Jute Rugs

The Ultimate Guide to Jute Rugs

A Jute is a type of natural fiber that comes from the stalks of a Corchorus plant instead of the leaves like most fibers. Jute rugs are an incredibly popular choice for any home, as they have a rustic beauty that is difficult to resist! Jutes have been around since ancient times and were used in the early 19th century for creating burlap bags with their high-quality fibers.

Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs Are Incredibly Soft

One of the primary reasons so many people love jute rugs is that they are one of the softest natural fibers you can find on the market due to the tropical climate in which they are raised. They’re comfortable for laying, walking on, and creating instant cozy space. They essentially add warmth and cushioning to tile and hardwood floors, perfect for cold rooms like basements, garages, or living rooms.

Jute Rugs Are Eco-Friendly

Jute rugs are also eco-friendly, given that the crop they come from doesn’t rely on pesticides or fertilizers to grow like other materials. They’re usually raised organically and in areas free of chemicals, which means all Jute products are entirely organic. Jute can be composted and is biodegradable, which means you’re not leaving any toxic substances in your home. 

Jute Rugs Are Easy To Maintain And Clean

Another reason why Jute is so prevalent in home decorating is that it’s incredibly easy to maintain. While they will continue to shed, they can be easily cleaned with a quick vacuuming session.

Jute rugs are naturally mold resistant which means you won’t ever need harsh chemicals to keep your rug looking great. They’re even stain proof which makes them virtually impossible to ruin if an accident occurs inside your home (we’ve all had that spill that we wish didn’t happen). To clean your rug, all you need to do is run a vacuum over it when needed.

Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs Are Affordable And Durable

Another reason why Jute rugs make such an incredible choice for home decor is because of their affordability – especially compared to synthetic fibers like polyester! Jute is one of the most inexpensive natural materials out there, and at its price point, it’s incredibly durable as well. You’ll be able to find jute rugs in every size imaginable – from small doormats all the way up to large rugs that are perfect for living rooms. Jute rugs are also traditionally hand made which means you’re guaranteed a truly unique decor addition in your home! With proper care, jute rugs will last up to thirty years or more, giving you value and style far beyond the initial investment!

Conclusion: Choosing Just Rugs For Your Home 

There’s no better way to say “welcome” than with an authentic Jute rug on your floor! Jute is one of the oldest fibers on earth and continues to be incredibly popular because of its softness, durability, affordability, eco-friendliness, and ease of maintenance.

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