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Oriental Rugs

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to come by authentic oriental rugs. Many merchants claim to sell oriental rugs, but only a few such as Rug Source have some of the most exquisite oriental rugs on the market. Our rugs are works of art that you can step on. They are some of the best quality rugs you could buy and use for your home.

What makes Oriental rugs so popular?

Oriental rugs are not just ornamental pieces, but they are also works of art with lots of historical significance. The rugs are popular because of their excellent artistry and the fact that they make beautiful additions to any home.

However, finding an authentic oriental rug can be quite a challenge. Rug Source has gained a reputation for being one of the few dealers of authentic oriental rugs. The name of the rug suggests they come from the eastern part of the world including the Middle East, Far East, and South Asia.

Some of the countries known to have a rich history of rug weaving include Iran, Pakistan, Tibet, and India. Rug Source stocks oriental rugs from all these countries. Our rugs are highly regarded and cherished as works of art.

Professional weavers make our rugs. They feature pure wool fibers with raised piles. Our authentic oriental rugs come in different designs depending on the regions where they were made.

Buying tips

When shopping for oriental rugs, the first thing you should know is what makes the rug expensive. Unlike other types of rugs, authentic, hand-woven oriental rugs are quite costly. Therefore, it is understandable to be skeptical if you come across a cheap oriental rug.

There is very little chance of finding an authentic oriental rug being sold at a discount. Several factors make oriental rugs so expensive, including the type of fiber used, weave consistency, knot density, age, and technique. It is essential to understand these variables before you purchase a rug.

How does the age of a rug affect its cost?

Vintage pieces typically cost more than new ones. Heirloom rugs a few centuries old have significant historical and cultural value and cannot be mass-produced. Some rugs cost millions of dollars and are only available for sale once every few years at high-end auctions.

Knot density

One of the critical indicators of rug quality is knot density. Buyers of oriental rugs should understand how knot density affects their price. The rugs at Rug Source have varying knot density, which determines their durability and strength.

 Average quality rugs have knot densities of around 12/12 while high-quality rugs have knot densities of about 16/18. The evaluation for Pakistani rugs is ratio of knot count per square inch. On the other hand, Chinese rugs are evaluated in warps by ten centimeters of weft.

Persian rugs are from Persia, which is present-day Iran while Oriental rugs are from the entire region in the East spanning from the Middle East to the Far East.

Oriental rugs make great statement pieces in any home or office. Visit our store today to view some of the beautiful pieces in our collection.

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