How to Style Red Rugs

When you start your search for a new rug, you’ll often see many different color options. Most of them will feature dark patterns on a dull gold or beige background, while others will have blue motifs with floral designs. It’s pretty unique to own or want to own a red rug. 

This is because red is a loud color and can be difficult to style. It certainly isn’t the go-to color if you have an already vibrant room. A red rug will only flourish in a room that has been done up in solid colors to add a bright accent. It can be complicated to know how to style these sorts of rugs, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Keep reading to find out how to style and understand the quintessentially beautiful and mysterious red rug.

Check for Secondary Colors and Designs

Before you buy your rug, you need to examine it properly and pick up on all the secondary colors used in it. Many red rugs have beige, white, or blue mixed into their patterns, while others may also use black. The last color is particularly found in old Persian rugs, and if you own one, you’re very lucky. Make sure you pick the rug with accents and colors that will match the space you’re putting it in. For example, a red rug with blue accents would look great with dark brown furniture, white one with black colors will complement lighter pieces. Pick your secondary colors wisely!

Go For Neutral

This is for those people who have cream, white or taupe walls. You should pick a red rug that has a cream, white or taupe pile. This will create a sense of neutrality and peace within the room. The best thing about this choice is creating an accent or statement wall to complement the rug. However, be careful not to have a red statement wall as it’s almost impossible to match the red hue of the rug. Instead, opt for a darker color such as midnight blue or onyx black. Both of these walls will make your rug stand out even more. If you want to add frames and things, make sure that these are either grey or black. Any other color will make the space look garish.

Keep your Furniture Minimal

One thing that makes red rugs tricky to style is the kind of furniture that goes along with it. If you have many heavy, artisanal furniture, you will do your best to stay away from red rugs. A rich, jewel-colored red carpet should be the only centerpiece of the room. It naturally commands attention. Therefore, ensure that the furniture in the room is minimalist and spare enough, so eyeballs are drawn to the rug first. 

Don’t pair the rug with different colored furniture either. A red rug requires that you stay true to a certain theme or tone so it can stand out.

Types of Red Rugs

Now that you know how to place and style your red rug let’s talk about the different kinds of available red rugs. You will find a lot of options, ranging from historical to modern kinds. Persian red rugs are antiques and one of the rarest forms of the red rug. However, many countries have banned the import of these unique pieces, so you might have to look at other options.

Red rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and shades. There are plush deep-red shag rugs, claret, and wine-colored flat pileless rugs with different designs, ethnic-looking wool carpets, red leopard print runners, traditional Nordic-themed rugs, and a lot more.

The shade you choose depends on the kind of mood you want to set in the room. Duller shades of red represent a more serious or formal tone. These rugs would do well in a study or library type of area. On the other hand, bright and vibrant red tones are used to brighten up rooms. These can be used in your children’s bedrooms as well as in entryways and living rooms. 

As with everything, make sure you don’t overdo the red and keep the rug for accent purposes. Otherwise, it can take over the whole room!

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