It is sometimes hard for one to choose the right living room area rugs if they have never done it before. Rethink each time if you are not able to recognize the transformation powers that are carried by a rug. It may be an excellent move if you can decide to purchase a rug that matches well with the colors on the walls and the furniture items instead of necessarily having to decorate your room. Indeed, it is such a good idea if you will replace your worn out carpet with a new one.

The choice of your rug for your home will depend solely on the kind of interests and the affordable limits. A right rug will ensure that your room gets a new look hence lifting the spirit of a room. Purchasing a new rug is one thing that every individual will be happy about for purposes of fresh decorations and the provision of an aesthetic appeal.

Ensure it fits your lifestyle.

The texture and content of your living room area rugs should be chosen in relation to the ways you want it to be used. It is recommended that you go for a low-pile wool rug for areas with high traffic. This allows for easy cleaning. A silk rug best suits a bedroom that has a low traffic area or you can go for soft mohair shag. These will make you comfortable with a great feeling even when walking in the room barefooted. Consequently, you can go for jute and other fiber options that appear natural but bear in mind that they are not regarded as the best in cases where you have crawling cats and babies. They may end up being scratchy to them.

Pattern of rugs

Your available room space should be the main factor If to consider before choosing a patterned living room area rugs. If your furniture or walls are patterned, A subtly patterned rug will be the best choice. If it is the solid color that fills your entire space, consider getting a bold or bright pattern to makes things alive for you.

Be careful in your decision.

If you are thinking of buying rugs for both indoor and outdoor means, it is recommended that you buy rugs that are in either acrylic yarns or wool yarns. This is because they can be cleaned quickly, and they are durable. Another vital thing to note is that the pattern gives rugs durability. Those that are colorful or consists of a busy design, it is likely that the eventual stains will not be noticed easily. So in a household made up of kids, this kind of rugs seems helpful. They can also be used in places like the kitchen where cooking and eating takes place.

Choose your best color

Add color white to your favorite color so that you can get the best thing at the end. You can as well decide to go for lightly shaded rugs as another means of brightening the space. By having light colors in your room, the room tends to have enough space and becomes lively. Match your room colors by introducing colored pillows as well as other accessories such as draperies, furniture, wall hangings, and colors on the wall paint.

Design of the rug

The color of the wall comes in your mind every time you step into a new room. However, it is recommended that you, first of all, decide on the pattern and color of the rug before looking at the color of the wall. The patterns of your rug will assist you in toning them with the wall color. If your area comprises several patterns, choose to stick with the light shaded color or any other color that compliments the patters for the walls of your home. If you want to add fun and more interest in your room, go for patterns that are mixing.

Size of the rug

More importantly, you should consider the dimension that your room has before deciding on the kind of rug to buy. Another critical factor is placed that the rug is to be placed. If space is large enough, you can buy 4’X6′ and 6’X8′ area rug and put them under furniture that is attractive. Dining rooms and large enough ones should use 8′ x 11′ or something larger than this. Rugs that are, 5′ x 8′ and 6′ x 9′ dimensioned will fit in the mid-sized rooms and smaller living rooms. Places like kitchen and doorway should use 3′ x 5′ to 4′ x 6” sized rugs.

Figure out your rug style profile.

If you are yearning for a neutral and rounding rug, go for those that are solid or textual. The best pattern for the latter here is the geometric pattern. Having a rug that has style odds with the entire space of your rooms could even make more sense.

Shape of the rug

If you want to have the best shape of your living room rug, ensure that the space in your floor is enough around it. Don’t go for rugs that are big to the extent that you have to fold it at the ends. Have the measurements of the room’s dimensions first and then get the rug with the corresponding proportions to cover the area appropriately. Look at the flooring type that you have and decide on the kind of fabric that your rug should have. A floored pattern will be fitted best by plainer rugs, and the reverse is true.


Before going to purchase your rug for the living room, ensure that you take into consideration matters concerning your budget. You are not supposed to go and start buying as this may lure you into buying cheap ones that don’t guarantee good quality. If you wish to experience the excellent condition, consider spending a few dollars extra as those cheap ones don’t ensure longevity.

Indeed, a lot of people are not aware of the ways that they can rearrange their homes to give them a new look. It just takes some new thinking to have your house transformed into something interesting than before.