runner rug

Once you start to play around with rugs in your home, you will realize they aren’t accessories, but staple pieces that make your house feel like a home. Rugs have an incredible way of subtlety bringing together a room while adding warmth and comfort. The use of a runner rug in your home is a must. They are so versatile and can help to liven up drab spaces. If you think that a runner rug only belongs in the hallway, then read on for more ideas and inspirations. You might find some small spaces in your house that need some much-needed love and attention, and a runner rug might be just the thing. 

Since a runner rug can be found in any pattern color and size to match the decor of your home, the addition of a rug in your house will only take it to the next level. 

Are you already getting ideas of where you might put a runner rug? Read on for more ideas and inspiration. 


First impressions matter, and your entryway sets the tone for your house. Don’t decorate to impress your guests, decorate to impress yourself, and make your walk through the door after a long day a welcoming one. A runner rug will be a lovely warm welcome as you walk through the door. If you have enough space for a runner in the entryway, you will not be disappointed you put one here. 

If you have a living room area rug in your house, you can choose to have your entryway runner and your area rug match. This would make a nice cohesive look. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do that, you can play with mixing different patterns. The great thing about rugs is that they don’t need to match through the whole house, and you get to be creative and figure out the look you like best. 


The use of a runner rug in the hallway is pretty obvious. A runner rug is a long skinny rug that matches the shape of your hallway perfectly. It even leaves a nice border that looks aesthetically pleasing. 

You can brighten up your hallway by using the right colors and patterns and make the transition from the living space to the bedrooms look intentional and thought through. 

The hallway is easily one of the highest traffic areas in your house. The use of a runner rug will help protect your flooring, quiet down footsteps in the hallway, all while looking beautiful and stylish.


A wooden staircase is beautiful, but it’s also hard and cold. Adding a runner rug to your stairs doesn’t take away from the integrity of them, it will only compliment it. Since the rug will go in the middle of the stairs, there will be enough room on either side to showcase the lovely wood underneath. 

The most important thing to do here is to make sure they are secure. You don’t want any slips or mishaps on the stairs due to the runner rug. 


The bedroom is a really fun place to play with a runner rug, or two, or three. Your bedroom should be the coziest place in your house, and adding rugs will take your cozy level up a notch. 

You can add some runner rugs on either side of the bed to give the illusion that your bed is resting on a much larger rug. Don’t put the runners under the bed, but rather leave some space between the rug and the bed. You can even try adding a rug at the foot of the bed and see if you like the look of that. Your room will become the epitome of coziness.  

The bedroom is a space that should be your own. It shouldn’t feel sterile or thrown together. You will feel better waking up in your room by seeing your lovely and polished room. Your feet will thank you too after getting out of bed in the morning.


The kitchen is the most used room in your home. It’s the informal hangout spot for friends and family. There is something so welcoming about a kitchen – second thought it’s probably all the food. Aside from the food, a kitchen should feel warm and welcoming. It’s a place to be creative, make memories, and it’s the hub of the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Have you ever considered using a runner rug in the kitchen? A kitchen, while very important to the family, isn’t the best place to curl up and be cozy. This doesn’t mean that it has to be sterile and cold, either. A runner rug can be a great way to add some softness to the hard lines that usually come with kitchens. 

Another thing to think about is that it can be hard to add artwork to kitchens. Most people find that wall space is limited or awkward in kitchens, so the art wouldn’t make sense in what wall space is available. A runner rug is a great way to add a touch of creativity and bring your kitchen up to your vision. 

Small Spaces

Think of some smaller spaces in your home. Perhaps a walk-in closet, bathroom, pantry, or a laundry room. Any of these rooms would benefit greatly from a runner rug. As long as there are a few inches off the floor showing where the rug doesn’t look crowded, the room will appear larger than it is. This is a quick way to update these spaces since you might not have the time, money, or energy to invest a big makeover right now. A rug can drastically improve the look of any small space in your house. 

If you have been wanting to add rugs to your home, runner rugs are a great place to start. They come in all types of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. We know that by shopping with Rug Source, you will love the quality you get and our prices. Did we even mention our selection? Our friendly and helpful staff is willing to help you with whatever you might need assistance with. Start shopping today – you won’t be disappointed.