wool rugs

From red and yellow to purple and blue, there are no color wool rugs that will not hold. If you are looking to update your house, add some texture, or hide your ugly carpet, a wool rug is a great choice. Wool rugs have been the most popular choice of rug material for thousands of years. Yes, rugs did exist thousands of years ago. Part of the reason is that wool is a soft, warm, and durable choice of material. Probably one of the biggest reasons wool rugs have been around so long is because of the renewable source that it comes from – sheep and alpacas. 

There are several reasons to buy wool rugs, so continue reading to see if wool rugs are the right choice for you. 

Renewable and Biodegradable

Wool is a renewable resource that only requires time for the animals to grow their hair back. Animals are sheared once or twice a year for their wool, and it doesn’t cause them any harm or require any chemicals. Many people are making conscious efforts these days to find products that cause little harm to the environment, and wool is one of those. 

Wool is also biodegradable, which is a big plus. It is composed of a similar protein found in human hair – Keratin – and it can decompose in soil in a few years. Don’t test out this theory by placing your rug in the dirt for years, but it’s nice to know that you have chosen a biodegradable material. 

How Long Do Wool Rugs Last?

A wool rug can easily last 30 years if not more. It, of course, depends on how the wool rug is taken care of, but wool rugs are incredibly tough. Interestingly enough, single wool fiber can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. By comparison, a cotton fiber can only be bent 3,000 times before breaking. What does this mean for your rug? It means your rug can take a beating and still look great. It will hold up to everyday wear and tear, which means it’s an excellent choice for families and pet owners

Fade Resistant

Wool rugs have made a name for themselves and aren’t going anywhere. They will live on for generations to come. In addition to wool rugs being soft, hypoallergenic, and strong, did you know that wool rugs are resistant to sunlight and UV rays? Partly it’s just fun knowing little facts about the material on your floor, but it’s also good to know this information because, over time, furniture can fade in the sunlight. You don’t have to worry about your wool rugs, though. 

Fade-resistant doesn’t mean fade proof. Although there is a special process that happens when the wool is dyed to help prevent fading, anything can fade in the direct sunlight. It might not be noticeable, but you can make sure to turn your rug frequently, so all sides of the rug get the same amount of sunlight. This would also help get the same wear on all parts of the rug. 

Fire Resistant 

Wool rugs are also fire resistant. This little known fact is great news for people who are looking to put a rug close to their fireplace but didn’t want to cause a fire hazard. This also makes wool rugs a great choice for bedrooms – a little extra peace of mind never looked this good and cozy. 

Wool Rugs for Allergy Sufferers

Wool is the perfect choice of material for someone who suffers from allergies for a few reasons. 

First of all, wool is hypoallergenic. It traps allergens to remove them from the air you breathe. This is different than carpet, which traps allergens and can make it more difficult for allergy sufferers.  

Secondly, wool is resistant to mold and mildew. Not only is it a hypoallergenic material, but it can also wick away moisture, which makes it a naturally anti-microbial environment making this resistance to mold and mildew. 

Lastly, when studied against other carpets and rugs, wool is the best choice against dust mite infestations and bacteria growth. 

All of these reasons should help allergy sufferers breathe a little easier. 

Cleaning Wool Rugs

Were you a little grossed out reading about dust mites and bacteria in your carpet? There is a reason that cleaning rugs are important. Even though wool is an amazing material, it will still need to be cleaned from time to time. 

Rugs are meant to be walked on, which means dirt will get trapped in the fibers. Give your wool rug a good shake out or hang it over the porch rails and hit it with a broom. Hitting it will help loosen any dirt that might be stuck deep down. 

Vacuuming your wool rug will help loosen dirt as well as help the shedding fibers. A new wool rug will shed a lot, and vacuuming will help. 

A gentle detergent cleaning solution can be made using a few tablespoons Woolite in a large bucket of water. This is great for spot cleaning. 

The most important thing with cleaning a wool rug is to make sure to let it dry completely. Use as little detergent as possible and rinse the suds off. Any leftover detergent will attract more dirt. Never use harsh chemicals because it could damage the integrity of the fibers. 

There are professional rug cleaners that know how to clean your rugs properly. If you do everything you can, but you know it still needs to be cleaned better than you can handle, don’t be scared to call in the professionals. 

Wool rugs come in any shape, pattern, and color that you could have ever dreamed of. If you are interested in wool rugs, you have made a wise choice. A choice that your ancestors would be proud of – mostly because they would have made that same choice. At Rug Source, our wide selection of wool rugs will allow you to shop for a rug that is the perfect fit for your home.