Blue Rugs

Blue Rugs: Types & How to Use Them

Blue is such a calming color. No matter where we see it, in blue skies, blue seas, or more, there’s a sense of peace that it brings. It’s not surprising that many people gravitate towards blue as their color of choice when picking out suitable rugs for their homes. Blue rugs are some of the best investments you can make, and we will tell you why.

Why Buy Blue?

Blue Rugs: Types & How to Use Them

The color blue has a lot of different and unique shades. There’s duck egg blue, navy blue, royal blue, and many more to choose from. Each of these shades has its aesthetic beauty that you can appreciate in rug form. Blue rugs are suitable investments because they can complement almost any color and any theme. And what’s more, most houses have wooden interiors. Guess which color goes best with brown? Blue, of course! Now that you know why blue rugs are fantastic to have in the home let’s talk about the different kinds and how they can be used.

Duck Egg Blue Rugs

This is a unique shade of blue. It combines both blue and green with a touch of yellow, creating a shade of blue that’s hard to look away from. This shade is often used in traditional blue rugs, so that you might choose it for a more rustic interior. However, there are also modern patterns that feature this shade, so you won’t have trouble finding a rug to fit an edgy theme. 

Navy Blue Rugs

You must have seen navy blue around. A lot of spaces with wooden interiors utilize this color both for accents and furnishes. The name of the shade comes from the traditional blue worn by officers of the British Royal Navy. It has a longstanding tradition and historical roots that complement the most traditional interiors. You can pair this rug with a room with neutral tones, with the carpet being the only ‘pop’ of color.

Baby Blue Rugs

These pastel-colored rugs look divine in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural sunlight. They instantly liven up space, adding light and color that’s both cheering and easy on the eyes. Rugs in these shades also don’t absorb a lot of light, meaning they reflect it. This leads to a brighter room overall. You can put this color down in a room you want to be brilliant, for example, your children’s room. You can add some brightly colored furnishings and other accents to keep the room looking cheerful.

Midnight Blue Rugs

Here’s a shade of blue that brings depth and mystery with it. Midnight blue describes a blue that is so dark, and it resembles black. If you want an idea of how this looks, peek up at the sky an hour or so after sunset. You will find the rich, dark color of the sky at that time mirrored perfectly in your midnight blue rug. This sort of rug should be placed in rooms that have darker themes and tones. It’s also the perfect shade to induce sleep and rest at nighttime. You can use this color in your bedroom, especially if you have one bright accent such as white or light curtains.

Sky Blue Rugs

This shade is a stunning contrast to the one we just discussed, as this one reflects the sky at noon. Think about it: when you step out at noon and look at the sky, it’s an intense, color-filled blue that you can’t find at any other time of day. This is precisely what sky-blue rugs bring to the room you put them in. There’s an ethereal and heavenly feeling when you walk into a room that has a sizeable sky-blue carpet. You can pair this blue with a light interior, some bright or neon accents, and watch the room come to life. This is the perfect rug for springtime!


Now that you know which shade of blue goes where you can think about the kind of texture you want from your rug. This mainly depends on who will be using it and to what purpose. If you have a high-traffic area, you’ll want a coarse, low-pile rug that can easily be cleaned. On the other hand, shag and deep-pile rugs work better in bedrooms and living rooms. 


Blue is a great option for a rug in your home. It is a beautiful, calming accent color. Find more blue rugs at