Oushak Rugs


The Oushak rugs refer to a particular type of design within the turkish rug family. Named after the city of Usak Turkey, Oushak rugs are characterlised by a predominant “star” or medallion shape in the carpet design. The colors included in Oushak rugs are cinnamon, gold, blues, greens, ivory, and grays. Following a decline and subsequent rise in Oushak rug production, a large number of rugs adopting the Persian floral pattern were made (these rugs also varied in size based on European needs at the time).
Newer Oushak designs (characterised by their creation in the late 19th and early 20th century), adopted several techniques including larger knots and a merger of styles. These were refered to as “decorative” Oushaks and were revered for their high quality wool and floral motifs.

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