The term runner rug is used to describe a particular type of rug that is long and narrow in construction. They are especially useful for providing flooring in private rooms of your home. Hallway carpets are probably most commonly used in hall floors, but they are also commonly used when laying floor coverings on stairs.

The runner rug is versatile. You can lay it directly on a hard wooden or tiled floor and it creates a softer feeling of space. You can also lay it on the carpet from wall to wall and use it in a similar way to decorative carpets to achieve a specific color or pattern effect. In fact, there is no reason why runner carpets should not be used as accent carpets. They work very well in every aspect they are used in. For safety reasons, if you place the carpet of the corridor directly on a hard surface made of wood or tiles, you should always put a kind of non-slip device under the carpet to ensure a little more security.

Runner carpets are indeed a very popular way to cover the floor. Whether you use your runner carpets to soften hard floors, create a touch of color, or as decorative carpets, the range of carpets is virtually unlimited. Prices may vary depending on the quality of the materials used for the carpet. However, the demand for these rugs is so great that you will find them in almost every department store you visit. Have fun looking for your perfect rug.

Measuring runner rug

Even the hallways are an important part of the house and that is why the owners take the trouble to decorate them, but others do not see the real need to do so. They think that they are not that important and do not pay attention to them. There is a very easy way to dress the corridors with the best available carpets in the right size and shape for tight areas. They are known as runner carpets and are very popular no matter what your home looks like in general. However, you should know how to get the right size for your gears before you buy.

So you get the best runner carpet size; There are certain factors that will help you to determine the best width and length that fits your gears perfectly. Let’s take a look at everyone before sitting down and making an absolute decision. If you can follow this simple method, you never have to worry about buying agents that are not really sitting perfectly in your hallway.

You should first carry a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pen with you to do some simple calculations after you have noted the desired length and width. To do that, measure your gait by determining the exact length and width. Then use these numbers to do a small calculation. just subtract about 4 inches from the width of your aisle. If your gait measures 40 inches, the perfect runner for you is 36 inches. It leaves you with a good distance of 2 inches on each side of the wall.

It’s a similar calculation for length, though you’ll need to subtract a little more. Do this for the length of the aisle, remove only 22 inches. It gives you 11 inches of free space at each end of the runner’s rug.Usually, this space between the corridor and the wall provides a good frame effect. Make sure that the corridor does not overflow the hall.

With this general rule, you get the runner carpets of the perfect size you need for the hallways of your home, regardless of the size of the hallway. Just follow these tips and in a short time you will have a corridor that looks much better than you can imagine.

Buying guide

Cheap carpet corridors are the answer to those questions regarding carpets that would fit perfectly on stairs and hallways because putting carpets in this area is crucial. The carpets that will be placed in this area must be strong enough to be able to handle people who move quickly and be able to handle the different steps that would land on it day by day. Some would walk on stilettos, some will have those muddy shoes, some will have tons and tons of bacteria and mold on the carpet; Therefore, the carpet that will be placed in those areas should be more durable. And these carpet runners are the best carpets to place in those areas.

We don’t need to worry about where to get these carpet runners because it is available at every store you decide to go to and comes in different styles. It is up to you to choose the carpet runner you choose, but just to give you an idea, I will give you a list of the most wanted carpet runners. The first on the list would be the tropical borders, which have a good set of colors and a fine texture that is resistant to stains and the color will surely last a lifetime. In terms of durability, this would be the strongest and its weight would say it all. This tropical carpet runner is definitely heavy.

Another type would be the Natalie carpet runners; This is more comfortable for carpet runners. Seeing their carpets combine perfectly in every area of the house that you place is such a relief that you actually chose the right carpet. After all, it won’t hurt you if you continue with some of the criteria before buying one, since you take a penny out of your pocket and want to be sure that your money is spent wisely.

The first thing to consider is where do you plan to place your carpet? The available space and the size of the carpet are very important because you do not want to have a large or a small carpet to fill those empty spaces, especially when you can have the exact size only if you have made a small effort to know the size that you have. necessary. In line with this environment, carpets are supposed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so you should also know if putting carpets in that particular area will make you feel happy or not.

We cannot deny the fact that we often buy things to impress. Many times we buy new clothes, brand bags, high-end devices to attract people’s attention and when we do, we want to focus on something that has to be noticed, and we don’t want to overdo it. Therefore, knowing your focal point is vital, if you do not intend to make the carpet the point of attraction, buy light colored carpets or with less design, but combine well with the area to not draw more attention to the carpet .