form of the stain’s solid pieces from the rug surface to avoid forcing them into the fabric. With the kilim on the floor, gently blot out the stained area to remove the stain. Begin the blotting from the edge of the stain and move towards the center to avoid further spreading of the stain to other parts. After blotting, place a container with a lip more extensive than the just blotted area beneath the rug, rinse with cold water, and then remove the container.

If stain remains, repeat the same process until it vanishes. Also, take note that in drying that spot, the rug needs to breathe out when drying. A ceiling fan or standing fan can effectively dry the spot faster and prevent a ring from forming on that particular spot.

For an already fading kilim rug, use a half vinegar solution with half a liter of cold water on the kilim. A very soft bristle brush should be used on both sides and then rinse with cold water. Then, the rug should be laid on the grass to dry under the sun or in the shade, possibly rotating it to dry evenly. If it’s taking too long to dry under the sun, it’s then recommended to flip the kilim to prevent being damaged by the sun.

For stubborn stain remains, or you feel you need a professional, there are things to consider when cleaning service. Do not take to a dry cleaner but an expert instead, because dry cleaners can use strong detergent on your kilim and would eventually damage the rug. A professional cleaning service with good knowledge and experience with kilim rug would be the best option for you.

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