Hand-Knotted Rugs

Comparing Hand-Woven and Hand-Knotted Rugs: What To Know About These Hand-Made Rugs

A lot of people consider hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs as synonymous hand-made rugs, but they’re actually very different!

hand-made rugs are a special portion of our inventory!

Although both hand-woven and hand-knotted are considered to be hand-made rugs, these types of rugs are very unique from one another in terms of the weaving techniques that are applied throughout the creation process. These techniques end up playing significant factors in terms of the rug’s overall texture, quality, complexity and pricing.

It’s important for all of our rug shoppers to understand just how special these types of hand-made rugs are, and on this page we’re going to explain some of the more nuanced differences between hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs, and some of the popular options of each of these design styles within our online inventory.

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Hand-Knotted Rugs

When it comes to overall pricing hand-knotted rugs are typically much more expensive than hand-woven rugs, and this is mainly because the overall production takes much longer and is a bit more complex.

Hand-knotted rugs will typically have much more intricate details, and are also typically made of very superior wool. The artisans all across the globe who create hand-knotted rugs are true masters of their craft, and in some circumstances are considered to be more skilled than hand-woven rug creators. There’s no denying that both production methods create incredibly beautiful rugs, and for the average rug shopper the overall determination of which rug type is better will be based upon personal preferences and your intended usage.

Hand-knotted rugs are often differentiated from hand-woven rugs because they have a significant pile, and some of the common types of hand-knotted, piled rugs include the following:

  • Persian Weave Rugs: This is one of the most common types of piled, hand-knotted rugs found throughout the industry. All of these rugs will vary dramatically in terms of overall thickness, and this factor is a primary determinant regarding pricing. Persian piled rugs are known for their very intricate patterns and use of contrasting colors, which are beautifully knotted together in seamless succession.
  • Sculptured Weave Rugs: These types of piled, hand-knotted rugs are considered to be the thickest, and they’re also well known throughout the industry for their more bulky knots and simplistic designs.
  • Nepal Weave Rugs: This type of hand-knotted rug is considered to be a more modern interpretation, and the patterns are mainly abstract and inspired by scenes found in nature.

Hand-Woven Rugs

Hand-woven rugs are also referred to as flat-weaves. This name derives from the fact that this creation process doesn’t include knotting, and that these rugs appear to be much flatter as compared to hand-knotted rugs. In this rug creation process, the warp (vertical) strands are considered to be the foundation that’s combined with the weft (horizontal) strands that are subsequently woven through the warp strands.

There are many different types of hand-woven/flat-weave rugs throughout our online inventory, and these rugs are always considered to be very special because of how unique they are in overall design and aesthetic versatility. The following are some of the most common types of hand-woven rugs:

  • Dhurry: This style of hand-woven rugs is considered to be casual, and for many years they have remained an incredible value for rug shoppers within all budgetary restrictions.
  • Soumak: This style of hand-woven rugs is considered to be a bit more plush in terms of overall feeling, and this is mainly because these rugs utilize a unique type of flat-weaving technique that creates a herringbone texture.
  • Kilim: Kilim rugs are considered to be one of the most unique rug types found throughout the entire world, and their beauty is seemingly unmatched by many rug aficionados. This type of hand-woven rug is also one of the oldest rug types in the world! We understand how countless rug shoppers are interested in this very unique rug type, and we’ll be happy to help guide you throughout this very special portion of our online inventory!

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