If your wool rug requires a thorough cleaning, it should be a priority to hire a professional cleaner with the experience to clean and care for your wool rug. When you have completed your professional cleaning, your carpets will look like new. You already know that cleaning the area is the most profitable area in the carpet cleaning industry. For best results in the care of oriental rugs, you should clean the carpet with steam.

Natural wool wool carpets require special attention during cleaning to extend the life of the carpets. Wool has a reputation for being easy to dye, but cleaning is easier than the reputation suggests. Nothing is guaranteed to protect your woolen carpets, although that would be good if I could. One of the most important things about cleaning wool carpets is to vacuum regularly with a good vacuum cleaner. High-quality wool carpets keep with decades of regular care. Prevention is one of the most important aspects of carpet care.

Once the machine has finished making the entire carpet, the carpet can dry and then be vacuumed. A mixture of sizing and water is sprayed on the back of the carpet and allowed to dry. The carpet should be quickly removed, thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry completely. If you lay the Studebaker on a carpet to dry, it is actually lying on it. The base of a carpet can dry out and become brittle, compromising the strength and durability of the carpet.

By vacuuming, you can remove loose dust and dirt particles that accumulate on your wool carpet every day. We recommend vacuuming the back of the carpet frequently to remove excess dirt. First, the carpet is dusted. It removes dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. Once the foreign soil has been removed, the carpet is washed separately to protect and revitalize the natural fibers. A carpet is a trap for fine dirt and dust even with regular vacuuming. After re-cleaning and vacuuming the carpet, a final check is made to ensure the results are acceptable.

Oriental and old handmade special rugs are sensitive to moth damage. Handmade carpets are much more durable than mass-produced carpets. Composite component carpets are made by joining various components to either tufts or fabrics. Oriental machined carpets may cost less while looking like real oriental carpets. Oriental hand-knotted are true works of art. If you’re considering a rug for your home, there are a number of reasons why you can choose hand-knotted Oriental rugs or handcrafted Persians.


If you are looking for carpets that you can accommodate in your home, there are several options available. One possibility is to buy wool carpets. Some people believe that woolen carpets are old-fashioned, that the newer materials that make up carpets are better for their home. However, this is not necessarily the case. There are many reasons why someone should think about making wool carpets.


Wool carpets are the type of rugs used for thousands of years, and there is a reason why these types of floors were used by people who know and enjoy quality products. For starters, wool is one of the most durable types of fibers on the planet. Wool is water repellent and retains the dye. It has many unique features that make it very popular and highly sought after.

The fact that it is very dense is a good thing and it is what makes wool carpets easy to clean. If he took a carpet of wool and laid it on a sandy surface, it was filled with sand. Apply it and shake the carpet. If you shake it, you’ll quickly find that much of the sand comes out quickly and the carpet needs very little cleaning. Due to the fact that wool carpets are often much heavier than their modern competitors, they adapt much better to wooden floors, as they slip less.


Wool carpets have long been used because they are simply the best. Persian carpet manufacturers have been making wool carpets since they started, because they knew how great carpet wool is. There used to be woolen carpets on the floors of nomadic tents, not only because they were the most comfortable types of flooring, but also because they were the toughest. People who lived in nomadic businesses had neither the time nor the luxury to constantly replace the goods. They needed furniture and items that would withstand the rigors of their lives, and that’s what they found in wool carpets. Not only could this type of carpet take a long time, generations, but it could also be easily cleaned. Another reason why these people used woolen rugs was that they really absorbed moisture. This means that the rooms in which they are located can be much cooler and more comfortable.

The good thing about modern carpet manufacturers is that they can make rugs from a variety of materials by mixing wool with other synthetic fibers to create extraordinary designs. You are also able to make wool carpets the way you want, from traditional to modern and so on. This means that you can now get a wool rug in a variety of patterns and colors to suit your needs. There will be something for every taste. Carpets that not only last a long time but also look wonderful.


A wool rug is a famous type of rug. Like any other rug, a wool rug is prone to dust and dirt. Therefore, we need to clean it periodically. The accumulation of dust and dirt particles is common in wool carpets. Mostly, people call professional cleaning technicians to clean their wool rug. Due to the misunderstanding, a wool rug can only be cleaned by a professional cleaner. It is not true We, the ordinary users, can clean wool carpets in our house. There are no very complicated devices required to clean your wool rug. Here are some simple steps to clean your wool rug at home.

Most wool carpets are washable. You must use pure water to wash your wool rug. If your wool rug contains a thick layer of earth, it is recommended that you hit the rug outside your home with a stick. This process helps you to remove most of the wool carpet floor. To remove stains on the wool carpet, you can use suitable stain removers. Let us now talk in detail about these steps.

The first step in cleaning wool carpets is to inspect your carpet. We should check how much land is deep on the carpet and where the stains are. If the textile is small or medium, we have to bring it outside our room. The first step is to cleanse the earth of it. For this we have to beat this textile with a stick. This process removes the earth and we can easily remove it. We should repeat this process on both sides of the carpet. Now we should remove dust particles from the wool carpet with a vacuum cleaner.