large area rugs

We like our homes to feel soft, warm, and cozy. It’s what makes them feel like a home. What’s more of a rude awakening than getting out of bed in the morning and putting your feet on the cold hard floor? Perhaps you are tired of cold feet in the morning, or maybe you feel like your space needs a different look. If you haven’t considered a large area rug before, it’s time you do. 

When purchasing a large area rug for your home, it’s hard to know where to start. The process can feel overwhelming and leave you feeling defeated. The unlimited amount of choices you have these days can make the choices that much harder. Your perfect rug is out there, so hopefully, this extensive area rug guide will give you some ideas and leave you feeling like you can make the right choice. 

Large Area Rug Placement 

You might be wondering where you can put a large area rug. The simple answer is anywhere you want where it will fit. However, that doesn’t help you narrow it down. 

Think about the space you are trying to create and then go from there. Any space in your house would benefit from an area rug, so it’s really up to you what you want. A larger rug in a smaller room can make the room appear larger. The trick here is to leave at least 18 inches of bare floor around the perimeter of the room. If you thought that you needed a smaller rug because you have a small room, think again. Generally, places to consider a large area rug are the dining room, living room, bedroom, and outdoor patio.

Dining room 

Large area rugs underneath the dining table elevate the dining area and add a touch of elegance as well as bring intimacy to the eating area. A rug can also break up the wood floor and the wooden table. It will make both types of wood stand out on their own as well as complement each other instead of competing with each other. 

The biggest thing with the rug in this room is that the chairs should be able to be pushed back comfortably and still be on the rug. 

Living room 

The living room is such a versatile space. It’s where friends and family gather around to hang out and connect, play games, curl up on the couch, and whatever else you use your living room for. Having a lovely, soft, area rug makes all the difference by making people feel invited into the room. It also gives children and adults a nice, soft, and a dedicated place to play on the floor. 

Some people prefer to either have all the furniture either on or off the rug. Other people say the front legs of the couch can go on the rug without it looking out of place. Generally, the most common sizes for the living room are as follows:

  • 5×8 can fit the coffee table and be in front of the couches or chairs
  • 8×10 can allow for some furniture to be on the rug 
  • 9×12 can generally allow for all the furniture to be on it 


The bedroom is another space that could benefit from a large area rug. Remember those cold floors mentioned earlier? A rug can be the perfect solution for your cold floors as well as help absorb sound. 

It’s hard to know where to place the rug in the bedroom, so consider the following options. 

For a King/Queen bed 

  • 9×12 will hold the bed, nightstands and a bench at the end of the bed
  • 8×10 will hold the bed and nightstands or move it down to hold two-thirds of the bed and the bench 
  • 6×9 will hold two-thirds of the bed 

For a Twin/Full bed

  • 6×9 will hold the bed, nightstands, and bench
  • 5×8 will hold two-thirds of the bed 

The look you are going for is up to you. Following the above guidelines will hopefully help make your decision easier. 

You might be thinking you don’t want a large area rug in your bedroom because it already has a carpet. No rule says you can’t put a rug on carpet. It will give it a layered look – the same way that clothing can have a layered look. If done well, it looks put together and polished. 

You only need to be careful of other furniture in the room. Using a dresser, for example; Either put the rug under it or the rug needs to be a few inches away from it. It shouldn’t be right up against other furniture because it will give an unfinished and thrown together look – basically the opposite of what you are going for. 


Area rugs are stylish and functional for any room in the house, or even outside the home. The deck or patio becomes an extension of the house and like a second living room. Adding details, like a large area rug, to the outdoor space will bring people there. 

Adding a rug will add a nice touch of color and brighten up the grey concrete. The rules for an outdoor rug is going to be the same for a living room rug. If you like the look of all the furniture on the rug, then go with that. However, if you don’t, then go with a smaller rug.  

Your home should be a happy place. When you look around, you should feel warmth and comfort. Part of that is selecting the right pieces that you love. Make sure to take the necessary time to shop around and find the right color scheme, shape, size, and material. Do your research and ask questions. A rug is an investment piece for a long time, and it needs to meet the needs of your family as well as match the vision you have for your home.  At RugSource, we want to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.