kilim rug

Before deciding whether or not to have a kilim rug for your home, you first want to get the answers to your questions about what kilim rugs really are. There is a flat weave design pattern created by interweaving different weft and warp colors, known as kilim and kilim rugs. This special technique is used to create a design pattern. The areas known for their production and cultural heritage are Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, North Africa, the Balkans and the Caucasus. The Kelim, however, differs depending on the region of origin in which it occurs.

Undoubtedly, these rugs are as beautiful as their other refined parts. However, if you collect kilim carpets, you should never mix them with oriental rugs as most people use them for their similarity to the design of modern and contemporary rugs. They simply claim that it is a different kind of rug and oriental rug. Another difference is that these carpets are cheaper than other cheap carpets and oriental rugs.

The most surprising fact about kilim carpets is that they are more than just carpets and not just for Western use, but merely reflect the cultures from which they are made, and when we say that, we find that In Tribal areas can also serve as a tapestry in tents and cabins. Bedspreads; Extensive comfort rug for guests, guest rug, camo luggages, clothing, storage bags and more.

Kilim carpet decoration is one of the simplest and most interesting ways to revive, refresh, enhance and beautify the interior. When it comes to kilim carpets, it offers a variety of uses. Whether it’s decorating your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, patio, or other area of the house, you’ll find a choice from contemporary rug design to modern rug designs. Outdoor rugs, kitchen rugs, floor rugs and woven rugs are examples of such designs.

Kilim rugs can serve as a blessing to the wood floor, as they are not as easy to accumulate dust and easy to clean as the carpet. You can also give tile, wood, concrete or brick surfaces an individual touch and change them easily according to your mood and season. They are also supplied braided and are intended to bring colorful patterns and designs into the room. They are also useful for combining various decorative elements in a room without overwhelming it.

Although these carpets are cheap, this does not mean that they need to be replaced too often, but they are extremely durable and last the test of time better than other Oriental rugs. Regardless of where they are placed, these carpets are designed solely to enhance the decoration of homes and businesses. You need to give your decoration a personal and incredible touch.

Why buy Kilim rugs

One of the most attractive features of kilims is that they have a completely flat surface without a stack. For this reason, they have traditionally been used as carpets to kneel to pray or meditate, and are also very practical in the home. One potential downside is that this lack of thickness means they are not necessarily the toughest carpets.

However, this also depends essentially on the strength of the thread used and the quality of the production. Kilims are best bought by traditional craftsmen in their home countries – from Turkey to Pakistan – how these people master their techniques for decades to make the best and strongest carpets.

It is worth noting that another important benefit of these carpets is that they are often reversible, which presents a fantastic opportunity for the home user. As colors fade over time, the rug can be turned over a ‘new’ look and thus take a place of honor in a room for many years.

Their flatweave nature also means that they are particularly easy to clean, which in turn is a bonus in very busy households. These carpets, which experience a lot of foot traffic, can pollute quickly, but this can easily be remedied with a gentle hand wash with many of these flatweave carpets. Careful cleaning is of course always important to maintain the integrity and color of the carpet.

Another reason why many people invest in these magnificent rugs is the fact that they often have many unique, traditional designs. With many of the best kilims from Turkey, one can expect to see a series of common symbols and designs that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Many amulet and fertility symbols are used, e.g. B. Triangle symbols and the female silhouette. Eyes, scorpion protection symbols, stars and plants can all feature widely on these items, designed to bring protection and happiness to those who have these carpets in their homes.

In general, colors and motifs are chosen according to the weaver and the particular region of the world where they are interwoven. Certain tribes will favor certain designs and color schemes, which means investing in a unique piece of tribal culture when buying a kilim rug.

Often, kilims are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, meaning that you’re likely to find something that fits your home and fits perfectly in your room, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or hallway. This diversity makes it relatively easy to find something that fits perfectly with your interior design needs.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why investing in these flat woven carpets is a great idea. From the uniqueness of the designs to the practicality they offer, there are various arguments why these would be excellent additions to your home.

With that in mind, it is important to visit and buy a reputable retailer, and many of the best are direct buyers who come directly from tribes and producers in countries such as Turkey and Pakistan. This will cut out the extra cost of another middle man and will also mean that you can learn everything about the origin of the piece.

One thing is guaranteed when you buy a kilim rug – these elements are sure to add charm and personality to your home, regardless of the origin and regardless of the color and design you are putting on.

Kilim rugs are woven stories – tribes tell stories of their lives, their surroundings, their families, with every knot. With care and patience they work their looms away, in a craft that gives them joy, happiness, peace and tranquility. With age, these kilim rugs, like their weavers, seem to take on more character, more charm. As a carpet dealer in the third generation, who was born in Iran and grew up in the west, we have been looking for beautiful earth art for years and now offer in our online store the exquisite beauty of kilim rugs.