Shaggy Rugs

How to Use Shag Rugs in Your Home

What distinguishes a shag rug from other types? Its deep, thick pile, of course. That’s what makes it so luxurious underfoot. 

Shag rugs aren’t just a cosy, comforting addition to your living space, though. They can also make a real style statement. 

You’ve probably already noticed that, right now, 70s aesthetics couldn’t be hotter. It seems everyone wants to invoke the funkiest decade in their fashion. That trend extends to interior design. 

For this reason, shag carpeting is having a serious moment.

Ways to Use Shag Rugs

You don’t need a vintage vibe to invest in a shag rug. They’re versatile and can suit any space, no matter what decorating scheme or theme you’ve embraced.

If you’re ready to make this timeless piece a part of your home, read on for some exciting ideas.

  • Shag rugs add interest to your living room

    A shag rug can make an attractive focal point wherever you socialize.

    They come in a diverse range of colors, so you can either choose one that complements your sofa set or opt for something more unexpected—this creates an eclectic effect.

    To really capture your guests’ attention, look for a shaggy rug with a bold, graphic design.

    It’ll catch their eye as soon as they enter your living room, adding an element of interest to even the most minimalist of interiors.
  • Shag rugs soften up children’s corners

They’re pretty, sure, but they’re also practical. A shag rug is soft enough to serve as the perfect landing spot for little ones.

When you choose a shaggy style, you basically buy a hug in a rug. That’s what makes it so well suited to the nurturing atmosphere of a nursery.

If you put one down where your children play, you’ll soon see how its tactile texture stimulates their senses.

Bonus: it’ll also provide a little extra cushioning. Ideal for any toddler tumbles!

  • A shag rug can create an opulent office

    Many of us now work from home, and it makes sense to invest in our office space.

    Given how much time we spend there, this isn’t an area to be ignored. Maybe we’ve already bought an ergonomic office chair, but we can do better than that.

Imagine how soothing a shag rug could be? Placed under a desk, it’s in prime position to keep our toes cosy throughout the day.

Small pleasures like these can have a big impact. Don’t underestimate them!

  • Shag rugs help you get ready with glamour

    Do you already have a makeup vanity? If not, it’s time to find a suitable corner and start setting one up.

    After all, there’s something so decadent about a dedicated space for dressing. It’s also convenient to keep cosmetics in one location.

    As if a vanity wasn’t Old Hollywood enough, you can also add extra glamour to the scene with a plush shag rug. 

You deserve a little everyday extravagance, and a shag rug can certainly provide this.

  • A shag rug gives guests a warm welcome

    When loved ones come to visit, you can make them feel right at home with a shag rug. 

A bare space is transformed by this item alone, making any spot so much more inviting.

Do you prefer guests to remove their shoes?

If so, a shaggy rug will act as an incentive. They’ll be delighted to follow the house rule when it means getting their feet on your fuzzy rug!

The good news is that these rugs come in all shapes and sizes. That means you’ll easily find the perfect fit for your entrance hallway.

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