9 Tips On Washing And Cleaning Hand-Tufted Rugs

Hand-tufted rugs are many times family heirlooms that are passed down through multiple generations, so it’s always important to regularly clean them!

hand-tufted rugs are really valuable investments for homeowners, and Rug Source is here to help you find your next area rug

All of us at Rug Source highly value our vast online inventory of hand-tufted rugs, and we know just how important these types of home décor investments are to families all over the world.

It’s important to note that there truly are many different types of hand-tufted rugs, and that many different types of Oriental rugs are in fact hand-tufted. But no matter what type of rug you have, you’re going to need to be consistently washing and cleaning it in order to maintain its overall value and longevity.

This type of rug cleaning can be a lot easier said than done, so below we’ve provided 9 tips to help you when it comes to properly taking care of your hand-tufted rugs:

1. Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming on a regular basis is always the first and foremost cleaning tip you should keep in mind for all of your area rugs, and this is particularly the case for any antique rugs you may have that are starting to get pretty old! It’s very common for sand and other types of grit to get trapped into the foundations of a rug’s pile, and this can many times lead to certain damages.

This is why you should only be utilizing a suction attachment when vacuuming your hand-tufted rugs (not a beater brush), because beater brushes can actually harm a rug’s pile and fringe.

2. Dealing With Spills

It’s always important to clean your hand-tufted rugs as soon as possible when any type of liquid or food spills onto them. The first thing you should always do in this type of situation is properly blot out any excess liquid that you can, and then you should utilize soapy water or club soda and a towel to blot out the remainder of the stain.

It’s also important to note that you should never utilize cleaning agents with your hand-tufted rugs because these agents can potentially have a very detrimental effect on the rug’s dyes, and can even create permanent changes in color.

You’re also going to need to always ensure that the rug pad and undersurfaces are dry prior to relaying the hand-tufted rug back down on your floor, and this is because not doing so could potentially lead to mildew/mold growth that can impose damages.

3. Red Wine Spills

Every homeowner dreads the thought of spilling red wine on one of their Persian rugs or any other type of wool rugs, but this concern should also apply to all other types of red-dyed beverages. If red wine does end up spilling on your hand-tufted rug, then you’re going to need to utilize club soda as quickly as possible.

What you’ll do is pour the club soda onto the stain and blot the stain out with a clean towel, and you may need to repeat this process over and over again until the red coloring is completely removed.

4. Pet Accidents

There’s no doubt about it that pet accidents can be extremely damaging to hand-tufted rugs, and the unpleasant smells aren’t desirable either! What’s more important than the smells is that pet accidents can end up developing permanent stains to the area rug, and it can also fade the natural dyes.

So it’s always important to act quickly whenever a pet accident occurs on your rug or carpet, and typically this will initially require extensive clean water and/or club soda to flush out the stained area as thoroughly as possible. It may be necessary to elevate the stained area of the rug above a bucket and rinse water through the rug until it’s adequately cleaned.

It’s also possible to utilize a mild rug shampoo and towel, and in this situation you’re going to need to always thoroughly rinse. Pet owners should also know that their furry friends are likely to go to the same places over and over again, so if you do recognize long-term usage then you will need to reach out to a professional cleaning provider.

5. Knowing When To Hire A Professional

This type of hiring decision will typically be different for everyone, and the main factors you should consider are the foot traffic tendencies within your home and the actual location of the hand-tufted rug.

There are many different ways to recognize when it’s ready to get an area rug dusted and cleaned by a professional, and if your rug is rather noticeably dirty or stained then it may likely be time to reach out to the pros!

6. How Should Hand-Tufted Rugs Be Cleaned?

It’s important that hand-tufted rugs never be dry cleaned using any type of powders, and this is primarily because cleaning powders will leave a gritty residue behind and only brush the surface of what’s likely needed. You also can’t steam clean a hand-tufted rug because this can cause the natural dyes to potentially bleed, and this cleaning method is typically very detrimental to wool fibers.

What does in fact happen with hand-tufted rug cleaning is that the rug is always thoroughly dusted in order to properly remove any excess dirt before the actual washing begins. When a hand-tufted rug is actually washed, it will be necessary to utilize a formulated detergent that will actually get the job done!

You’ll also always need to thoroughly wash and rinse both sides of the rug to make sure that the cleaning agent is completely removed.

7. The Importance Of Rug Pads

Every hand-tufted rug is going to require the assistance of a rug pad when it comes to maintaining longevity, and many times it’ll be necessary for homeowners to purchase rather thick rug pads to go underneath their hand-tufted rugs to help avoid accidents and to properly keep the rug in place.

Rug pads also go a very long way when it comes to reducing the chances of wrinkles and even floor scratches, and most rug pads are designed to be placed on tiled or hardwood floors where rug stability is always necessary.

8. Moth Damages

Moth damage is possible all throughout a residential home, but this type of damage most likely occurs in rather dark areas underneath furniture where vacuuming doesn’t regularly occur. Magnesium/zinc fluorosilicate tends to be the only effective way to moth-proof an area rug, and this will always last until a rug is thoroughly cleaned.

So it’s always important to properly treat at least the portions of your hand-tufted rugs that are concealed by your furniture!

9. Regular Rotation

Another important area rug maintenance tip that homeowners should take seriously is periodically rotating your rug at least 180 degrees. Regular rug rotation will always go a long way when it comes to minimizing foot traffic wearing on certain parts of the rug, as well as avoiding uneven sun fading.

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