If you want your room to have an artistic value with some good ways of decorating your room, Oushak rugs will add this value. These rugs ensure that your concrete walls and wood remain comfortable and war. These rugs can be used while decorating the whole homestead instead of putting up a new floor. What should come into your mind is the way you can have your rug match with the floor as it is the frame of it.

Oushak rugs have this salient feature of they are loosely woven as compared to others, and they are responsible for providing enough warmth and glamour. They are arguably among the most exquisite art works with authentic designs. They have medallion patterns that are originating from Oushak. These rugs increased in size later on due to the appearance of the vine and floral patterns so they can perfectly fit any room.

Tips on how to use Oushak rugs in various designs and their corresponding colors

These rugs come in various colors such as; aqua, terracotta shades, gold, blue hues, ivory, cinnamon, greens and gray. After the floral patterns appeared, there was the introduction of soft red color to act as a base. In a nutshell, Oushak rugs are mostly made up of neutral colors hence makes something special to add to any room.

If you want a rug that will compliment your formal or informal home design concept, then this is the one since it can fit perfectly in Sndanavian, Craftsman style, and contemporary interior designs. Their aesthetic value is outstanding, not forgetting that they are handwoven hence making them have an immense appeal.

There is also another thing that makes them look better, that is the ability to be blended spectacularly with both modern and old ones. Their designs are friendly for the provision of both warmth and depth to the interior, and they also provide many design opportunities by working with various fabrics.

Tips to consider when choosing and buying Oushak rugs

Take proper measurements

First of all, ensure you did assess the space of the room that your rug is going to cover and take appropriate measurements. Careful measurements will be the primary key to finding a perfect area rug.

Choose a rug according to the size of your room.

If you intend to use your rug in the living room, dining room, or master bedroom, take the carpet that is 8 x 10 feet or larger. It is essential to have a large rug so that it can hold all the sofas that are in the living room. In circumstances where you wish to separate your living room, you can now use two rugs.

If you need rugs for your home offices, under the coffee that are in the living rooms or smaller bedrooms, you can use a 5 x 8 Oushak rug. If you have to include the dining area, ensure that you’ve gotten rug big enough to fit in all the dining table chairs.

Choose the style that you like

Your style and lifestyle will influence the style of your rug. Don’t compromise your lifestyle by choosing a rug that doesn’t conform to it. The other thing is that you should take time and know exactly where you want to place your rug, in case you are living with pets or young children, go for the rug that can be cleaned easily and is durable. Here consider buying rugs which are made up of woolen, synthetic-blend or sea glass

Design, color, and shape

Stunning geometric shapes and large flora patterns shapes can give your rooms a contemporary look. Today you can find both circles, square and rectangular shapes in the market so decide which one will fit and match with your furniture style.

For those of you who want a relaxing mode full of warmth, you can try using the subdued colors din subtle shade or the classic patterns. Use the round rugs in a large bathroom. Keep your rug out of your furniture so that the design can be seen from various angles. Your room mat looks bigger if you go for bold patterns.

Keep it in position

You can protect your rug from slipping from the desired place by using the rug pads. A comfort layer that can protect your rug for years is added by the rug pads. They are of two types, namely; eco-stay pads which are plant-based oils and premium pads. They fit any kind of flooring since they are post-industrial fibers.


Make sure you have considered your lifestyle when determining the kind of rug to choose from. You can’t afford to choose a white carpet that has a high pile whereas you are living with pets and young children. Get a flat weave rug that can mask stains by its patterns if you will need to deal with some tear and wear.

Consequently, you can decide to live a luxury and comfortable life. Get something that is softer and has a higher pile, not the flat weave rug. But be aware that it is not likely to stand up to damage just like that rug that with a lower pile.


Make sure you have the maintenance budget in mind before you go shopping for one. Most rugs require regular vacuuming and rotating. You can use either the old-fashioned way of beating them outside for the flatweave rugs. However, there is a lot of difficulties when cleaning the high-pile rugs so they will require sending out or making arrangements to have them cleaned by professionals at home.

If you to get your Oushak rugs, ensure that you make plans and get a compatible rug pad that will fit with the flooring and the rug material. One of the safety measures to your rugs is that you should not expose them to sunlight directly and don’t allow stains set on rugs. Should you fail to this, you can end up ruining your rug, regardless of the type it can be.