red rugs

Have you ever given much thought to the color red? You know it’s a bold color, but beyond that, have you ever thought about the significance of it? Read on to see how the color red has played an important role in history, from the clothing that people wore to the red rugs underfoot. 

The human eye is immediately drawn to red, so it has some power over us. Ancient cave drawings showcase the color red, which goes to show the power that red had in ancient times. 

How and why did the color red become so dominant? Read on to see the secrets that the color red holds and to see if the color red is right for you in your home. 

Historical Importance of Red

The color red has been an important color throughout history in many cultures all over the world. The ingredients for making red dye were incredibly difficult to acquire, which meant that only the richest of the rich could have red items. This is part of the reason that red became associated with wealth and power.    

Throughout history, from China to Greece, the color red has been a symbol of passion, power, love, leadership, and aggression. 

In the 1200s, the Pope let it be known that only cardinals were allowed to wear red since they were the highest-ranking men in the Catholic church. It didn’t stop at religion, though. 

Egyptians and Mayans used red on their faces for ceremonies while Romans painted their faces red to celebrate victory in battle. 

In Mesoamerica, the Aztecs and Inca cultures also considered red to be a color that could only be worn by the people who had the highest-ranking status. 

People of high status that could afford to have their portraits done would choose to wear red as a sign of power. They are also seen standing on red carpets to show their high ranking even more – if it wasn’t obvious enough already. 

Politicians realized the importance of red and started to add it to their attire so people would know their high status. 

History of the Hollywood Red Carpet

The red carpet that you think of Hollywood movie stars walking on actually started in the world of transportation. There is some documentation to show that James Madison, the fifth president of the US, got off the steamboat and onto a red carpet. However, there isn’t much known about this.

The next mention of red carpets is in New York as a marketing ploy to direct people on and off the trains. Not just anyone got the red carpet to direct them where to go through, only those that held first-class tickets got this kind of treatment. 

The red carpet in Hollywood started in October of 1922 for the opening of the movie ‘Robin Hood’. At the time, this was the most expensive movie ever made, costing around 1 million dollars. This movie was going to impress the masses, and so no expense was spared at the opening. The red carpet that was rolled out for this movie instantly became an iconic symbol associated with the glamorous movie stars of Hollywood. 

Red in Your Home

Red has made a name for itself throughout history. It isn’t only for the elite anymore, but it can be just as powerful in your house as it was centuries ago. 

The trick with red is to use it sparingly. Too much will be overpowering since it is such a bold color, but little hints here and there will add boldness and fierceness to your room. You can play around with different colors and hues of red to get the look that you are going for. 

Also, there is a common misconception out there that you have to find one shade of color and stick to it. Where that misconception came from is a mystery because there is no rule out there that says what you can and can’t do with colors. Plus, red is a symbol of confidence, so if there is a rule that says that, have enough confidence to ignore it and do what you want with your space. 

Maybe it’s time you give yourself the red carpet treatment – literally. You could get a solid red rug or a rug with red accents for a more subtle look. Whatever you choose, adding the color red to your home will give the space new energy and a new life.  

Imagine a neutral room with whites and beiges and then bam, a beautiful red area rug. It could be all red, or an Oriental style rug with the primary color being red but also features other colors and patterns. Do you see this beautiful image of a room? It can be yours. You just have to go for it. 

A rug will be an investment piece, and you want to make sure that you are getting the exact piece that you want. It’s your home, so make sure that whatever you choose fits your style and personality. Adding red rugs to your home can dramatically change the space without having to do that much work. Plus, the color red makes a powerful statement without having to say a word. 

If you feel like right now is the time for you to be bold, then consider adding some red to your life and let out your powerful inner leader. Don’t be scared of red, just know the look you are going for. Consider finding the red rug of your dreams first and making your space fit the rug. 

Each rug, new or old, has a story to tell. We offer quality rugs at a price that can’t be beaten. We know that changing your space to make it your own is a really exciting time, but can also be overwhelming. At Rug Source, we love rugs, and we love history, and we love making our customers happy. We would love to be a part of your story, so come shop with us today and find the red carpet of your dreams.